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(CBS Boston)   Hey Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Ford F-150?   ( divider line
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2012-12-19 09:47:40 PM  
A buddy of mine (Chainsaw Bob, seriously) hit a seagull in the back side with the grill of his blazer. He left it there for days and drove to church with it still in the grill. His wife drove separately, just so she didn't have to be seen with the bird. It is the only time I have seen a bird rear ended. I guess he drove it like that while running work errands, too.
2012-12-19 09:47:59 PM  
I saw a truck hit and kill a little Saw Whet owl once, made me sad. Beautiful little raptor, snuffed out by a Chev.
Of course, it is all about perspective- the mice who lived on because of the death of the owl probably partied all night. Ah, Mother Nature you can be a real old cow sometimes.
2012-12-19 09:59:33 PM  
"Let's find out.

"One... eh, two... three... [CRUNCH]


/fark I'm old
2012-12-19 10:31:10 PM  
Owls are cool. For one, the name, "owl." That sounds like some serious old Anglo-Saxon right there.
2012-12-19 11:13:23 PM  
I once had a turkey vulture swoop down on my car when I was doing 70 on 95. It left a good soccer ball sized dent in my little Honda, right above the H on the grill. The bird did not survive.
2012-12-19 11:24:07 PM  
Well, Owl be damned! that's a lucky owl.
2012-12-20 12:50:02 AM  
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2012-12-20 02:49:52 AM  
I never made it without biting.

To be honest, I never made it with biting.
2012-12-20 04:24:52 AM  

bayoukitty: Once wrapped an owl up in a jacket and took it to my house, which was only yards away. It had been hit by a car and was sitting on the road, stunned. He sat on my son's swing set overnight and then flew away.

Glad he was OK, but those talons were scary. Pretty stupid move on my part, I know.

So ... csb.

My husband, when he was like six or seven, found a great horned owl injured in a field near where he grew up (rural). The story goes that he managed to pick it up in a bear hug, just right so it couldn't claw him (from behind, I guess) and brought it home. Fortunately their property is only like an hour from Cornell University so they were able to call someone to come get it, so it lived as far as I know. He's got a giant stuffed owl as a keepsake from his sisters to remember the incident by. He didn't think anything of picking up a huge owl, and they were terrified of it at the time :P
2012-12-20 05:00:07 AM  

geekbikerskum: *splat* The world may never know.

You are old, too!
2012-12-20 10:54:13 AM  
Reminded me of this....

NSFW images.
2012-12-20 11:16:29 AM  

Bong Hits For Mohammed: geekbikerskum: *splat* The world may never know.

You are old, too!

*sigh* Yeah. :-/

/kids, lawn, off
2012-12-20 11:22:49 AM  

toddalmighty: I've hit a bat. Twice.

Damn! How did it survive the first time?
2012-12-20 01:18:00 PM  

toddalmighty: I've hit a bat. Twice.

Must have had a lot of strikeouts (or walks) that day. How many innings did you work?
2012-12-20 01:36:44 PM  
Somebody's birdie, by the side of the road.
Someone's favorite flyer, who for got his highway code.
Someone's favorite owl, who ran clear out of luck.
He flew into the road and tried to argue with a truck.
If he tries to play up on the roadway, I'm afraid that will be that.
There will be one lasting despairing "WHOO!", and a sort of squelchy splat.
And your owl will be slightly dead and very, very, flat!
He's nobody's birdie, just rather squashed and soggy, nobody's birdie, NOW.
(apologies to Eric Bogle).
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