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33034 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Dec 2003 at 6:30 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-12-09 11:36:30 AM  
They forgot the most important step.

Step 7: Drizzle your viscous reward over a devil's food cake for a delicious holiday treat.
2003-12-09 12:44:44 PM  
Ok, I'll be the one to ask: Does anyone else's girlfriend get off on popping YOUR zits? My girlfriend, my roommate's does, a couple of my friends do. WTF?
2003-12-09 12:56:37 PM  
My ex had a pimple popping fetish, especially if I had one on my back.

I think it's a grooming impulse some women have, like chimps who pick the nits out of each others fur.
2003-12-09 01:08:29 PM  
Where I come from, girls like their guys 100% zit-free. And rich. Very, very rich.
2003-12-09 01:21:37 PM  
You're not the only one enkafan. My wife loves to pop my zits, even gets mad if I do it myself.
2003-12-09 01:31:04 PM  
I have several female friends that love to do that. Gross.
2003-12-09 01:33:22 PM  
exick step 7 is leave the disgusting mess on the bathroom mirror where it landed. Like some sort of trophy.
2003-12-09 02:30:46 PM  
I've always found sandpaper to be the best way to fight acne.
2003-12-09 03:51:42 PM  
I'll tell you why some women like to pop pimples: it inflicts pain and they want to be the one to inflict on you.
2003-12-09 04:14:15 PM  
My girlfriend has popped zits and attempted to pick my nose.
2003-12-09 05:13:58 PM  
Thank god I'm not the only one, enkafan. My wife is the only woman I've ever been with who's a "groomer."
2003-12-09 06:15:31 PM  
Ya'll know some freaky women.
2003-12-09 06:35:45 PM  
2003-12-09 06:35:56 PM  
Ahhhh! Do not GIS for "acne." Ahhhh!

P.S. Your wives and girlfriends are all stank hoes.
2003-12-09 06:36:25 PM  
I like how they inserted an ad for women's home journal in the middle of the zit popping goodness.
2003-12-09 06:36:30 PM  

I am one of those women you speak of. I cannot STAND the zit material (and it's not much) that acrues on the back of my man. It's just nasty.

(However, I do cross the line at getting angry for him popping his own zits, nor do I try to pick his nose.)
2003-12-09 06:36:49 PM  
double *barf*

2003-12-09 06:37:12 PM  
I think I do it becuse I've never had pimples, so it's a novelty. That and my husband gets zits so massive it looks like he's about to sprout a 2nd head, and I can't stand looking at them.
2003-12-09 06:37:36 PM  
this is gonna be one sick ass thread.

grabbing popcorn
2003-12-09 06:37:51 PM  
Oh my god! I'm not alone in the grooming thing! IT'S NOT JUST ME!
2003-12-09 06:38:15 PM  
Disgusting. Do not allow anyone else to pick your zits. Just typing the previous sentence made me shudder. Just wash frequently, wear clean clothes, and if that doesn't eliminate the zits, seek help from a dermatologist. And dump that sick, sick biatch.
2003-12-09 06:38:27 PM  
How dumb are people if they need a how-to guide to explain how to pop a zit?

... And I'm familiar with women who quite enjoy doing this to others and they terrify me. Luckily, now that I'm past my teens, they have little reason to pick at me anymore. Woo.
2003-12-09 06:38:34 PM  
does one stop when they see blood, or just keep a-squeezin... that could explain the festering wound on my cheek. huzzah for puberty.
2003-12-09 06:38:48 PM  
I prefer to leave mine on the mirror, or shoot someone with them. I don't get them very often though. My wife loves to pop my bacne, too. I get it worst on my thighs and butt. The long hours in the cube seem to do it.
2003-12-09 06:38:51 PM  
My girlfriend has popped zits and attempted to pick my nose.

I've attempted to pick all of my ex-girlfriends' noses at one time or another. Note the "ex".

When I'm drunk, I'm even worse...
2003-12-09 06:39:01 PM  
If you hit your buddy in the face with a dodgeball, his giant nose zit may explode on impact.
2003-12-09 06:40:23 PM  
That article is totally bogus. There is no mention whatsoever about using a Shop-Vac.
2003-12-09 06:40:36 PM  
Someone post a John balushi pic with Bluto saying "I'M A ZIT!"
2003-12-09 06:40:37 PM  
Saw this on
2003-12-09 06:41:19 PM  
Can someone please post an article specific to the "ass pimple"?

I think there's a different technique for ass zits and an article from MSN Women would really help out.

/shifting uncomfortably in my chair
2003-12-09 06:41:42 PM  
You can pick your boyfriends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your boyfriend's nose.
2003-12-09 06:42:07 PM  
unsubscribe, unsubscribe!

this thread needs to be lawked.

2003-12-09 06:43:19 PM  
wish i would have read this years ago, now UV pictures reveal terrible scars all over my face..........god damnit.
2003-12-09 06:43:34 PM  
Did anybody else misread "pimple?"


Because I read it as "nipple"
2003-12-09 06:44:31 PM  
I was not aware that i am a woman, i try to pop my wifes zits. but she usualy just says stop, and it ruins my afternoon.
2003-12-09 06:44:32 PM  
my wife also is a groomer. she says it is some kinda perverse thing. plus she can't sand to see the nasty ones that grow on my back sometimes
2003-12-09 06:44:35 PM  
Yes, but does your girlfriend pick her nose and wipe it on you? That's dedication. Every guy who has lived in close quarters with a girl knows that girls can be much grosser in body function (noise, size, amount, smell, viscousity, color). My farts and boogers pale in comparison to she who wields the cheeks of death.
2003-12-09 06:44:47 PM  
by the by, this is why blankman warned against a GIS of acne (quite possibly nsfw). how does a person let themselves get this bad? you'd think after it turned slightly yellow he'd invest in some clearasil or something, but black? yecch...
2003-12-09 06:44:55 PM  
TDS: sounds like an adult-onset case of what we used to call "Dorm Butt"...
2003-12-09 06:45:05 PM  

Invader Zim

You rock :)
2003-12-09 06:45:21 PM  
it is all of you who have the problem and i will not endorse it.
2003-12-09 06:45:32 PM  
Wow. Today I learned something about humanity that I DID NOT want to know.

Thank you Fark!
2003-12-09 06:46:12 PM  
enkafan et al

Add me and mine and several people who love to zit pop.

What is better than popping zits (im pretty zit free)?

Getting blackheads!!

What is better than getting blackheads, getting whiteheads around your nose otherwise known as sebum.

Nothing gets me going like a good Bjore strip and then seeing my giant clean pores.

Oh yes Here is tool for larger zits

its called a "comedome" or "comedone" extractor available at walgreens. Here is a pic.

[image from too old to be available]

See that hole is for squishy things out.

/i also like to pick ingrown hairs.
2003-12-09 06:46:24 PM  
If your wives and girlfriends absolutely MUST choose to squeeze a painful swelling until white goo shoots out of it, tell them you have a better idea of which one they ought to try.
2003-12-09 06:46:36 PM  
I'll admit I love to pop my boyfriend's zits. There's something nice about "grooming" him. I stop if he bleeds and I will NEVER try to pick his nose. *That's* just gross. (Winces at the double-standard, then calms down because it's in HER favor.)
2003-12-09 06:46:56 PM  
Yes! I'm so glad to hear that other guys' girlfriends pop their zits. My girlfriend is a bit obsessive about this sometimes and it seems always to the most inapropriate moments....We should start a support group!

Hello, my name is Josh and my girlfriend squeezes my pimples...

2003-12-09 06:48:05 PM  
Ass zits are usually ingrown hairs. Those require tweezers and a stronger stomach. I try to get mine before my vise-grip wielding wife notices them.
2003-12-09 06:48:35 PM  
Good timing, I have a zit on my EYELID! No kidding. If I had a digital camera I'd show you.
2003-12-09 06:48:38 PM  
Anyone see Osmosis Jones?
2003-12-09 06:48:42 PM  
The fact that there are women out there who might need step-by-step instructions to manage squeezing a pimple is pretty depressing. We allow these people to /vote/? Psh..
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