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2013-01-07 01:50:34 PM  
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GameSprocket: 1. Browse what file system? I can connect back and browse my home system. I can FTP to a remote system. I can use an number of other remote access apps to browse file systems. Not sure what you are looking for.

The iOS device has an underlying file system. It is not exposed to much of anything, but it certainly does exist. You know that and you're choosing to be obtuse.

Likewise, the iThing is not able to speak either SMB, NFS or WebDAV to access filesystems remotely from the device and can't do it at all without being rooted... whereupon it immediately become capable of doing so because the only real reason it can't is that Apple doesn't want it to.

This is a really ridiculous limitation for something that could even in theory be used as a business tool.
2013-01-07 11:36:25 AM  
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thornhill: likefunbutnot: GameSprocket: Lol. None of those would be a problem for the vast majority of the target audience.

thornhill: And here's what Apple haters don't get: the average computer use doesn't care about any of that crap.

App sandboxing is kind of huge. As I said above, the answer to almost everything in iOS-land is "You can't do that unless you have Dropbox." On my Android devices, I can save an email attachment and open it in something else. Several something elses, even. There's also a pervasive and consistent "Share to" feature that means I don't need a bunch of weird external services just to work with the data already stored on my devices. iOS apps that DO have the ability to somehow share data only have it to the extent that it's been coded by the original developer. "Normal people" might not do that stuff very often, but they do need to do it every once in a while and it tends to be monstrously complex on the iOS side of things.

Again, a level of minutia that the average user doesn't care about. You can view Word and PDF attachments on an iPhone -- that's good enough for most people (especially those who don't want to think about how to open an attachment).

That's one of the things Apple does really well -- they understand who the average computer user is and the experience they want.

And that's what Apple haters despise about Apple and their product users -- these people simply don't cae about the same level of functionality as you.

Oh no I love that apple makes computers simple for stupid people, makes our job easier as network people for those who have no common sense.

I just feel people are now realizing what limitations apple has with more and more doing tweaks to their devices with simple apps or work arounds that apple just won't/can't do at all.
2013-01-07 10:17:41 AM  
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likefunbutnot: s2s2s2: All I ever get from the complaints about iOS is lack of customizability.

No file system access. Application sandboxing. No widget support. Static icons. Lack of customizable input options. Single application vendor with strongly paternalistic tendencies. shiatty development process. Extremely limited interaction with proper personal computers. Development and end user culture that discourages giving away software in favor of nickle-and-dime costs for extremely simple functionality.

Do I need to go on?

Lol. None of those would be a problem for the vast majority of the target audience. I suspect there is plenty of pain to go around on all the platforms when you get to development.
2013-01-07 09:28:48 AM  
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HotWingConspiracy: Also:

But the truth is you only think you're happy with Android because you've never used a legitimate smartphone like the iPhone and you don't know what the experience is supposed to be, and if I'm going to be of any value to you then it's going to be through telling you the truth about tech whether it's what you want to hear in the moment or not. The odds are you'll thank me in the end, after you've ultimately figured out what I've already spent years learning the hard way, and it's okay if you're mad at me in the mean time.

I ditched iphone and the entire Apple suite for Android, and I couldn't be happier.

But he laid out at the beginning of the article that he isn't an Apple propagandist, so I guess this is legit.

I like how he makes the headline claim that the only products worth recommending in 2013 are Apple's... Which is interesting, seeing as how Apple hasn't announced any products for 2013.
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