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(Digital Spy)   Christopher Nolan says that adapting Superman is more difficult than adapting Batman, presumably because Superman is so damned boring   ( digitalspy.com) divider line
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2012-12-29 02:26:34 PM  
4 votes:
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2012-12-31 06:45:57 AM  
1 vote:
Easy to reboot:

1. No suit
2. No flying
3. Giant spider in 3rd act
2012-12-30 06:24:44 PM  
1 vote:
I think the answer is a 30's era Superman film, with a drastically depowered Superman. Maybe by the end he learns to fly, He should be able to be hurt, but stronger than the average man.

Or fark it, just reboot the Rocketeer. He's really cool.
2012-12-30 08:40:05 AM  
1 vote:

Wasteland: Picture Brainiac as the logical sci-fi extension of AI research and crimefighting/counterterrorism: an ultra-authoritarian Big Brother that manages to infest most of the world's networks before anyone notices what it's up to. It demands that humanity live in peace as rational beings- and will nuke us, turn drones on us or simply take all our toys away, the moment we make one false move. Like Superman, it's a transhuman intelligence with its own notions of Truth and Justice and a vision for humanity's future. It has no body to punch, no secret core system to heat-vision into slag, and can hold the entire species hostage against Supes and his interference. Even if Brainiac is bluffing on that last point, it may well be that the only way to stop it is to undo the entire Information Age and then start over from untainted systems.

OK--we'll do it! But, one change. We're gonna make Braniac the creation of a sassy, street-wise computer programmer. We're thinking Chris Tucker.
2012-12-30 06:43:20 AM  
1 vote:
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2012-12-30 12:10:18 AM  
1 vote:

karasoth: Bill Frist: dalbuc: Superman also has no rivals anyone cares about. Batman has rivals that people want to see - the Joker being likely the best arch-villain out there. Superman doesn't have anyone that sniffs Joker level and really nothing at the Catwoman/Penguin level.

Lex is a cool villain, but everyone else in Superman's rogue gallery is pretty farking dumb. I mean, who are the next biggest ones? Brainiac and Mr. Mxyzptlk?

Zod (his big entry into comics was pretty awesome)
Mister Mxyzptlk

You forgot one...

i657.photobucket.comView Full Size

\ Nothing "boring" about THAT fight! o.o
2012-12-29 11:46:47 PM  
1 vote:
I don't understand people biatching about kryptonite. Sunlight kills vampires and they still find ways to make it interesting.

And stop rebooting the Donner films. They were weak sauce to begin with.
2012-12-29 09:53:11 PM  
1 vote:

WhippingBoy: That's uh... quite the bulge that Shazam is packing...

The 'M' in Shazam is for the package of Milton Berle.
2012-12-29 08:24:35 PM  
1 vote:

downstairs: CPT Ethanolic: Batman is easier because of the "dark" past.  It's the same reason that goth poetry is easy.  Selling misery/darkness is always easier than selling hope.

Never thought of it that way, good analogy.

Pure nonsense. Hallmark cards sell plenty well. Most people love the corniest, easiest, happiest shiat (thus why even "dark" hollywood films have to have happy endings)
2012-12-29 05:39:58 PM  
1 vote:
For the love of God, just don't make Superman all dark and angsty. I hate how the fanboys have won and now everything has to be dark and serious or else they get their panties in a wad that directors aren't taking their favorite childhood hero/cartoon character seriously enough. Case in point: the persistent hate for the 60s Batman show. But it's a totally legit take on Batman. It was well-written, had good actors, and had a high budget (for its time). The writers knew exactly what they were doing and it works on different levels. It's a hell of a lot better then the dour and sanctimonious Dark Knight Rises and definitely better than the Burton/Schumacher messes of the 90s.

What I'm saying is - keep Superman lighthearted and don't turn him into Space Jesus. Not everything has to be dark and angry.
2012-12-29 05:32:52 PM  
1 vote:

kroonermanblack: Especially since he has EVERY super power known to man, and has it better than the premier exemplar of it anyway.

Flash would like a word.
2012-12-29 04:41:51 PM  
1 vote:

had98c: Maybe it's harder because these stupid comic book characters have been done and redone a bazillion times already. How about trying something original for once?

Isn't there only like seven different stories ever told? Joseph Campbell wrote about it. Besides, suck a dong
2012-12-29 01:39:00 PM  
1 vote:
It is hard to come up with a plausible antagonist when the protagonist can:
A: Move so fast he can draw spewing dongs over the bad guy's face before the bad guy can even start his "I'm going to take over the world" speech.
B: Go back in time and give the bad guy's grandfather a case of condoms AND a cock punch so hard it changes the tides.
C: Simply shove the entire planet into the sun if he gets bored.
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