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(PC Gamer)   Zynga, maker of electronic hamster wheels, to shut down 11 "games" as well as it's Japanese studio. Would you like to join subby's mafia?   ( pcgamer.com) divider line
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2013-01-02 09:37:26 PM  

lelio: If I had invested money in those games (I'm guessing you can buy items in the game) then I would tell Zynga that they have to reimburse me for a product I can no longer use.

Wow, that's obtuse.

Do you also demand refunds for your tooth brushes when they wear out?

Products have a useful life span. Once that's over, the product is used up. It doesn't really matter too much that the useful life span for these kinds of "objects" is however long the publisher wants to keep the door open, it's still the product life span.

/Also, you may want to actually read a EULA some day. They're very interesting once you chew through the legalese.
2013-01-02 11:28:33 PM  

Tumunga: Now what are the 'tards in the Politics tab going to do between posts?

Your mom.
2013-01-02 11:31:41 PM  
If they offered some pay for permenent words with friends features, I'd pay more.

One feature I'd pay $3 for is tell me what letters are left in the bag. I don't want to buy 10 x. I want it permenently.

Another feature would be a scrabble dictionary.

And a challenge mode.
2013-01-03 02:41:07 AM  

BumpInTheNight: I like steam sales, while I'm hard pressed to think any DLC is worth $20 (F-you EA and your sims franchise that my girlfriend loves! :P) I'll put down the $5 or so their worth whenever steam puts them on sale though. Having said that Zynga is dying in a fire and I'm okay with that, its about time.

IMHO DLC should be worth $20. The Sims DLC is probably the best DLC around, though they call them "expansion packs", still very old-school in that.
To put things in a moment of perspective, the most expensive and time-consuming part of game creation is content creation, not making the game engine.

I think the real problem with DLC (absenting on-disc tomfoolery and early crap like that) is that it tends to lead to nickel-and-diming the customers - or even if it isn't nickel-and-diming, it feels like it because there a lot of choices that appear very functionally similar. The Sims is somewhat ridiculous, just because there's so much of it. Saints Row 3 was just absurd, with something like 30 DLC items. On the other hand, Killing Floor also has an absurd amount of DLC, and that game is still going strong.

The other problem with DLC is the pacing of them, and that's something that the industry is struggling to figure out. There's this thing, where a game only sells for the first six months of release, and more realistically, the first two. DLC is an attempt to get people to keep buying the game, to spark interest in current players - and game journos - who use word of mouth to talk about DLC to new players, and so on. It's not something that's been figured out yet, but that's why you see a lot of early DLC released at the two month or just around the two month mark - they want to extend that sales period, and they're trying to figure out how.

The real answer, is, of course, game developers need to shrink a whole lot, having over 500 people work on a single title (Resident Evil 6) is laughably absurd, and stop trying to reach for hundred-million revenues and settle for five-million earners.
2013-01-03 06:54:34 AM  

dj_spanmaster: The problem with Mafia Wars (in 2010) was script bots that ruined the experience. Why play when you can have your robot do it for you? I quit and never tried MW2, and thank FSM, that game's addictive.

The thing is that creating games that are very difficult for computers to play well is fairly easy (look at the fumbling AI on most strategy games that need massive cheats to keep them competitive), it is just computers are very good at simple treadmill games that are easy to churn out as shovelware.
2013-01-03 09:25:17 AM  
Zynga running their games was costing them money. Their market share was lower than the sum total of their physical assets.
2013-01-03 09:44:29 PM  
I was going to comment on how much I hate DLC and then I remembered that I've bought every game Paradox has put out...and all the expansion packs. I also love the Total War series and I bought all of them...and all the expansions. So basically I only hate DLC for games I don't like and in general I buy the DLC for games I do like and I think that is how most gamers are which is why developers keep milking that DLC for all they can get.
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