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(AsiaOne)   NASA is just hours away from launching probes into the face of the Moon. This is not a repeat from 1902 Hollywood   ( asiaone.com) divider line
    More: Interesting, NASA, Space Agency, tallest mountains, rocky planet  
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2012-12-15 07:48:42 AM  
Nasa throwing out trash is news?
2012-12-15 07:51:46 AM  
It's definitely not a repeat since Subby apparently has no clue where Georges Méliès came from. He must have not seen Hugo.
2012-12-15 07:53:47 AM  
Attacking another alien base I see.
2012-12-15 07:57:03 AM  
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2012-12-15 08:00:09 AM  
The fact that the probes are named Ebb and Flow makes me smile.
2012-12-15 08:16:57 AM  
2012-12-15 08:18:32 AM  

2012-12-15 08:36:30 AM  
More like 1902 France.
2012-12-15 08:38:47 AM  
I read that as something dirty.
2012-12-15 09:20:35 AM  
Those aren't probes. They're harpoons.

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2012-12-15 09:20:48 AM  

Teetotaler: It's definitely not a repeat since Subby apparently has no clue where Georges Méliès came from. He must have not seen Hugo.

Came here to say this. Damn you are dumb, subby.
2012-12-15 09:22:43 AM  
I know it has been said here many times before.

Why is it that almost every paragraph is made up of only one sentence.

Even as a non-writer I can form a coherent paragraph of 3-5 sentences.

It's not like you're even getting a bunch of extra site clicks, for chrissakes.

Quotations do not necessarily have to be their own paragraph either.

You simply use a comma, "then an open quotation mark, any punctuation included in the quotation, and a close quotation mark."

Do they seriously get paid to write like this?
2012-12-15 09:35:24 AM  

styckx: Nasa throwing out trash is news?

Your an astronaut?
2012-12-15 10:24:31 AM  
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That'll show em you don't mess with God's America
2012-12-15 10:42:05 AM  
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2012-12-15 10:55:20 AM  
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2012-12-15 11:07:05 AM  
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"When you are the moon, there is a person people say is the sun. I saw the sun once, and he came past me, really fast. And it was an, it was called, the, an eclipse. And he came fast! But as he came past, I, I licked his back. [sticks out tongue] And he doesn't know I licked his back! All in his yellow suit!... I'm the moon."
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