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(CBS Philadelphia)   Student to be sentenced to a picture of prison   ( philadelphia.cbslocal.com) divider line
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2012-12-22 12:39:06 PM  
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You can have my drawing of a gun when you pry it from my cold, dead web server.
2012-12-22 02:22:13 PM  
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My Junior year of high school I took a business management course. It was fun, learned a lot. The last six weeks was a make your own fake business. So me and a friend of mine competed with each other (same course, same teacher, different periods, same project). We both came up with military surplus stores. Mine was a front for a COBRA style terrorist organization bent on ruling the world. His store wasn't so much a front as just blatantly saying "Need funding to conquer you, selling our surplus and lemonade". His store was also designed to include tank treads and covered in armor and weaponry. My store designed included anti armor missiles that weren't for sell, just to be used to take out his store first. My supplies were gathered by stealing them from military bases by use of blackmailing officers in charge of supplies and blackmailing congressmen as well as fake trucks and drivers to pick up the supplies straight from the factories. Advertisements included things like having what you needed to get that next pay raise, show your boss why he should not have fired you, punish that jerk for sleeping with your girl as well as getting back at the skank who either cheated on you or dumped you. Site security included land mines and M-60s hidden in hollowed out trees.

I got a B. I would have gotten an A, but my business was a grocery list of felonies, terrorism and a war crime or two.

That year I also took accounting and failed because on the final project I embezzled over 2 million dollars. I asked her if I would have gotten an A if I hadn't have gotten caught. She said no.

Good thing I graduated from high school in 1997.
2012-12-22 11:51:26 AM  
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WTF. Isn't Camden in NJ?

The kid probably deserves it, after turning down the teacher's advances.
2012-12-22 11:41:52 AM  
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The student's barber says he was very quiet whenever he went for a haircut.
2012-12-22 11:24:41 AM  
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When I was in grade 7, I wrote a story for a creative-writing assignment which included a part where I described how my parents would sometimes lock me in the bathroom for days, feeding me nothing but water and empty peanut shells which they would slide under the door.

It was just a story that, at the time, I thought was quite entertaining and humorous. I imagine if any kid wrote a story like that today, Child Services or the police would paying a visit to the home.
2012-12-22 11:03:34 AM  
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I had to switch schools because I drew a picture of an explosion in the third grade.

/good thing they never found the missiles hiding under the mattress
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