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2001-11-24 01:47:22 PM  
Bah... if more Farkers had access to Ranma eppies, it would be a better world.
2001-11-24 01:50:15 PM  
{nods} I have heard it said.
2001-11-24 01:56:16 PM  
I do my photoshops with a rag on a stick
2001-11-24 01:59:42 PM  
Photoshop? Sounds dangerous!
2001-11-24 01:59:55 PM  
I work best when somebody is pointing a gun at me and they tell me that I have 60 seconds to finish the damn picture. Oh yeah, and a babe has to be blowing me.
2001-11-24 02:02:13 PM  
Step 1: learn how to extract an object from the background. Nothing spoils the effect more than a crude extract job. Here's a tutorial for Photoshop (This appears to be written before Photoshop 6, which has an Extract tool that you also might want to try.)
2001-11-24 02:16:25 PM  
Color correction can do alot to improve the pshop effect. In addition to the "Levels" and "Curves" settings, which are the most detailed to work with, there is also "Hue/Saturation" and "Brightness/Contrast", which make similar adjustments, but with an easier interface. Sometimes desaturating a layer to match the surrounding image helps alot to pull off the effect.

Also, color correction helps improve the overall quality of the image if the original source is dark or lacks contrast.
2001-11-24 02:19:44 PM  
That's funny, BrokeInSC, I'm a 1200-pound hick and I wash myself with your photoshop work.
2001-11-24 02:20:33 PM  
I know there are lots of people who look at the pictures and come in here and say "lousy picture to start with" - my answer is = "duh - the whole point of PSing is to make said lousy picture funny"

There are lots of people that complain about cliche and overused things. my answer is = dont vote for them. if they stop getting attention, they go away. this includes complaints. complaints are still attention. someone says I hate that and invariably someone will say I love that. Also, do some looking around and make NEW cliches if you dont like the old ones. I myself complained once because a guy used a picture twice and I felt bad, but I havent seen it since. (bring back the FFA guys - whoever that was, I was a newbie and I apologize)

Honestly, my only complaints are people who take any picture and put the same image in it every day and people who take the PS pictures and add the central image to some grand collage that builds over time. Of course, there are exceptions to even THESE complaints.

Most Important
PSing is about creativity. I can overcome my own feelings about a bad cut and paste job or a cliche thing. I am glad as hell to see this on the internet. Even the bad ones crack me up and its a really funny part of my day. One cant complain about things that are subjective and relative. Everybody feels differently about their own work and might have favorites that others dont find amusing. Either way, its all subjective and I like almost everything!
2001-11-24 02:38:17 PM  
Is anyone using Adobe PhotoElements?

I have PS6 and PhotoElements (I couldn't afford the extra PS license for my work pc). I've been using it for my farked photos lately. I like it better that PaintShop Pro, and it provides a fair bit of what you get with PS6.

BTW, Canon's 1240U USB scanner has a full version in the SW bundle.
2001-11-24 02:50:42 PM  
Argh_Dammit: Couldn't agree more with your creativity point. I'm far more likely to cast a vote for a creative post than for one that's technically well done, but dull in the creative dept.
2001-11-24 03:04:51 PM  
Photoshop elements is good enough for fark. Paint is really the best though.
2001-11-24 03:09:54 PM  
Photoshop(full version) can be download for free from Morpheus.Thats my tip for the day.....
2001-11-24 03:18:23 PM  
Procyon :
Gee... That sounds Illegal...
Oh, wait, has ANYONE paid for photoshop?
2001-11-24 03:18:34 PM  
Photodeluxe is enough for Farked pics.

I use it on a laptop with a trackpad for the few Farked pics I've done.

hey, it came with my digicam. ....
2001-11-24 03:19:12 PM  
Wow. Way to close out the Bold tag, Me.

<b> </b>
2001-11-24 03:25:24 PM  
How I look at it, at $600 most people can't justify buying.But for free everyone can afford free.
2001-11-24 03:25:28 PM  
Well, I'm a newbie and I find most of the posts hysterical, even the cliches. I am also relatively new to PSing. I found myself, when I first started, HAVING to do something cliche because I didn't know how to do anything else. I've begun doing somewhat harder things now, but the cliche kitty was a staple at first. I find sometimes some of the most crudely done PS's are the funniest (stressing SOMETIMES), we are going for humor factor here right? Not strictly "quality".....correct me if I'm wrong.
2001-11-24 03:26:42 PM  
I use Paint Shop Pro, and here are my generic tips:
Resize. The Idea of a squirrel's head on a nun's body may be great, but if the head is three times the size of the Nun, that's just sloppy.

Trim carefully. Your fellow farkers are perfectly willing to wait five or ten more minutes for your genious if it means a better pic.

Use anti-aliasing, fading, or whatever you will, but don't use crisp, straight lines. Anti-aliasing also makes text look better.

Flame-bait Nader.
2001-11-24 03:31:52 PM  
Practice, practice, practice...get to know what your photo editing programs can or can't do. There is no real substitute for hands on use. Tutorials and books are nice, and they help, but doing the real thing is how you learn. I started by swiping pics from Yahoo, Excite and just about anywhere just to see what I could do with them. I also looked at known photoshopped pics to see if I could figure out how someone did it. That's my tip(s)for today...
Oh, and I agree with B0rg9--don't forget those color, contrast, brightness and sharpness controls. I don't know how many times these have really given one of my photoshops a final zing.
2001-11-24 03:33:25 PM  
RalphNader:Your right five or ten minutes can make a big difference.There really shouldn't be any rush to submit since most dial-up Farkers take five minutes to refresh anyway.
2001-11-24 03:35:21 PM  
DanPerkins put this masking tutorial together a while back, and I use the technique on 99% of my submissions. It's 10 times better than the Extract command in my opinion.

Oh, and use the blur tool on rough edges to make them blend together and look real.

2001-11-24 03:36:39 PM  
I'm using PSP 7.0 too. And I believe the practice does make perfect in the case of photoshopping pictures. My first ones sucked but they are gradually getting better. And the final product is usually pretty funny. My last two sucked but I have a feeling this week will be better. :) Thank jebus for google image search. :)
2001-11-24 03:39:38 PM  
Make Photoshops look like you didn't use Photoshop. Avoid filters. Stay away from filters. Dont use filters. Don't use anything that's advertised as a "cool Photoshop effect".

And to be honest, I usually laugh the loudest over really crappy Photoshops. In the end it's the idea behind it that wins, not the l33t P-Shop skillz....

Did I mention not to use filters...?
2001-11-24 03:43:19 PM  
Turkish: I think you forgot to mention not to use filters.
2001-11-24 03:45:05 PM  
I agree that everyone should learn to use the extract too. There are so many times that I see a picture that is a pretty good idea, only to have rough uneven edges from a lasso tool select and past with no cleanup whatsoever. If I use the lasso tool for a selection, I make sure to zoom in and erase the rough edges on the new layer that the selection is pasted into. Those rough edges that aren't cleaned up can make a great picture look horrendous. Sometims the rough edges can be used on purpose to be funny in certain ways, but that's the exception, not the rule.

The extract tool is a great feature to learn to use. It helps keep those edges pretty clean to begin with, and the cleanup is often easier than it is with a free hand selection. Plus you can get pretty detailed extractions, down to strands of hair.

The things said about color are well worth reading again. Most lighting and color in different pictures don't match, and this can make the changes to a picture look much more seamless. Of course, I still forget to do this myself most of the time.

As far as picture composition, I really don't think it's a good idea to look at a picture and say to yourself "How can I force the WTC guy into this one." Instead of forcing an idea into a picture, look at the picture for awhile by itself and ask "What elements fit with this picture" or "What are some abstract/funny ideas that this picture could suggest."

And Argh_Dammit, I believe you may be referring to a couple of pictures I did using the FFA guys. I remember someone mentioning that they were cliche, which surprised me since they only showed up twice, but I had forgotten who it was. I stopped using them, but not because of anything tht was said, I just haven't found a picture that they fit into since then. Maybe I'll find another one that will justify their presence again soon, who knows. And no apology necessary.
2001-11-24 03:46:13 PM  
I dont post photoshops cause I cant figure out how to use Adobe. I know it doesnt take a rocket scientist but I guess this is where patience comes in. hmmmmm
2001-11-24 03:47:21 PM  
So I'm confused, do you think we should use filters?
2001-11-24 03:49:37 PM  
Please! No filters!!!!
2001-11-24 03:52:35 PM  
Alienmagic: No, the comments sections already have enough filters.

2001-11-24 03:56:17 PM  
...wow, so f_i_r_st poast changes to boobies.
2001-11-24 04:00:41 PM  
Ahhh, that's a filter of another color.
2001-11-24 04:02:18 PM  
John Rambo: "They draw first blood!"

2001-11-24 04:02:54 PM  
Sorry, just checking what would happen with "first"...
2001-11-24 04:03:50 PM  
Hmm... While I did most of my Mr. T pages using a crappy program called photoedit32 that came free with the photos I had developed at K-mart, there are three tips that really stand out no matter what program you use:

tip #1: Blur is your friend. Even if your cut and paste skill are lacking, nothing helps piece two images together like smudging the edges a bit.

tip #2: Try to make light and shadows line up. In photoshop, you can actually add "off-camera" light sources manually, but they usually look like crap. Your best bet is just to try to pick two photos that have similar light sources already.

tip #3: Compress those $#%&ing images! Please. Just because photoshop gives you the option of saving an image in super mega uber-high quality mode, doesn't mean it's a good idea. (and just think of those poor sods out there trying to view all those images on a 56k connection)
My favorite program for decreasing file size without sacrificing image quality is ACDSee, but there are plenty of others out there.
2001-11-24 04:04:42 PM  
Nobody Gives a Fark
I work best when somebody is pointing a gun at me and they tell me that I have 60 seconds to finish the damn picture. Oh yeah, and a babe has to be blowing me.

I prefer to do my photoshops under pressure as well.
I like to hang myself from a noose and masturbate while doing them.
INXS style
2001-11-24 04:06:18 PM  
Small tip, I've never seen it anywhere else:

If the image is 400 x 400 and it is a little blurry on the cropping/pasting... reduce it to 350x350. seems to hide/reduce
the obviousness of the paste jobbie.
2001-11-24 04:06:55 PM  
INXS Style?
2001-11-24 04:12:19 PM  
I use gimp...
and being an artistically challenged child, I hardly notice a difference to PS6, which I did have for a while...

anyone else on linux have any tips?
2001-11-24 04:13:33 PM  
Tony the Tiger: Yes, that's a good way to facilitate photoshop production...but do you use a filter while you're hanging from a noose and masturbating?
2001-11-24 04:14:29 PM  
Tony The Tiger: Sometimes I use the Gimp freeware instead of Photoshop and do my photoshopping inside a small box while dressed in a leather body suit, masked and ball-gagged.

Pulp Fiction style
2001-11-24 04:19:12 PM  
Learn layer masks. Never use the eraser for anything.

As far as thinking up your image, look for holes in the composition and think of what might fit in the hole. Alternatively, isolate one single element of the original and focus on it until it reminds you of something else or until you run out of beer.
2001-11-24 04:34:39 PM  
Guess I'm one of the few folks that uses GIMP. Oh well, some tips anyway... They probably apply to Photoshop as well, but I'm too cheap to buy it and too lame to pirate it. Or something.

- Layers, layers, layers. Every object you create or paste should be on its own layer. Don't flatten the image until the final save. Even then, save an .xcf with all the layers intact before saving the .jpg or .png or whatever format tickles your fancy.

- If you're lousy with the lasso tool, it's best to select too much of the object you're trying to put in your picture. Paste it into your image on its own layer. Pick a big circular brush, zoom in on your image a couple hundred percent, and use the eraser tool to get rid of the stuff you copied and shouldn't have. It's much easier to paste too much and erase than try to get it right with the lasso.

- Since everything's on its own layer (catching the importance of layers yet?), you can adjust the brightness, contrast, color levels, etc. of each object individually so nothing looks out of place.

- An IIR blur at 1px by 1px does wonders sometimes...
2001-11-24 04:48:59 PM  
Yes, that's a good way to facilitate photoshop production...but do you use a filter while you're hanging from a noose and masturbating?

Now there's a question you don't hear everyday.
2001-11-24 04:52:43 PM  
Rwg - Good points.

I keep meaning to do some photoshops, but alas, it's what I do for work almost all friggin' day. Must find a photoshop free zone to drink my beer and watch hockey.

My favourite tools/ concepts (other than the obvious ones: -the importance of layers as Rwg noted
-feather (ctrl+alt+d) your selections
-the ever useful tab button to increase your work space

...just a few of many.
btw... The eraser is a perfectly useful tool if you use it in the right fashion. (almost always erasing a layer in my case)
2001-11-24 04:54:17 PM  
Step One: download the trial version of Photoshop.
Step Two: find a good warez site.

nah, if they can't figure that part out on their own, they shouldn't even be submitting pictures.

Ok, try this again...

First and only step: download photoshop elements.
If you can't figure out how to do something in that, burn your computer.
2001-11-24 05:08:25 PM  
I do my photshops while jumping over bonfires, sipping shnappes, and yelling "Hey guys, watch this!!"

Redneck Style

(That's why all mine suck ass!)
2001-11-24 05:18:37 PM  
The rubber stamp tool does wonders. Pretend you want to put a furry squirrel head on top of Ross Perot's face. Unfortunately, his big ears are in the way. Just select some repeatable background pattern nearby, and rubber stamp is ears off!! wonderful. =)
2001-11-24 05:24:57 PM  
Every tool and filter is important. You should try everything more than once to be aware of what tools you have to work with. Just because a tool or filter isn't helpful on one pic doesn't mean it won't help you on the next one.

I agree that the comic idea is the most important factor here, but if it's not executed well, it sucks.

Selecting the right image to incorporate into another image is very important too. You need to keep in mind perspective and lighting. When your two images don't match, it takes real skill to make them seem as one. I've used every image adjustment there is at one time or another.

My basic steps are as follows (and it's contrary to what most people do)

1- magnetic lasso right on the edge or just outside the edge of the image to be copied.
2- copy>paste>edit>transform>scale>rotate.
3- adjust color/saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpen etc. to match up the two images.
4- zoom in and erase edges (yes erase) if you're careful and choose the correct size/style brush (which is very important - some have hard eges and some have soft edges) and undo mistakes as you work, it's a very easy method. I've never used extract - it's awkward for me.
5- clean up any sharp edges with the blur tool (again very important to choose the right size. Don't overdo the blurring, the blurring is one of the most critical factors in making the images merge.

There is no right or wrong way. I have found that if you don't like the way something is turning out in the first 5 minutes, find another image to work with.
2001-11-24 05:32:20 PM  
It's funny, but it seems like the more work I put into a photoshop, the fewer votes it gets. The ones that get the best response are the simplest and most direct.

I guess I could go on and on about the nifty features of Photoshop, but all I really ever do is use polygonal lasso to cut things out with a 1 pixel feather. I then paste everything back into it's own layer. That and the clone tool to erase or add stuff.

One other thing is to be sure to color correct your layers. It always looks ugly to have a red-hued head on a yellowish body, or whatever. I use Hue/Saturation a lot to get things looking natural. Brightness/contrast also helps. If something is small and I want it to be seen, however, I might desaturate or darken the rest of the image slightly to force people to look at the saturated item. If that doesn't work, a bit of blur helps force the eye to what's in focus.

Far and away, however, the biggest skill is IMAGINATION!
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