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(Salon)   Wait. People have something against freckles?   ( divider line
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2012-12-28 09:44:02 AM  
5 votes:
I could think of something to hold against her freckles:

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Yes, that's Faye Regan.  Phwoar.
2012-12-28 01:50:07 PM  
4 votes:

Aello: I know that supposedly it's been "bad" to have freckles when you're a Southern woman.

Yup good ol southern classism and racism.

Classism - freckles can appear or darken with sun exposure. It used to be that a proper women was one who never stooped to doing farm work or other manual labor and showing signs of sun exposure marked your low class status.

Racism - light skinned blacks often have freckles which some explain as their black showing through. If you are white looking but have freckles then maybe you are really a half breed.

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2012-12-28 01:57:26 PM  
3 votes:
Women basically have a problem with anything that makes them different from whichever famous photoshopped 19 year old they most recently latched onto as an ideal beauty.
2012-12-28 01:48:16 PM  
3 votes:

AverageAmericanGuy: Freckles are nice in moderation, but redheads with their blotchy freckles are a major turnoff.

So are douchebags like you.
2012-12-28 01:36:13 PM  
3 votes:
My ex was constantly 'mentioning' to me that they kept coming up with new laser treatments to remove freckles and oh you know you can get them removed and etc etc etc.

Why yes, there IS a reason he's my 'ex'.
2012-12-28 08:35:11 AM  
3 votes:

propasaurus: I love freckles and heavily freckled redheads.
But that article was 'WAAAAHHH people hate me for my freckles! But WAAAAHHH people like me for my freckles!'

It's one of those "Crazy shiat I obsess about" articles that some women like to read.
2012-12-28 02:41:24 PM  
2 votes:
because you can accept who you are and still want to alter your appearance for the sheer fun of it.

it's not that hard to understand. really.
2012-12-28 02:31:09 PM  
2 votes:

kwame: So do as I say not as I do? Then why the comment about setting examples?

I was horribly abused as a child. I also have freckles and it was one of the things my tormenters used to make me feel extremely ugly and worthless. If you have never been in that place, maybe you can't understand how someone could want to make the world a better place for their child, rather than creating a situation where the child feels just as worthless. Setting a good example doesn't mean you have to actually feel inside the way you want your child to feel about themselves. It isn't that easy.

My child, a 15 year old girl, has high self-esteem. Why? Because I never fail to tell her how beautiful she is as a person. She used to have a friend who was demeaning and I helped her see that this person was destroying her slowly. She walked away from that abusive relationship when she realized the truth. She has confidence, is secure in who she is and honestly likes herself. She told me a few weeks ago that she is the person she hoped she would become from an early age.

Me? I still self-loathe, it is something I will probably never fully get rid of. But I don't do it in front of her, I don't tell her how ugly I feel, I only tell her how wonderful she is and how she can work hard and acheive whatever she wants to.

So yes.. do as I say, not as I do can be highly recommended in some cases.
2012-12-28 02:18:43 PM  
2 votes:
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2012-12-28 01:45:58 PM  
2 votes:
Southern women use to do whatever they could to rid themselves of freckles. Well, high society women anyways. Freckles were a sign of "low class" and "those dreadful women who had to *gasp* work outside". Milk baths, lemon juice were among some of the most popular treatments I think.
2012-12-28 01:38:03 PM  
2 votes:
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2012-12-28 01:37:39 PM  
2 votes:

magicgoo: Janeane Garofalo, Carrot Top, and Lindsay Lohan

hunternuttall.comView Full Size

Who are....three people that one should, under no circumstances, emulate.
2012-12-28 01:35:24 PM  
2 votes:
i90.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-12-28 01:27:35 PM  
2 votes:
I'm heavily freckled, less so on my face. Auburn hair. Blue eyes. I like my freckles.

However I've also had similar experiences, they just never really bothered me too much. I never tried to cover up my freckles. I have one on my lip that I'd rather not have (darker spot when I apply lip gloss) but that's not really a big whoop.

I have had people be extraordinarily nasty about it though, including one college professor I literally got into an argument with. His daughter had freckles, he talked in class about the genetic lottery of freckles...and how AWFUL and UGLY freckles I was in the front row. My arms are fully covered with freckles, and I pushed back my sleeves (was winter, I don't hide them :P) to make sure he saw mine. Then confronted him after class about it. It culminated with him demanding (yelling in my face no less) what he should tell his 8 year old daughter when she sobs about how ugly she is.

I told him he should tell her she's got a shiatty father. (I really did). Among other things. Only F that remains on my academic record (I attempted to withdraw but apparently was too late, he was the only one who taught that specific course, blah blah blah. Never has hurt me either, since the rest are all pretty much As, and then once you enter the real world no one gives a shiat what your scores were. Ever.)

That was by far the nastiest. But there were many such incidences. I can easily recall many, most when I was a child. Fortunately I was a mouthy, know-it-all, Irish brat, so truly it didn't bother me. I liked 'em. My dad is also covered in them, as is one of my brothers.

I also didn't mind the comparisons to Pippi Longstocking (she was cool) but the Annie stuff...well that I did truly hate. ;)

Anyhoo long post shortened, while it didn't bother me as it did the woman in the article, you've really no idea how farking rude and shiatty people can be about it. And how often ADULTS thought it was okay to either make nasty comments, or (and this actually would piss me off) attempt to REASSURE me about my freckles. /rolls eyes

It does seem to trigger 'ew diseased!' reactions in some. I did have a friend confess to me she thought they were creepy the way my arms were covered in spots. They are on my face too, just very faint because I sunblock (for cancer prevention since I'm very very pale, not freckle prevention).

Oh and I also have no soul, but you guys knew that about us right? ;)
2012-12-28 01:27:17 PM  
2 votes:
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2012-12-28 01:19:43 PM  
2 votes:
I know that supposedly it's been "bad" to have freckles when you're a Southern woman. But I've always loved my freckles. I don't think there has ever been a time where someone made a mean spirited or uncomplimentary remark about them either. I always get "Freckles are cute" remarks :)
2012-12-28 01:13:14 PM  
2 votes:

deamonbutterfly: "The Goths" made me giggle.. at 33, you get over a lables and just 'be' .

finding myself wanting that alabaster skin. yep. been there. still am. I am learning to embrace my abundance of freckles as I get older. Yes, I am a natural ginger, yes I dye my hair. Yes, I have curly hair, and yes I straighten it. We are taught from an early age to never like ourselves. We need to be like this girl, or that girl.. People blame the media for suicides of young, impressionable kids. To an extent maybe, I think they don't help at all, but it all comes back to parenting. Setting a good example for your daughter, teaching her to love herself and who she is on the outside and in. The culture of Vogue, and Elle may seep in, but if she was taught from an early age (by exampe too, not just words) that we are all beautifully different, it might not seep into the darkest of places.

or we can all just off ourselves. yah. seems more logical.

That whole comment kind of goes to sh*t with the understanding that you continue to dye and straighten your hair.
2012-12-28 01:01:23 PM  
2 votes:
God that was a poorly written whiny piece of crap. Are people greenlighting their own articles again?
2012-12-28 08:23:30 AM  
2 votes:
Freckles are nice in moderation, but redheads with their blotchy freckles are a major turnoff.
2012-12-30 02:27:12 AM  
1 vote:

Cloudchaser Sakonige the Red Wolf: I like threads like this because Farkers always post photos of pretty redheads with freckles :-)

And though I'm not gay, I would like to point out that a redheaded guy can also be beautiful (you don't have to be gay to appreciate the beauty of someone of your own gender)

[ image 320x465]

*kidnaps him and does many naughty things with him*
2012-12-29 03:15:56 AM  
1 vote:
I like threads like this because Farkers always post photos of pretty redheads with freckles :-)

And though I'm not gay, I would like to point out that a redheaded guy can also be beautiful (you don't have to be gay to appreciate the beauty of someone of your own gender)

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2012-12-28 03:42:44 PM  
1 vote:
encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.comView Full Size

/fetchable this time, I think
2012-12-28 03:25:28 PM  
1 vote:
As a brunette with a bit of freckles and beauty marks this author is a vapid whore. Even after family vacations to the beach, nobody ever teased me about them. Because they're cute.
2012-12-28 03:23:22 PM  
1 vote:

RedT: I'm a ginger with a few freckles. Never had anyone ever make any comments about my freckles even though I was a nerd in school and did get bullied some {shrugs}. Only one person ever even made of my hair color (Danny Partridge jokes) and did it in a very harassing manner, but he was a dick and even I could see that in Jr High.

Of course being an introverted nerd, I didn't even hear the bullying most of the time so who the heck knows what anyone was saying, if anything.

CSB: In college I met a gal who graduated a year before me at the same high school and we became friends. She once told me she felt so sorry for me when all the guys would make fun me when I walked through the cafeteria (apparently commenting on my breasts). Funny thing? I never, not once, ever, heard anyone make any comments when walking through the high school cafeteria although I have no reason to doubt her.
Being an introverted nerd, why would I assume anyone was talking about me?

/ah, the benefits of being an introverted nerd in high school

No one made fun of you. Your "friend" was criticizing you in an indirect manner. She's somehow jealous of your breasts. Either way, you were still right to ignore any and all comments.
/nothing in my profile
2012-12-28 02:57:50 PM  
1 vote:
Another southern chick here who has never heard anything nasty about her freckles (only summer freckles since I hit around 30). Yeah, everyone has heard the old "high-society" wimmin habit, but like most things thought about the south - it hasn't been a "thing" in decades.
2012-12-28 02:50:53 PM  
1 vote:

Zeb Hesselgresser: "Jesus Christ," the lobsterman said, laughing with genuine amusement as I tried to sneak by. "What'd a seagull shiat on your face?"

I don't believe that.

"Christ's black bastard brother Harry," the freckled redhead said, laughing with genuine amusement . "What'd your mom schtupp a crustacean?"

Believe it.
2012-12-28 02:47:36 PM  
1 vote:
I've always had chestnut brown hair and freckles -- more when I was young than now, but I still have them.  Not sure if they show up in my profile pic here ... maybe a little?

It was clear to me early on that some people (my mom, that cute boy I met at a garden party when I was 5 or 6 years old, my husband) love freckles and find them attractive... and some people, for whatever reason, find them odd or unattractive.  I've always liked them, personally, and thought they were cute.  Some of us wear them better than others (e.g. I don't find them flattering on actress Maya Rudolph).

By the time I was in high school, I decided I had more important things to worry about than my freckles and whether or not this person or that person found them appealing...perhaps because something in me understood that anyone who is going to decide whether or not to like me based on a feature of my skin was probably not someone whose good opinion was much worth having.

It is probably for this reason that I have little patience for the type of navel-gazing the author engages in here.  There are people out there with REAL problems -- cerebral palsy, cancer, etc. -- and they're transcending those challenges and making a positive contribution against much greater odds.  And I'm going to whine about my farking freckles?  Sistah please...
2012-12-28 02:43:19 PM  
1 vote:
My uber-wealthy and insane great aunt used to make me scrub my skin with salt and lemons to lighten both my skin color and my freckleage when I was a child and spent summers with her at her house/mansion/museum of crazy.

So yes. Some people have a problem with freckles. It's called "they remind me that your father is an adopted mutt that has shamed my perfect existence now stop slouching and scrub your disgusting skin off."
2012-12-28 02:23:54 PM  
1 vote:

Aello: I said _I've_ never gotten any rude or demeaning remarks about mine. I grew up in New Orleans and Baton Rouge in working class neighborhoods and that may be a reason why. But, I have heard stories of higher class women using lemon juice and milk to get rid of freckles.

Now that makes me wonder if you could convince a really dumb rich broad that a daily semen facial will fade her freckles, and how long she'd let you blast her in the face before figuring out the truth...
2012-12-28 02:20:14 PM  
1 vote: Full Size
2012-12-28 02:12:12 PM  
1 vote:
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2012-12-28 02:10:23 PM  
1 vote:
blog.lib.umn.eduView Full Size

/my daughter (not above) has freckles and I love them
//she does not, she thinks they look like acne
2012-12-28 02:01:17 PM  
1 vote:
I had freckles when I was younger. I did get teased (kindly and unkindly) about them. They faded with time.
Being a redheaded boy was not always fun.

/Got over it
2012-12-28 01:53:32 PM  
1 vote:
koanicsoul.comView Full Size
2012-12-28 01:53:23 PM  
1 vote:

kwame: So do as I say not as I do? Then why the comment about setting examples?

you can teach your child to love themselves, and that they can express themselves with altering their physical appearance if they want to. Not out of disgust of what they look like, but because it's fun and they want to. If they love themselves, have confidence, and want to play with their hair colour, or makeup, etc.. who cares. i liked the very pale skin look....not because i hated freckles and thought they were the devil.....I just admired the pasty girls with porceline skin, because I think it's beautiful. I also think girls with Freckles are beautiful... Same reason i like men in kilts. it's a preference.. I like men in pants too, but men in kilts are just so damn sexy..

sometimes i like to have straight black hair because i can.
2012-12-28 01:52:45 PM  
1 vote: Full Size

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2012-12-28 01:37:05 PM  
1 vote:
data.whicdn.comView Full Size
2012-12-28 01:36:24 PM  
1 vote:
I always figured it was just makeup companies trying to sell women crap to cover up something that doesn't need covering.
2012-12-28 01:34:17 PM  
1 vote:
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2012-12-28 01:33:22 PM  
1 vote:
My wife has freckles on her shoulders. I love them so much. Sometimes it's the little things that make a big impact.
2012-12-28 01:23:51 PM  
1 vote:
img1.ranker.comView Full Size

Freckles look pretty good on this one
2012-12-28 01:23:31 PM  
1 vote:
I am a highly freckled redhead and I wouldn't have it any other way. Although when I was a teen I used to dream that one day my freckles would meld together and I'd have a rockin' tan.
2012-12-28 01:17:47 PM  
1 vote:

Why would you do that? Why?
2012-12-28 01:16:26 PM  
1 vote:
Damn you ChipNASA, this thread was getting good and you went and ruined it!
2012-12-28 01:08:50 PM  
1 vote:

loki see loki do: Sybarite: [ image 755x1000]

Yes, I would.


/c'mon redhead thread
2012-12-28 01:04:46 PM  
1 vote:
community.secondlife.comView Full Size

Argghhhhhhh! It's like another race. Runnnnnnnnnnn!
2012-12-28 01:04:32 PM  
1 vote:
Freckles are like acne that never goes away. Plus, it could be cancer.
2012-12-28 01:03:57 PM  
1 vote:
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s3-ak.buzzfeed.comView Full Size

s3-ak.buzzfeed.comView Full Size
2012-12-28 01:01:41 PM  
1 vote:
I can't find any freckles on this redhead, HALP!

farm5.staticflickr.comView Full Size
2012-12-28 01:01:18 PM  
1 vote:
manteresting.comView Full Size

Lot of potential in this thread.
2012-12-28 01:00:23 PM  
1 vote:
I used to hate my freckles but now I don't.
2012-12-28 11:09:14 AM  
1 vote:
fashionisingpictures.netView Full Size
2012-12-28 10:19:52 AM  
1 vote:
If you happen to go see Les Miserables, it is filmed in such an up-close, personal manner that you can count Eddie Redmayne's freckles

2012-12-28 09:56:14 AM  
1 vote:
Faye Reason... FAP.
2012-12-28 09:54:37 AM  
1 vote:
That woman has issues. Drinking vinegar? Wtf?
2012-12-28 08:34:04 AM  
1 vote:
I love freckles and heavily freckled redheads.
But that article was 'WAAAAHHH people hate me for my freckles! But WAAAAHHH people like me for my freckles!'
2012-12-28 08:30:31 AM  
1 vote:
My mother is a beautiful redhead with tons of freckles. As I equate my mom with all things that are good and right in this world, I can not dislike freckles.
Besides, my youngest son also has a ton of them.
2012-12-28 08:18:00 AM  
1 vote:
No, most people don't.

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