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2012-12-12 05:00:32 PM  
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the Coffee Mill gun of the civil war predated the gatling by about half a year. And the BAR and Lewis Gun were the first two light portable machine guns and they were valuable. As other earlier noted, what about the MP43/StG44. What about the Sharpes repeating carbine and the later guns modeled after it (revolutionized rifle's worldwide and cavalry tactics. It won the US Gettysburg and Cold Harbor). Also what about the Mauser 98 used from 1898-1945 (models 98A's in the beginning till the 98K's of WW2). The AR-15/AR-10's (original variant, not the later modified ones used in Nam) were revolutionary as well as the modern day IWI TAR-21 assault rifle, considered the best modern assault rifle on the market and the best bulpub by a large margin. Also the belgian P90 PDW is also revolutionary with its top loading bulpub design. And don't forget the Calico Helicon Magazine guns that they are suing the chinese for patent violations. This article is very suspect
2012-12-12 01:43:28 PM  
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upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

World's first assault rifle. Meriwether Lewis used this to impress upon the aboriginals the benefits of being our friend, rather than our enemy.
2012-12-12 01:41:57 PM  
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Sybarite: Seems like the Brown Bess would deserve a spot considering its importance to the military success of history's largest empire.

I'd generalize it to the flintlock, not just Brown Bess.

Flintlocks were the height of firearms technology for 200 years. They allowed a person to keep a loaded, primed, ready to fire gun without the dead giveaway of smoldering match and without the delicate mechanism and expense of a wheellock. They were also more effective in the rain than they get credit for: With a little bit of forethought you can shoot a flintlock in all but the worse downpours, something you couldn't do with either a matchlock or a wheellock.

Hell, just this last Saturday, I spent all morning hunting with my flintlock in a light rain. Yet the gun went *BOOM* when I fired it.

So yeah, the flintlock absolutely should have been on that list. It should *TOP* that list, because all of the wars fought between 1650 and 1850 were fought with them.
2012-12-12 01:31:45 PM  
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GAT_00: Seriously? Only one gun before Gatling guns? No Arquebus? Sharps Rifle? First muzzle loaders? First breech loaders?

GAT_00: Seriously? Only one gun before Gatling guns? No Arquebus? Sharps Rifle? First muzzle loaders? First breech loaders?

How about the Kentucky rifle? Being the first mass produced rifled barrel is a pretty big deal.
2012-12-12 01:00:19 PM  
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Seriously? Only one gun before Gatling guns? No Arquebus? Sharps Rifle? First muzzle loaders? First breech loaders?
2012-12-12 11:33:32 AM  
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"Browning's other lasting contribution to weaponry..."

Author needs to be punched in the face for inferring Browning only gave us two good ideas.
2012-12-12 11:28:52 AM  
1 vote:
Complete list fail for missing the Sturmgewehr 44.
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