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(KOAT Albuquerque)   You can now visit Belgium and spend the night in the world's largest colon. So can your Mom. Wait, how is that possible?   ( koat.com) divider line
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2012-12-15 11:28:31 PM  
That blows.
2012-12-15 11:29:18 PM  
Hotel CasAnus

2012-12-15 11:44:54 PM  
The anus is remarkable.
2012-12-16 12:25:33 AM  
"Visitors to the Hotel CasAnus in Belgium will spend the night in one of the human body's filthiest organs."

Psh, maybe yours ... mine positively sparkles.
2012-12-16 12:26:25 AM  
The oil appears not to have hit the anus.
2012-12-16 12:47:55 AM  
I've spent the night in worse holes.

/just saying
2012-12-16 12:53:49 AM  
What is the maximum capacity? DA? TA? QA?
2012-12-16 01:15:48 AM  

jimmyego: The oil appears not to have hit the anus.

Yes, but (snert) what happens when it does?
2012-12-16 01:17:12 AM  
I take it that when you leave people tell you that you look like you were just born out of the wrong hole.
2012-12-16 01:22:42 AM  
2012-12-16 01:25:46 AM  
It can't be that surprising Subby, especially if you have spent any time at all in the politics tab's threads.

\\I GIS'd for head up ass, and the 4th result was "congressman_steve_king.jpg"
2012-12-16 01:26:21 AM  
damn, unfetchable.. =(

danaloeschradio.comView Full Size
2012-12-16 01:29:05 AM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2012-12-16 01:35:01 AM  
2012-12-16 01:36:12 AM  
The article didn't load for me. What did load was an update on a typhoon that's killed a thousand people. With a picture of an anus-looking typhoon, oddly enough.

2012-12-16 01:37:38 AM  
Been there.
Overpriced; room service was shiatty, and Klee Irwin was working the night desk.
2012-12-16 01:38:27 AM  
Ever visit Colombia, Subby? There's a bigger Colon there.
2012-12-16 01:39:54 AM  
No Asinine tag?
2012-12-16 01:45:17 AM  
The Super Anus motel chain isn't all it's cracked up to be
2012-12-16 01:45:59 AM  
I bought an old hotel like that once. Looked like crap. It was a real sphincter-upper.
2012-12-16 01:52:04 AM  
I wonder if you could see goats on the property.
2012-12-16 01:53:00 AM  

there their theyre: I wonder if you could see goats on the property.

Question is, could the goats see you?
2012-12-16 01:56:01 AM  
Stupid Flanders. What an asshole!
2012-12-16 01:58:41 AM  
What do you expect from the culture that gave the world two world wars?

Thanks for nothing.
2012-12-16 02:00:53 AM  
To make the world's largest cologne, I need 1 fresh ginger...

cinemastrikesback.comView Full Size
2012-12-16 02:02:28 AM  
Have an enegmatic trip.
2012-12-16 02:08:41 AM  
I stayed in a hotel like that once, but it was still under renovation, so at that point it was merely a semicolon.
2012-12-16 02:12:53 AM  
You're not thinking 4-dimensionally, Subby.

Obviously Mom's a tesseract. Observe:
2012-12-16 02:13:47 AM  

Smirky the Wonder Chimp: You're not thinking 4-dimensionally, Subby.

Obviously Mom's a tesseract. Observe:

Damn. Fark hates my link, so...

2012-12-16 02:15:59 AM  
Wouldn't you get a more authentic experience if they moved the door?

dvdmedia.ign.comView Full Size

/hot like a Stealth Mom Joke
2012-12-16 02:27:36 AM  
koat.comView Full Size

Holy shiat!
2012-12-16 02:28:15 AM  

Insatiable Jesus: To make the world's largest cologne, I need 1 fresh ginger...

[www.cinemastrikesback.com image 435x273]

Rachel Hurd-Wood in that too. So damn cute.
2012-12-16 02:35:31 AM  

Uchiha_Cycliste: Holy shiat!

Why...why would anybody build that? It's kind of like a car wreck type of deal where you can't stop staring.
2012-12-16 02:38:31 AM  
They should have taken a step further by adding a "mi casanus es su casanus" neon sign......
2012-12-16 02:50:52 AM  
media.tumblr.comView Full Size

I'd like to get in there and find some answers.
2012-12-16 03:31:35 AM  
2012-12-16 03:41:31 AM  
Fun fact: The Mutter Museum contains the colon from a man who had only one bowel movement per month.
2012-12-16 03:46:31 AM  
I'm glad they specified it's modeled on a HUMAN colon.
2012-12-16 04:11:41 AM  
Why do I need to go there, when I've got this wonderful thread?
2012-12-16 07:40:06 AM  
Log cabin?
2012-12-16 07:44:25 AM  

McStubbins: Log cabin?

2012-12-16 08:13:59 AM  

Even reverse cowgirls get the blues: Wouldn't you get a more authentic experience if they moved the door?

That's exactly what I was thinking.
2012-12-16 08:49:44 AM  
I envision a series of doors which open and close to the theme music of "GET SMART"
2012-12-16 09:07:10 AM  
So that's what happened to the Colon Cafe.

coolidea.ruView Full Size

/Had a gut feeling it'd turn up somewhere.
2012-12-16 09:41:02 AM  

WordsnCollision: So that's what happened to the Colon Cafe.

/Had a gut feeling it'd turn up somewhere.

Are those warts really necessary?
2012-12-16 09:41:11 AM  
Subby has been nominated for a Rory for The Most Gratuitous Use of the Word "Belgium" in a FARK headline.
2012-12-16 01:14:21 PM  
Colon-packed fun facts

Belgians are famed for their enormous colons, packed with pastries and pommes frites.

The Colon Hotel was a botched attempt to build an Airstream(TM). They did such a bad job they can't be sued.

Belgium invented the so-called French Fry. Like Southerners, Belgians and the French often eat them with mayonnaise.

Red Meat is one of the bestest and weirdest cartoon strips ever although Max Cannon appears to be unable to draw anything.

Thomas Jefferson was the first President to serve French fries in the White House, the Frenchified Black Bastard Monger.

It's true, there is a bigger Colon in Columbia. It is named after Christopher Colon, who fled Europe because everybody laughed at him, and not just because of his stupid name.

One half of all South Park episodes involve something obnoxious going into or coming out of Cartman's colon. You can trust this factoid because it is freshly made up.
2012-12-16 01:15:37 PM  
And let's not forget our friend, the semi-colon. ; )
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