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(Some Guy)   Do you stay drier in the rain if you walk or run?   ( divider line
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9201 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Nov 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-11-25 12:02:02 AM  
Who posted this. You still get wet then why does it matter.
2001-11-25 12:02:55 AM  
Someone was bored enough to study this topic?

I stay dry in the rain regardless of whether I run or walk. I use an umbrella.
2001-11-25 12:03:49 AM  
I like eggs.
2001-11-25 12:03:58 AM  
Duh! If you run you only get hit by less than 10% rain, depending on if it is a drizzle or a down-pour.
2001-11-25 12:04:49 AM  
I read that about ten years ago in Omni Magazine.
2001-11-25 12:05:44 AM  
I use a raincoat.
2001-11-25 12:06:04 AM  
This is stupid, needs more charts.
2001-11-25 12:07:53 AM  
I would get soaked regardless because I never carry an umberella with me.I like getting wet though,saves showering.
2001-11-25 12:17:07 AM  
I usually jump in a pool to avoid the rain.
2001-11-25 12:25:45 AM  
For his next assignment he will grapple with another age old question: Do you get wetter swimming fast or slow?
2001-11-25 12:26:51 AM  
2001-11-25 12:27:48 AM  
I know the best place to fish when it's raining is under a bridge - all the fish go under it so they don't get wet.
2001-11-25 12:29:24 AM  
I've often wondered about're out in the middle of nowhere, partyin' of course, and this huge freakin downpour comes. It's several hundred ft. to everyone's cars, and they all take off runnin. By the time they get to their cars, they are just as wet as me, who is still walking, and thus not splashing mud all over myself. :)
2001-11-25 12:30:18 AM  
Holy shiat, I've actually wondered about this... haven't read the article before. .... Well the reason I wondered about it is people who try to get out of the rain when it isn't even cold are farking stupid, and that includes almost everyone I know. I love rain, I don't see why people always try to get out of it. Even when it's sprinkling it's like they're the damn wicked witch of the rain and will melt if they get touched by it. I love standing out in the rain, it feels so good, and I kind of feel in touch with nature. I also like just crouching in the shower and covering my ears so that it sounds like perhaps I'm in a tent and it's raining. God I love rain, how it feels, and the sound it makes.
2001-11-25 12:30:58 AM  
I like the rain. Whenever it rains I go outside and jump around. I find myself hoping for rain quite often in fact. At this time of year it's cold and I don't like to go out, but when it rains I somehow ignore the temperature and enjoy wander around in a warm cozy raincoat.

Heee (:
2001-11-25 12:31:04 AM  
Heavy-balls-a-slappin, I never thought of that. It's no wonder I can't catch fish when it rains.... [/sarcasm]
2001-11-25 12:33:18 AM  
ClamSodomizer: Exactly! Rain's a damn atmospheric and higly underrated natural occurance.
2001-11-25 12:34:50 AM  
According to Omni (a print mag, probably just as reliable as Maxim) you would only be 10% less wet if you ran during a downpour. By the same article you would be 10% more wet running during a drizzle. Theory being that during a drizzle you run into more rain drops than walking. The same doesn't apply running during a downpour, you run into 10% more drops than walking.

Either way, you are wet. Get over it and let evaporation do it's thing ;)
2001-11-25 12:34:52 AM  
What is up with fish and rain? Shouldnt they die when lightening hits the water?
2001-11-25 12:46:21 AM  
Here's why it's better to run out of the rain, rather than walk out of it.

The miserable factor. Less time spent with rain falling on you = less time spent miserable.
2001-11-25 12:56:05 AM  
Why no [Obvious] tag?
2001-11-25 01:01:04 AM  
OK, so they're really good scientists, and I respect that. But when will they make time to find a cure for AIDS and cancer and dumbasses?
2001-11-25 01:06:48 AM  
*Volunteers to make Megabiatch wet*
2001-11-25 01:28:30 AM  
Good to see I'm not the only rain fan out there. I love being out in the rain. Its so funny when it rains afterschool and everyone is dashing into their cars or running around with their bags over their head. I just walk nice and easy and enjoy it.
2001-11-25 01:44:33 AM  
I am the lucky man that will be the only 1 getting Mega wet.
Drool all you's like,I get to touch.
2001-11-25 03:07:55 AM  
... because all scientists know that we're a bunch of mobile cubes.
2001-11-25 03:27:08 AM  
How hard would it have to rain to make it worth while to sprint at 7 m/s? The answer is 5000 mm/hr.

So when Noah's flood starts, it's OK to run. You'll get, um, less wet. Yeah.
2001-11-25 05:20:28 AM  
well DUH your going to be drier if you run.

1) you reach cover faster
2) You Reach Cover Faster!
3) if there is no cover, then your just a farken idiot..
2001-11-25 06:29:25 AM  
Hmm, so the sooner you are not in the rain the less wet you will get. See people, that is the kind of information that million dollar studies and this whole internet thingamajig provide us with. Welcome to the 21st century my friends.
2001-11-25 07:20:40 AM  
So the small child in you that says yes you can run fast enough to miss all the drops is not true!

the child is not true???

scary... it's like a vision or something

2001-11-25 07:24:10 AM  
*gasp* again, i have just realised that it is also the
"small child IN me"

what is going on with this small, untrue child inside me??

take it away!!
2001-11-25 09:24:27 AM  
>>>>>> KEYWORD: GEEKS <<<<<<
2001-11-25 09:42:33 AM  
Next study:

If a cow farts in the woods and nobody is there to here it, does it still punch a hole in the ozone layer.
2001-11-25 10:29:36 AM  
Get the Straight Dope:

Which will keep you drier, running through the rain or walking?

Thanks Uncle Cecil!
2001-11-25 11:21:36 AM  
Ummm.... Ok....
2001-11-25 12:44:17 PM  
You get wetter if you swim.
2001-11-25 04:11:45 PM  
Considering if you are standing outside in the rain, without a rain resistant/proof coat or umbrella,
how wet you become is directly proprtional to the amount of time spent in the rain. If you were to run to a shelter, your would absorb less water from the weather than if you were to walk.
2001-11-25 04:59:34 PM  
Or maybe you just get wetter quicker.
2001-11-25 05:10:48 PM  
If you don't move at all you don't get wet as fast. So, if a cloud passes by, and you don't move, and everyone else runs to their cars, but the cloud passes before they get there, you win.
2001-11-25 06:15:06 PM  
Of course if you run you'll be out in the rain and overall you'll get less wet. What I wondered was whether you'd get more wet per unit time running or walking, because really if you happened to be moving... say, at the speed of light, you'd hit a lot of rain in one instant.... heh. If you run you will get less wet because although you might get more wet per unit time, you spend less time when you run.
2001-11-25 06:56:57 PM  
These people are quacks!

They assumed people were cubes. Then, if you're not moving, all the rain hits your topside, and if you're moving infinitely fast it hits your frontside. But our fronts have much more area than our tops, so we get less wet by letting water hit us from above -- by moving slowly.

I'm not going to figure everything out, but going as fast as possible is not the right answer, unless you're really fat.
2001-11-25 07:28:24 PM  
Alright, here's the deal. If you run at the same speed that the water falls and are tilted in a 45 degree angle. You should get no chest or back drops.
2001-11-25 07:45:16 PM  
Rain Illustration

From this you could assume that if you travelled half as fast as the rain at half the angle (so you would stand straighter) then the same thing should happen. There should be a specific speed (how fast does rain fall) and angle that you would be able to stand to get hit with the least amount of rain.
2001-11-25 08:22:15 PM  
Hah! That's assuming we go outside at all.
2001-11-25 09:15:14 PM  
I wouldn't get wet no matter what, I would just walk in the oposit direction and walk all the way around the earth until i reach my destination. Very Simple.
2001-11-25 10:42:56 PM  
Suppose all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops. How would that affect plant life? Would it lead to eventual extinction?
2001-11-26 12:01:37 AM  
I always have a raincoat in my makes it safer if I have to get someone wet unexpectedly.
2001-11-26 12:02:40 AM  
Being perpetual, I have an infinite surface area and therefore, can avoid no portion of any rain anywhere.
2001-11-26 01:36:48 AM  
You know, I must be the only one who hates the farking sun, it's so damn... hot. I find the sun boring, incredibly boring. The light is so blinding and everything looks the same in sunlight. I love rain though, it's activity. Wind and rain, everything is moving around, and there's beautiful white noise. Plus lately for some reason I don't really mind cold weather unless it's too far below zero and I have to stand in it for too long. Everyone else is wearing coats, but I've only worn my coat 3 times when it was either very cold or windy plus very cold. It feels good. I hate sun though it's just too hot!!!! RAIN OWNS YOU!
2001-11-26 12:53:46 PM  

Of course, you should run... if you look extremes of moving so slow it takes you an hour to traverse the 100 metres you'll be soaked to the bone. If you trot along and cover it in 30 seconds you'll surely be less wet.
If nothing else running means you're out of the rain that much quicker. Less time spent in the rain should mean less droplets of rain hitting you, right?

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