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(The New York Times)   The real danger of using electronic devices on an airplane: an increasing risk of becoming part of Fark headline, like Alec Baldwin, or that teenager that was punched by the 68 year old guy   ( bits.blogs.nytimes.com) divider line
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2013-01-05 05:06:46 PM  
4 votes:
Repost, because get off my lawn.

It drives me NUTS every time someone brings up this argument.

Yes, the plane's instruments will survive interference from a few ipads and cells phones being active during takeoff. Yes, it will still probably be OK if every damned person is using one. Is there a ~chance~ that a few hundred radio emitting devices could screw with an instrument or two during flight? HELL YES. You are inside a giant wave-guide. Your little 1 watt transmitter is bouncing signals all over the place. Ever picked up a truckers CB on your car radio when he was right next to you? Similar principle.

I just wish the populous would understand that it isn't certain doom and gloom with the electronic rules. It's a potential risk. If there is a snowballs chance in hell that something could cause your plane to crash, even a 1 in 100,000 chance, why on earth would you fight so badly to take that chance?

If that isn't good enough a reason, think about it this way. If they allowed cell phones in flight, it wouldn't be long before some frequent flyer asshole sneaks a jammer on board because he's sick of listening to people jabber all night on his red-eye. Now we're really talking instrument issues. It's easier just to let the rules be.
2013-01-05 04:54:50 PM  
3 votes:
Until the FAA changes its rules on electronic devices, stop acting like self-entitled pricks and just turn off the farking iPad. You will survive the 15 minutes of ascension to cruising altitude without Fruit Ninja.
2013-01-05 06:50:12 PM  
1 vote:
From I've seen is that when you have hundreds of cell phone all signaling at once, trying to find a cell tower etc. It creates a background noise for the pilots headphones. Heck you've probably experienced the same thing by placing a cell phone close to a computer speaker, multiply that by a couple of hundred of phones in a big metal tube that focus the signals to the cockpit.
Non radio devices might to be reexamined. But, there's very little way to for a attendant to tell if your phone, or pad, is in airplane mode effectively.
2013-01-05 05:54:26 PM  
1 vote:

fredklein: italie: If there is a snowballs chance in hell that something could cause your plane to crash, even a 1 in 100,000 chance, why on earth would you fight so badly to take that chance?

If the chances were that high, we'd have a plane crash every 12 hours or so. (After all, on practically every flight some one does leave their phone turned on, so...)

Okay, allow me to rephrase.

Using these devices during takeoff increases your likelihood of meeting a fiery demise. That is fact. The odds could be increased by a ten of a percent, or by a billionth of a percent. in either case, why would you invite it? Are the other 200 people on board your flight OK with your decision?

It's not a black and white issue either. It's a numbers game as well. If 20 assholes leave there phone on, that may be an acceptable and expected level of interference. If the phone isn't in use the output will be a lot weaker as well. 200 people in active cell conversations or using wireless devices during takeoff would be a significant noise issue.
2013-01-05 05:03:43 PM  
1 vote:
I also seem to remember on 9/11 that people on the ground where receiving text messages and calls from loved ones on the planes before they crashed into the WTC. If using a cell phone can't bring down a plane during a terrorist attack then I don't see the real problem with them after take off or before landing.
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