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(CBC)   Hot chicks make men dumb. In other news, eating food makes you poop   ( divider line
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12769 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Dec 2003 at 7:06 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-11 04:35:23 PM  
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
2003-12-11 04:48:21 PM  
With nothing more specific than "at some future time", I would have to take the bird in hand. Guess that makes me dumb.
2003-12-11 04:51:12 PM  
While I agree that hot chicks make men dumb, that experiment is plain silly. Their suggestion that the men may have wanted the money immediately to impress a girl that they are looking at on a computer monitor.. well, it's just retarded. Bad scientists!
2003-12-11 05:05:52 PM  
I don't know any women impressed by $19. The only ones who are charge $4.99/min. until I'm done. That's roughly $19 and it's not in my hand.....
2003-12-11 05:07:56 PM  
you have just inspired 10,000,000 askmen articles, nowya happy?
2003-12-11 05:10:30 PM  
"The participants were then asked if they'd prefer receiving an average of $19 immediately or waiting for $25 at some future time."

Hell no Shyster, I wouldn't trust some asshole that promised me $25 "in the future" for looking at hot nor not..

But then it's Canada.. not paying would get you 6 months in the slammer and $25CDN will probably get you a 12 pack.
2003-12-11 06:01:29 PM  
Wow, some "scientists" did a study and found out that visual stimuli may affect men more than women. Fascinating! Let us know how that wheel invention is coming along, eh?
2003-12-11 06:07:56 PM  
After eyeballing faces of women ranked as pretty on the website, men were more likely to want the immediate payment rather than hang on for a bigger bonus.

More likely than what? The article never says whether there was a control group of men who were asked that question without looking at "Hot or Not". If they're comparing the men in the study to the women in the study, fine, men want less now, women want more later. That's likely to just be a gender difference, though. It doesn't necessarily have to do with the stupid pictures.
2003-12-11 06:12:53 PM  
Oh, and another thing. The entire freakin' group only had 209 people in it, and they were all students.

After conducting a poll of five male hairdressers, my study leads to the conclusion that 80% of all men are gay.
2003-12-11 06:17:13 PM  
That's funny. When I submitted this exact article from the same source yesterday, it wouldn't let me get it through, saying that the article had already been submitted, but not accepted.
2003-12-11 06:38:06 PM  
Hot chicks make me poop.
2003-12-11 07:11:10 PM  

and food makes men dumb?
2003-12-11 07:11:52 PM  
interesting study, but the conclusion was, in scientific terms, "lamer than your clubfooted mama".
2003-12-11 07:15:10 PM  
Arrgh! I've been bamboozled! The headline said "hot chicks" and I click on the story and there's Julia Roberts..who is definitely NOT HOT!


/goes back to to try actually read the article
2003-12-11 07:16:55 PM  
I have to agree with people who are saying this is poor research design. What a stupid study.
2003-12-11 07:17:16 PM  
Hot food makes chicks poop.
2003-12-11 07:18:10 PM  
News Flash: Al Gore invented the Interweb and P. Diddy invented the remix.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled obvious article.
2003-12-11 07:18:33 PM  
Where are all the boobies links?! I want them now DAMMAT!!!
2003-12-11 07:19:31 PM  
Where are all the boobies links?! I want them now DAMMAT!!!
2003-12-11 07:19:38 PM  
They had me until this line.

The researchers suggest men may want money immediately to impress the ladies.

\lost all credibility.
2003-12-11 07:19:53 PM  
colomboy sshhhhhhhhhh! there hasn't been one in a while. don't tempt fate.
2003-12-11 07:21:16 PM  
Hot poop makes chicks men........what?
2003-12-11 07:21:30 PM  
Maybe they should try some live women instead. I think there's some problems with their theory, considering there's more to some women's chicanery than just being attractive to get money from guys.

And I've seen women melt at the sight of an attractive guy. I call shenanigans.
2003-12-11 07:22:04 PM  
and Dumb Chicks make men Hot,
or Dumb chicks make men food,
or hot food makes chicks poop,
2003-12-11 07:23:24 PM  
What about eating hot chicks?
2003-12-11 07:23:38 PM  
This is quite possibly the least scientific research study I have seen on fark.
2003-12-11 07:25:16 PM  
worst. story. ever.

unrelated photograph, nonsense study...

I'd rather take $19 now than $25 later... $6 isn't that big of a difference.

It's probably why them women fall for those "Mail in Rebate" cons at Best Buy.
2003-12-11 07:25:36 PM  
mizike : $25 for a 12 pack? Sure our beer is like moonshine to you guys, but its not that much of a price margin. Try less than $15 bucks with a nice tip.
2003-12-11 07:29:57 PM  
I'm a total re-re because my girlfriend is cute? I thought it was just because I was a total re-re!
2003-12-11 07:30:58 PM  
doofy: a nice tip for what? the 21+ year old that got it for ya?
2003-12-11 07:37:34 PM  
The issue isn't whether $19 now or $25 later is a better deal. They study found that looking at pretty women as opposed to ugly ones produced a measurable difference in whether men would prefer one or the other.
2003-12-11 07:42:28 PM  
Strange, meeting beutiful women makes me incredibly charming and witty.

Unlike reading FARK's of this quality, which turn mme into a snarling raging beast, worthy of being chased by a herd of torch bearing, pich-fork wielding lunatiics hellbent on publicly lynching me in times square.
2003-12-11 07:45:19 PM  
ecarter11: thanks for clearing that up. i was apoplectic fopr a moment.
2003-12-11 07:51:20 PM  
yeah, im sure they wanted the immediate money to impress the ladies.. or because they wanted food afterwrds, and 19$ will buy you a whole lotta hamburgers
2003-12-11 07:53:57 PM  
Repin' Hamilton!! and i love the headline!
2003-12-11 08:01:24 PM  
good point. even if i were looking at pictures of extremely ugly women, i would still take the $19 now as opposed to the $25 later.
2003-12-11 08:03:01 PM  
$19 in the hand is worth $25 in the bush
2003-12-11 08:06:04 PM  
this is why after participating in a few psych studies as part of the requirements for psych 101, I lost most of my respect for psychology as a pseudoscience. The overwhelming majority of the studies are designed just this badly, and it really makes me wonder about the intelligence of people who go into that field.
2003-12-11 08:12:23 PM  
MAD PROPS to headline composer!

2003-12-11 08:13:22 PM  
Women's choices, though, were unaffected by photos of handsome men.

So what happens if you show women pictures of doctors and construction workers?
2003-12-11 08:14:01 PM  

I agree, I was just noticing how poorly this study was executed as well. Here's my main problem with Psychology as a science: there just isn't a way to control all the variables. There isn't a way to control ANY variables, really. Psychology isn't a science, if by science you mean a discipline where understanding is reached through careful manipulation and control of the variables involved to reach reasoned conclusions. Like politics (another field I'm weary of), there is just too much going on, and so much of it we can't control, that coming to scientifically established conclusions just isn't possible.
2003-12-11 08:17:11 PM  
So the guys take the instant cash, and they come to the conclusion that they want it now to "impress the ladies." Did they make sure the kids weren't going to a party right afterwards? Isn't it possible that men would consistently take the quicky money even without the pretty-girls pictures? Isn't it possible that women are just better long-term planners to begin with? What happened if the girls they saw didn't appeal to them -- were they less likely to take the quick cash?

I could keep going. Get the point though?
2003-12-11 08:18:26 PM  

Still no cure for cancer.
2003-12-11 08:21:27 PM  

I don't think I completely agree. There are some interesting things that can be learned by studying the way people behave. The main flaw seems to be in the conclusions that they draw. For example:

The researchers suggest men may want money immediately to impress the ladies.

That is crap. It's pure speculation about what was going on inside a black box. However, if you leave that part out, then possibly they've demonstrated something interesting about how people behave, if not why they behave that way.
2003-12-11 08:25:02 PM  
Regardless of the set-up and controls involved in the experiment - I've been a foolish sugar daddy far too many times to doubt it's conclusions...
2003-12-11 08:27:34 PM  
Is this the year of shiatty scientific experiments???????????????//?/?//?/?/?/////2///2/2/2//21/1/1/1/1/1/?/
2003-12-11 08:28:24 PM  
Best. Headline. Ever.
2003-12-11 08:30:58 PM  
LMAO. I think it's obvious the research group included one really hot scientist.
2003-12-11 08:31:26 PM  
In other news, it has been shown that research causes cancer in rats.
2003-12-11 08:32:20 PM  
ChickenFriedMonkey - "The main flaw seems to be in the conclusions that they draw."

Agreed. Another key flaw is the assumption that it is irrational to choose to receive $19 immediately rather than $25 at some future time.
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