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(Guardian)   English scientists determine TV dinners are healthier than latest celebrity chef creations of Nigella Lawson and notorious school-lunch scold Jamie Oliver   ( guardian.co.uk) divider line
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2012-12-19 10:31:31 PM  

anfrind: kg2095: tricycleracer: StoPPeRmobile: kg2095: That assumes that the model followed for the last 3 decades of dietary fat being the cause of obesity is correct.

Oddly enough, ever since people have been encouraged to purge their diets of fat and replace it with carbohydrates there has been an epidemic of obesity.

Don't forget they banned all the OTC diet pills over the years too.

Bring back 60s amphetamine culture.  We were so peppy and skinny back then.

I understand the Crystal Meth diet is quite effective.

If you're going to turn to non-prescription drugs, tobacco is a much safer appetite-suppressant than meth and has fewer side effects. Although it's still bad for your health in enough other ways that no sane person would ever use it to lose weight.

Duh. You use it to keep the weight off, not lose it.

/vape on
2012-12-19 11:26:47 PM  

I'm close to skinny. Why? Because I learned to cook well, for myself. No one else. They can fark off with their overcooked food. If I am eating it, it's farking awesome. Always satisfied. Never want more.

/people always want my leftovers
//beer is the reason for not skinny

You sound fat.

2012-12-20 04:45:26 AM  
Question: Do preservatives stop preserving after you've eaten them?

I would rather eat 1000 calories of fresh, cooked food with no preservatives or additional flavourings over 800 calories of overly processed mass produced crap. Screw the extra calories, and the fats give it flavour that E261 Potassium acetate and E405 Propane-1,2-diol alginate cannot.

Fresh > Processed every time.
2012-12-20 05:54:55 AM  

Pentaxian: River Cottage Everyday by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

I don't think I could come up with a more English name if I tried.

Rivals Benedict Cumberbatch.
2012-12-20 06:19:49 AM  
tvthrong.co.ukView Full Size
Xai [TotalFark] [BareFark]
2012-12-20 06:40:35 AM  
Healthier, not tastier.
2012-12-20 10:04:07 AM  

vpb: So are the TV dinners healthier or just smaller?

Depends on the dinner. Some of the diet frozen dinners are actually pretty healthy, no crazy sodium or preservatives, and still really good.

Everyday Food is the only source of recipes I really used much and it included nutritional information for every recipe.
Also, the USDA Nutrient Database can be used to figure out information for any other recipe. And the exact amount of very random minerals/substances/whatever in anything, ever.

/vodak has a funny entry
//unsurprisingly, it is 0g of everything except alcohol and calories
2012-12-20 10:06:57 AM  

meat0918: thecpt: meat0918: The chef cooked taste better, and leave you satisfied, rather than still hungry after eating cardboard tasting chicken that you're not sure what they put in it.

Plus you burn more calories preparing and cooking the meal than just popping something in the microwave. Not a lot of calories, but you're active, up, and hopefully enjoying yourself.

Hormones and preservatives are 0g staurated fat and only 2 calories! Those are the only measurements for how healthy food is.

Chicken has no added artificial hormones, at least here in the states. They've bred them to grow fast enough without the use of artificial hormones. Plus there is that whole being against the law thing, as well as farmers did not see any benefit for the cost back in the 40s when they tried first it.

Preservatives.... Salt works wonders still. Wait, we have a target of low sodium for some foods.

The low sodium thing is bullshiat unless you know you have blood pressure that is affected by high sodium. I'm on a medication that has more than the daily amount of sodium just in it, and the only problem is my blood pressure was eventually affected, which isn't surprising since my mother has high BP caused by salt as well. Not everyone does (has to do with the body trying to regulate temperature, apparently.
2012-12-20 10:47:08 AM  
Nigella Lawson has much better tits than Swanson Factory Line Worker #874.

Advantage: Lawson.
2012-12-20 02:54:37 PM  

ADHD Librarian: I'm calling bulltwaddle,
the science of food is to damned complicated for any of this lab stuff to mean anything.
% fat % sodium, sure those are some sort of measure. But what about the vitamins and trace elements you get from cooking with fresh ingredients? Did they measure the source of the fat in the meals? Because I will take the fat from cream over the fat from rendered hooves and anuses every time. I know there was some research a few years back that showed people who drink full fat milk process fat more quickly (and store less) than those who drink that fat reduced crap (looks and tastes like the water I was my paint brushes in. Mmmmm ceiling white).
I know someone else has already mentioned feeling full and satisfied after eating, that is a damned good thing and it seems like my stirfry last night filled me up better than a frozen plastic tray of gristle and sog. Fat and sodium? Well; it had a metric gloop of peanut oil, drip of sesame oil and I went to town with the soy (both dark and sweet). But it had no sugar, no fructose, no stabilising agents, no 9468743 (or any sort of number). The boc choy, capsicum and eggplant all came from local market gardens (so it also had no petrochemicals used in transporting it 1000 miles to a factory and back). The rice, was plentiful (and made up the bulk (yes a pun) of the meal).

Plus, if you give a crap about how much fat is in your meal, take up a sport fatty. (if you are a fatty, I suggest rugby, it is getting harder and harder to find fatties who actually play a sport and rugby needs fatties). And rugby training = you have earned a beer.

This! Exclusively regarding fat, carbs, protein, and fiber content as the same thing as overall nutritional value is an ignorant fallacy.
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