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(Telegraph)   In a bid to compensate for something, China launches world's longest bullet train   ( divider line
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2012-12-26 10:26:48 PM  
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Apos: Uh huh.....And what about their creaky railway safety record?


"Is There a Chance the Track Could Bend?"
2012-12-27 08:42:01 AM  
1 vote:
Starting about 5 years ago, we spent 3 years building a manufacturing facility in Beijing, that was an eye opening experience.
China only has building codes if someone is looking. They never reinforce concrete unless there's a few children nearby to toss into the mix.
They pour a full two story wall of solid concrete colored "whatever" and then let loose three guys to hand chisel cutouts for plumbing and electrical.
Any building in mainland china over about 5 stories tall scares the sh#t out of me.
The workers make their own tools. Hammers, chisels, picks, wheelbarrows, all homemade. They all stand around in a huge crown in the morning and when they open the gates its a free for all (with police present) and whoever gets in, gets to work that day, so there is no consistency in who does what.
They have no safety regulations, no environmental agencies, government payoffs are the only "requirement" in any large undertaking.
The air in Beijing made California look like a fresh clean Alpine village. Each day you literally had a layer of god only knows that on you, it was disgusting. During the Olympics they went to draconian lengths outlawing burning of any kind in an attempt to keep the air as clean as possible...
There were many days that you literally could not see two blocks.
Our "guide" and translator lived in a dumpster behind a strip joint and was one of the most disgusting people I have ever seen. If you turned away, he would take your food right off your plate and eat it.
Google "China's Ghost Cities" for an interesting story.
China's corrupt communist government only cares about growth of it's GDP at any cost. They have been building on average about ten entire cities a year for the past decade complete with Apartments, malls, theaters, restaurants, parks, and airports that nobody can afford to live in, but it pumps up the GDP.
Hundreds of millions of Apartments sitting empty. They have already started to rot and hardly a human has ever set foot in them.
China cannot support itself from inside, it requires the rest of the world to consume it's products.
When the economy tanked 4 years ago and we stopped buying stuff for a minute, China was closing down 66,000 factories a WEEK.
The government is still hunting down factory owners that packed up all the cash and walked out the door leaving the employees to their own devices.
When their bubble pops, it will make our bubble look like a ride at disneyland.
The people in China have this really strange addiction to spitting. They spit constantly. I believe they even tried to outlaw it, but it was really gross.
If you throw garbage in a trash can, you get yelled at. by throwing your garbage on the ground, you are giving another person a job to come around and pick it up.
All of China's main rivers have been declared clinically dead.
It's unfortunate. China woke up, but too late. It's a country full of the most amazing, talented people, completely smashed under the thumb of a horribly corrupt government that will never allow the people to be free.
My only fear is that when their bubble pops, the're going to come knocking looking for their 16 trillion dollars (which we subsequently devalued to about 4 trillion) and when they don't get a check...they will either nuke us, or invade.
we just might need all these evil guns that we currently posess.
2012-12-27 07:08:56 AM  
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Well, that's nice, but the US is such a large country and so spread out, there's no way we could make rail a viable option.

2012-12-27 05:21:57 AM  
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2012-12-26 11:11:25 PM  
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gopher321: Apos: Uh huh.....And what about their creaky railway safety record?"

"Is There a Chance the Track Could Bend?"

Not on your life, my Hindu friend!
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