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(Fox News)   Don't act surprised when AT&T and Microsoft get hefty tax breaks   ( divider line
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1643 clicks; posted to Politics » on 06 Jan 2013 at 12:41 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-01-06 12:45:20 PM  
LOL, they sound very concerned. They should be, Odds are Wall Street will drop the GOP entirely if we see another debt limit ceiling clusterfark.
2013-01-06 12:46:31 PM  
I'm sure they give to both parties and hedge their bets. Maybe the Citizen's United ruling wasn't as awesome as you thought it was eh Fox?
2013-01-06 12:48:58 PM  
You're doing it wrong, MS and AT&T. You should contact the folks over at GE, Boeing, and PG&E that have negative effective tax rates.
2013-01-06 01:09:54 PM  
the GOP took any mention of tax reform off the table for the debt ceiling.

a shame for corporations, as Obama has previously stated that he wants to cut the corporate tax rate.
2013-01-06 01:10:11 PM  
Don't be surprised? Why would I be. I pretty much expect any and all giant overarching corporations to pay little, if any tax. 1%er lifestyles explicitly funded by lower and middle class tax dollars, who sit around and complain about how the plebs don't pay their share, while hiding their wealth and income in offshore accounts.

fark them.
2013-01-06 01:15:02 PM  
Big business in bed with the incumbent party, that's a shocker.
2013-01-06 01:22:47 PM  
The President can grant tax breaks?

2013-01-06 01:23:55 PM  
Maybe they can be like GE and not pay any at all.
2013-01-06 01:24:13 PM  
well as long as Kayne and Beyonce play that shiat it's a be one phatass muthafarkin par-tay, muthafarka.
2013-01-06 01:30:57 PM  
farking magnet funding and quid pro quo, how do they work?
2013-01-06 01:45:36 PM  

cig-mkr: Big business in bed with the incumbent party both parties, that's a shocker.

2013-01-06 01:47:33 PM  
Apparently subby didn't learn in high school that all tax bills originate in the House.
2013-01-06 02:12:55 PM  
meanwhile, at the economy...

4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2013-01-06 02:50:56 PM  
Just so I'm clear, today I'm supposed to be upset that some corporations get hefty tax breaks presumably because a Democrat is in the Whitehouse. I thought the talking point was that corporations simply pass their taxes on to the consumer and so corporate taxes need to be cut so that those savings can be passed on to the consumer.

Can someone clear this up for me?
2013-01-06 03:13:19 PM  
Fox News is now against corporations being treated as people?
2013-01-06 03:47:46 PM  
But I thought 0bama was a soshulist who wanted to take from the producer class and give all that freedom cash to "those" people. You know the ones I'm talking about. The moochers.
2013-01-06 03:49:57 PM  
jimkukral.comView Full Size
2013-01-06 07:36:48 PM  
Personally, I'm outraged that it's Microsoft and AT&T. I would much have my elected President be whored out to Valve and Verizon.
2013-01-06 08:42:17 PM  

L Buff: Apparently subby didn't learn in high school that all tax bills originate in the House.

Apparently you are not aware that subby doesn't seem to have even got into highschool before he dropped out. Shame on you for picking on the guy.
2013-01-06 08:49:14 PM  
Until the day when the IRS marches into corporate headquarters and starts shoveling money out the windows into big dump trucks, I'm going to assume that corporations always get hefty tax breaks. No matter who is in office or what they promise.
2013-01-06 11:01:15 PM  

Brick-House: meanwhile, at the economy...

[ image 611x404]

I'm confused. The economy has been continuously been getting better. Is that a comic from the Bush terms in office? How is that relevant here?
2013-01-07 08:47:45 AM  

L Buff: Apparently subby didn't learn in high school that all tax bills originate in the House.

Give it time. The second semester just started.
2013-01-07 09:34:13 AM  

Brick-House: meanwhile, at the economy...

[ image 611x404]

Where? Not seeing it.
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