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(Jalopnik)   A Tesla engineer created a touch sensitive device made out of a door handle to pour his beer. Why? Because he's better than us   ( jalopnik.com) divider line
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2012-12-18 08:55:10 PM  
Tesla rules
2012-12-18 09:19:56 PM  
My cousin works there there so I'm really getting a kick out of this..
/seriously he does.
2012-12-18 09:23:02 PM  
So someone takes a bunch of switches and selonoids and wires them up to a simple kegerator to dispense beer, amazing! I feel like a retard being able to open my fridge, grab a beer, and pour it into a glass. Before you bash my username I've graduated to better home brews.
2012-12-18 09:33:25 PM  
So if Tesla sold 1000 cars this year at 100k a pop,
that's 100 million in revenue. But they borrowed 5 times that much under Obama's govt energy grant program. Plus investors' money and other debt.

But hey, this guy made an electronic beer dispenser.
2012-12-18 09:46:03 PM  

Psycoholic_Slag: So he took a process that had one handle and made it more complex by adding a second redundant handle. Typical engineer.

2012-12-18 09:50:02 PM  
Love always finds a way.
2012-12-18 11:00:04 PM  

ConstitutionGuy: looks pretty simple.

so he wasted (stole?) his employers inventory (door handle, motor that pushes out door handle plus sensors & wires) plus time, tools, etc. and adds a simple motor and rod to push the original tap handle.

Should have spent his time cost-reducing his employers product to make himself valuable to the company....

//not impressed

Reading the article is too hard.
2012-12-18 11:33:14 PM  

icebergcomics: A Tesla Connection?

userserve-ak.last.fmView Full Size
2012-12-19 12:03:51 AM  
What a Tesla engineer might look like.

i1102.photobucket.comView Full Size

/That's actually my good friend, world-class magician Pop Haydn, having WAY too much fun with a new toy he created for his new act. Epic photo though.
2012-12-19 02:41:46 AM  

Sin_City_Superhero: Do we really need to make it more compicated than that?

Need?  No.  Everything doesn't have to be about 'need', sometimes it's about 'want' and 'fun'.  
Efficiency has it's place, but so does whimsy.
2012-12-19 02:49:31 AM  

maggoo: That's some Rube Goldberg shiat right there.

Exactly.   Extremely cool and completely pointless. 
If you can't appreciate that, you have no soul.
2012-12-19 02:50:36 AM  
2012-12-19 02:55:36 AM  
Just like car mfrs, let's add more options and bullshiat so more things can go wrong with it! The ongoing quest for a better mousetrap........
2012-12-19 04:37:06 AM  
He is......the most interesting man in the world.

/Live thirsty, my friend
2012-12-19 05:38:27 AM  

clyph: Efficiency has it's place, but so does whimsy.

Read that as whisky. Still worked fine. Carry on!
2012-12-19 07:04:29 AM  
Pfft... that's Amateur Hour at best. Losers go to beer, winners make the beer go to them.

This is how I roll
2012-12-19 09:09:50 AM  

Sin_City_Superhero: Step 1. Open beer bottle
Step 2. Pour beer down gullet

Do we really need to make it more compicated than that?

and we're done here
2012-12-19 09:14:06 AM  
He should really just be referred to as "Nicola Muthafarking Tesla" by now.
2012-12-19 10:02:40 AM  

ongbok: hogans: CapeFearCadaver: Pssgh, don't know about no fancy beer pourin', but here's mah beer holder:

That beer tastes like ass.

Some people pay good money for the taste of ass.

Good thing she has a frigid rear.

/Say "Here keep this cold". Stick can of beer between soon to be ex-girlfriends legs.
2012-12-19 11:32:15 AM  
The way beer should be delivered.
blogs.suntimes.comView Full Size
2012-12-19 11:39:01 AM  
Still not worth having the compulsion to have 24 napkins at every meal, or freaking the fark out if a hot chick tousles your hair.
2012-12-19 12:38:04 PM  
Glad to see I'm not the only one who is completely underwhelmed.
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