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(CBC)   If you build it, they will come. Unless what you build is a free outdoor ice rink in Calgary   ( cbc.ca) divider line
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2012-12-29 12:05:29 AM  

ModernLuddite: No one wants to ice skate when it's -30 out with wind.

2012-12-29 03:31:16 AM  
I visited Reston Town Center on business and I noticed there was an outdoor skating rink. It was pretty neat to watch people skate as I ate my lunch.

/i biatch about virginia at every opportunity
//reston town center is probably the nicest place in all of virginia
2012-12-29 03:12:22 PM  

kvinesknows: KillerAttackParrot: kvinesknows: apoptotic: KillerAttackParrot: ModernLuddite: No one wants to ice skate when it's -30 out with wind.

Yeah, but these are Canadians. They put on shorts when it's above 0F and 32F is swimming weather.

psssst....I'm gonna tell you a secret. Many of the people in this thread (including the poster you replied to) that are saying it's too cold to skate are Canadian. As far as some of us are concerned, -30C is "fark that noise, I'm going back to bed" weather.

pfft.. -30 is when the puck makes the best sound against the frozen boards ya wimpy albertan.

I was in Minnesota on business a while back. It's like lower Canada, eh? At least they seem to speak Canadian there. It was the middle of January. The temperature was something like -5F (-20C for you Canucks...and Minnesotians). Wind chills were freeze your mustache off cold. I was standing in the hotel lobby bracing myself to go warm up the car. Some lady walks into the lobby in shorts and a t-shirt. She looks around a bit then spots the news paper machine about 10 feet away from the door to the hotel, mind you on the outside side. She very casually proceeds to walk outside to the paper machine, roots in her pocket for a quarter and gets a news paper. Now comes the "holy f*ck" part. I could see dashing out and grabbing a paper you expected to be in the lobby rather then going all the way back up to the room for warmer cloths but she causally stands there in the -20F+ wind chill reading the front page of the news paper for a good minute or 2. Then she kinda looks up probably finally noticing it's actually quite chilly and walks at a casual pace, still reading the newspaper mind you, back into the hotel. I just stood there staring in horror with a crinkled forehead.

LOL, yeah. I actually have some oddball condition where I dont really feel the cold until around -30. I get frostbite all the time if I dont remind myself to cover up properly. A group of immigrants that come to the rink I ma ...

I was having the sandals/crocs in the snow conversation with a friend the other day. -20 celcius, going to the store to pick up a quick item, throw on the sandals.
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