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2013-01-10 12:07:39 AM  
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Relatively Obscure: Rummaging to find loot is fun, but I don't think I was ever in danger of even being LOW on stimpaks.

Yeah, me either, but that game made me a hoarder. Had a bed full of teddy bears, a bath tub full of missiles, and every last severed body part I could find piled up in the water around the bomb in Megaton.

My apartment in New Vegas was covered in lawn gnomes.
2013-01-09 11:43:35 PM  
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LouDobbsAwaaaay: 2) Crossbows - C'mon! It's a stealth ranged weapon with reusable ammo. Where is it?

farm5.staticflickr.comView Full Size

/ ;)
2013-01-09 09:20:04 PM  
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sure haven't: Man I played the f*ck out of Fallout 3. It's about damn time they start up with the FO4 stuff.

New Vegas was ok. It was really nerdy though. I can't put my finger on it, but FO3 was like playing a survival world, whereas NV just felt like I was playing a board game but with graphics.

Kinda like how Skyrim feels like you're a viking out in the wild, but the latest DLC island thing makes me feel like I'm playing dungeons and dragons. Is that weird?

Not at all. Vegas sucked IMO, as the level design was horrible. They boxed you in with canyons and high level enemies (that you were still able to get around), and stuck points of interest over a pretty boring and barren map. Like the real Vegas, everything interesting was near the strip.

Fallout 3 OTOH was just brilliant all around. From the missions, to the level design, the history, to the little nods.

Boston could easily be just as good. Lots of colonial and patriotic history, lots of close attractions and built up metro areas connect by light rail, heavy rail and highways, ect to support a wide range of lore.

Boston, Cambridge, Lexigton, Concord, Worcester, Springfield, Amherst/5 colleges, the Quabbin, the Cape.
2013-01-09 05:30:05 PM  
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2013-01-09 05:09:41 PM  
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yukichigai: kroonermanblack: Am I the only person who thinks the setting for fallout is wearing thin? How many centuries has it been since the bombs? And we still have magic sealed vaults and no government? Really? And no buildings or new construction or anything that isn't somehow prebomb? That's the kicker for me. Buildings lasting hundreds of years without work, being sound, and no new construction?

Plus I'm kind of tired of shooters. They're great, but I would really love something else. Everything now is a shooter. I know there's not going to be a return of the isometric view, but I'd really like a game that was about dialogue and choices with R

Well if Fallout 4 does take place in The Commonwealth, then that could be the site of your new buildings and construction. The Commonwealth was the same government that created androids realistic enough to go rogue in Fallout 3. That level of technological advancement means they could probably put up a building or two.

Nope. If it really is in Boston, they're still waiting for building permits filed in 2077. About the only thing in Boston that would survive a nuclear blast is the city's bureaucracy.

/go Pats!
//I really really hope FO4 is in Beantown!
2013-01-09 03:37:17 PM  
1 vote:
Boston probably won't look much different in game from IRL except for more parking.

/I'm already spending all my time in Skyrim.
//My wife will divorce me if I buy FO4 after her experience with me on Bethesda games.
2013-01-09 03:33:15 PM  
1 vote:
I hope they borrow some of the New Vegas guys.
2013-01-09 12:49:20 PM  
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God that was my first xbox 360 game and one of my favorites. Memories...
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