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2012-12-19 05:01:31 PM  

Some 'Splainin' To Do: The very best suggestion that I've heard is that, after the 21st is over, we should all go outside and loudly proclaim, "The Doctor did it! The Doctor save us all!"

That actually gives me an even better idea. Hmm...

Any Farkers happen to know if there's a way to assemble a passable Dalek costume in 36 hours or less?
2012-12-19 05:10:59 PM  
Oh yes, the apocalypse is real, oh my babies! I do find it a bit disturbing that the Mayans could predict my 50th birthday so many centuries before I even came into existence, but never fear! A little known fact that the sensationalist media tries to keep hidden: a spell exists to ward off the pending doom. It involves mass infusions of alcohol. I'm starting early, tonight as a matter of fact. You know, just in case. Better safe than sorry.

/Also plan to pray at the porcelain altar after.
/// And, yeah, no deals with dragons.
2012-12-19 07:21:25 PM  

Surool: Gyrfalcon: Surool: I am so looking forward to the weekend. I will no longer have to listen to this stupid non-Mayan fairy tale again.

Especially if it happens.

Yeah, you will. Someone already figured out that the Mayans didn't account for leap years or something so the world will REALLY end next June. Or July. I forget how that works.

Wrong way, dummy. The leap days would mean that the calendar end already happened.

I didn't say I was the one who believed in it. Anyway, someone is predicting (claiming?) that the world is supposed to end in 2013 because of a miscalculation, so neener.
2012-12-20 12:38:38 AM  
Nibiru is the Sumerians, not the Mayans, Mr Smartypants.
2012-12-20 12:41:43 AM  

Surool: The fact you both took my snark about Mayans using/not using GMT as a sign that I buy into this crap is bad enough. If you look at my original post up top, you two would have to be f*ucking idiots to paint me as a believer. That bottom line should be an obvious enough joke for the non brain dead.

2012-12-20 11:06:06 AM  

divgradcurl: CygnusDarius: pute kisses like a man: heh heh heh... think i'll start using taurine feces... which do you prefer: "this is taurine fecal matter!" or "this is taurine feces!"

It's like choosing between two bowls of shiat.

hey, wash it down with some redbull and who gives a crap?

maltedmothball: exactly like that!

/Bantha poodoo

My first thought was more about taurine = bull-like.  taurus, morphed into an adjective (although, not necessarily appropriately, it works for us lay folk).  thus taurine feces = bullshiat.  i didn't think about taurine being a proper noun until the red bull comment.
2012-12-20 04:01:03 PM  

lemurs: anfrind: Huh. I'd heard that because the Mayans didn't account for leap years, the world should have ended several months ago, not several months later.

They're pretty much big countdown timers, so the end of the b'ak'tun probably ends on Dec. 21 like TFA says it does when we map it over our own calendar. But since the Mayans invented calendars much longer than the b'ak'tun, they obviously weren't expecting the world to end at that point.

It sends on Dec 21 because that's the winter solstice, which is why we're all celebrating a holiday right now.
2012-12-21 06:28:21 PM  
The Mayans wouldn't have had an apocalypse if they'd gotten their Dip-Tep shots. Have you gotten your Dip-Tep shots?
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