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(Alaska Dispatch News)   Everybody relax. Kodiak, Alaska has found a way not to topple off the fecal cliff   ( divider line
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2012-12-20 11:33:08 AM  
That's Spelled C-A-P-I-T-O-L H-I-L-L if you're talking feces.
2012-12-20 11:33:11 AM  
Talk about a dump!
2012-12-20 11:33:27 AM  
Oh, I thought the Fecal Cliff was the shiat storm about to happen in Washington over gun legislation.
/my bad
2012-12-20 11:33:35 AM  
Sounds like they're in a shiatload of trouble!
2012-12-20 11:33:44 AM  
No sh*t?
2012-12-20 11:34:47 AM  
Plumber Joe was right !
2012-12-20 11:34:50 AM  
Friend of a friend is a financial advisor. Had a bunch of his more rednecky clients asking about what the physical cliff was.

In fifth grade when we had sex ed, the first kid reading out loud said "public" instead of "pubic" and we laughed our asses off.

There is DOOM.
2012-12-20 11:34:51 AM  

Kodiak steers clear of 'fecal cliff' for now

Sounds like they bearly made it.
2012-12-20 11:35:38 AM  
img244.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-12-20 11:40:58 AM  
Dump it in the ocean, crabs and shrimp love shiat more than politicians do.
2012-12-20 11:43:14 AM  
Yea, they just have no room to put it.
Did they get my plans to turn that chit to oil?
2012-12-20 11:44:10 AM  
I know those are some big bears, but wow.
2012-12-20 11:47:58 AM  
Cliff Diving Alaskan style?
2012-12-20 11:53:59 AM  

MasterThief: [ image 600x431]

files.abovetopsecret.comView Full Size

i1191.photobucket.comView Full Size
2012-12-20 11:57:51 AM  
This is the best crisis name ever.
2012-12-20 11:58:28 AM  
Errbody just gonna have to hold it for awhile
2012-12-20 12:05:31 PM  
[ imokwiththis.jpg ]
2012-12-20 12:07:28 PM  
My company bid and won the tender to supply water treatment equipment for the Kodiak Landfill Expansion. It's kinda cool when stuff directly related to my work makes Fark!

Yay Fecal Cliff!
2012-12-20 12:08:46 PM  
The fecal cliff, oh my god, everybody get constipated, now!
2012-12-20 12:09:35 PM  
One of the benefits of living on an ISLAND should be just pumping your shiat out in the farking ocean.

/used to live on Kodiak
//caught crabs from a girl named Cash
2012-12-20 12:09:57 PM  
They should do a Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo marketing tie-in
2012-12-20 12:26:54 PM  
Take my Dump, Please.
2012-12-20 12:32:38 PM  
funnyinchina.comView Full Size
2012-12-20 12:38:05 PM  
On second thought, let's not visit Kodiak. 'Tis a shiatty place.
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