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(TreeHugger)   Just like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, and New Year's Eve, Boxing Day has been cannibalized by the wraiths of consumerism   ( divider line
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2012-12-27 10:24:26 AM  
Was that a report from Ric Romero's Canadian equivalent, Jean-Paul?
2012-12-27 12:09:35 PM  
No shiat, Sherlock.
2012-12-27 12:23:09 PM  
too cheap to give the serving class a day off, I'd say. Plenty of people had to work at McDonalds.
2012-12-27 12:23:09 PM  
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2012-12-27 12:32:32 PM  
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2012-12-27 12:35:21 PM  
Well they haven't ruined Idi Amin weekend yet.
2012-12-27 12:41:17 PM  

Spartacus Outlaw: too cheap to give the serving class a day off, I'd say. Plenty of people had to work at McDonalds.

You can have Christmas Day off...but be there ever so early the next day!
2012-12-27 12:43:12 PM Full Size
2012-12-27 12:58:35 PM  
At least we still have Caesar Chavez day!
2012-12-27 01:09:58 PM  
FTFA: "Perhaps Americans were too egalitarian to have much of a servant class or too cheap to give them a day off, I don't know. But they are missing something, it is a great tradition."

Black Friday is bad enough. I am glad we don't have a "Part 2: Electric Boogaloo" to go with it. Also, this shiat started in 1663. America was just getting started and still under rule of the Crown. A day off really wasn't in our minds at the time as we were still setting up agriculture and towns. Furthermore, I really don't think we wanted to celebrate a patently English holiday after the whole July 4th, 1776 thing when we told the king where to stick his crown.
2012-12-27 03:57:11 PM  
3/4ths into the headline I made the assumption that the article was going to be about ridiculous days that only bankers and postmen don't have to work.
2012-12-27 04:06:11 PM  
Boxing Day is for New Zealand what Black Friday is for the US. It allows stores to move their stock for the new lines in the coming year. It also gives people who received gift cards at Christmas a little extra bang for their buck.
2012-12-27 04:21:47 PM  
I live right by the Yorkdale Mall and a block from Orfus rd (major outlet store area) in Toronto. Yesterday at 9am my street was full of cars.

I think next year I'm going to cut a deal with the downstairs neighbor and charge people 10 bucks to park in my driveway, it easily sits 4 cars.

Hubby and I went to Ikea but only because I had the day off, thankfully it wasn't packed. Reorganized the house :)
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