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2012-12-09 12:38:47 PM  
And dirty old man in Matt Smith's first full episode as the Doctor.
2012-12-09 01:46:27 PM  
Those pics show the light-hearted whimsy he was famous for.
2012-12-09 02:33:05 PM  
He was a better Bond than Sean Connery.
I mean, he was a better captain than Kirk.
2012-12-09 02:33:10 PM  
Aw, I thought he'd live forever :(
2012-12-09 02:38:51 PM  
who wears a monocle?
2012-12-09 02:44:08 PM  
Good riddance.
2012-12-09 02:49:51 PM  
2012-12-09 02:54:48 PM  

Spanky_McFarksalot: who wears a monocle?

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2012-12-09 02:56:16 PM  
It's been on the news all afternoon here, very sad. I've been watching The Sky At Night since I was a kid, it won't be the same without him. His autobiography is a good read - he doesn't edit his thoughts.

He passed away surrounded by friends and his cat, Ptolemy. Not a bad way to go, at least there wasn't a coachload of screaming passengers.
2012-12-09 02:58:17 PM  
Speaking on his 88th birthday last year, the legendary broadcaster said: "I shan't have a funeral. They can take my bits and use them for experiments and chuck the rest away. In my will I've left a sum of money to have a party when I've gone. The rest of my fortune will go to my beloved Mr. Winky"

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/Mr. Winky demands tuna and a Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy

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2012-12-09 03:00:09 PM  
He's also the Monopoly guy.

/Thanks for the free parking.
2012-12-09 03:01:43 PM  
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Are we sure he didn't just go back to Vogon?

/Ah crap, I love The Sky At Night. Hope the Beeb keeps it on.
2012-12-09 03:58:38 PM  

swahnhennessy: Good riddance.

2012-12-09 04:00:37 PM  
Goodnight you crazy xylophonist.
2012-12-09 04:46:17 PM  

Spanky_McFarksalot: who wears a monocle?

People who have bad vision in one eye, but perfect vision in the other.

I'd actually been thinking about this recently and I assume what we now do for those people is what I do (I'm nearly blind in one eye and nearsighted in the other): get glasses made with a prescription in one lens and an unscripted (plain) lens in the other.
2012-12-09 05:16:01 PM  
RIP stargazing man...
2012-12-09 05:36:57 PM  
who wears a monocle?

I do, occasionally. I wear contacts when I foxhunt, and I can't read at all with the contacts. So if I have to open a combo lock on a gate while hunting, I hop off the horse, pull the Monocle out of my vest pocket and pop it in one eye so I can see the lock numbers. Quite handy. Quite.

/Good night, star man
2012-12-09 06:52:37 PM  
In the first photo he looks like a character in that Dana Carvey movie about the 'master of disguise'.
2012-12-09 07:11:07 PM  

Spanky_McFarksalot: who wears a monocle?

People with one bad eye?
2012-12-09 07:26:36 PM  
I can't believe he was only 89. He's the reason I love astronomy.

2012-12-09 08:02:44 PM  
Roger Ruskin Spear

2012-12-09 10:43:49 PM  

Purple_Jack: Goodnight you crazy xylophonist.

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2012-12-09 11:26:54 PM  
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/RIP Unintentionally funny man
2012-12-10 12:13:21 AM  
I was always a big fan of Patrick Moore. He got me interested in astronomy over 25 years ago. Really sad he passed on. The Sky at Night will not be the same.
2012-12-10 02:12:15 AM  
I guess my signed copy of BANG! The Complete History of the Universe ( both May and Moore) just became a little more collectable.
2012-12-10 08:00:57 AM  
I met him once, long ago. Polite chap. Hopefully not a person of interest in Operation Yewtree.

/used to enjoy the double entendres he did on Gamesmaster. He probably had no idea.
2012-12-10 01:18:36 PM  
Goodbye Gamesmaster.
2012-12-10 04:13:46 PM  
First Neil and now him :'(
2012-12-10 07:04:42 PM  
Has anyone completed his Caldwell Catalog of non-Messier DSOs?
2012-12-10 11:52:21 PM  

E_Henry_Thripshaws_Disease: Roger Ruskin Spear


Not to the Bonzo fans....

"I used to be a 9 stone weakling, now I am two separate gorillas!"

/good night star guy, god speed....
2012-12-11 01:04:52 AM  

NEPAman: Has anyone completed his Caldwell Catalog of non-Messier DSOs?

The Caldwell Catalogue isn't particularly one of the better-thought-out observing projects, unfortunately. It requires a good deal of international travel, due to the fact that it contains objects pretty near both celestial poles, and some of the selections are ridiculous for a project designed to be intermediate between the Messier Catalogue and the Herschel 400 list (IC 405? IC 1613? The Cave Nebula? Definitely not objects for neophytes.) There's a lot of speculation that Moore simply chose famous and/or photogenic objects, with little regard for their visual-observing qualities, and that he compiled an observing list just to sell books (which I doubt, personally).

Probably not the best place for a lengthy discussion of the merits of the Caldwell Catalogue (which is a source of major contention in amateur astronomy circles), though. I'll say that I've seen almost all of the Caldwells through number 81--the ones visible from my latitude--although I haven't been working on them as the Caldwell list per se; many I've picked up working on the two Herschel lists, or just casually as objects of great interest.

As of April 5th of this year, 23 people registered by the Astronomical League had observed all 109 Caldwells, and a further 200 or so had observed at least 70--that's observers in the US, as the AL covers primarily American observers. The list of 23 finishers includes some of the "biggest names" in amateur astronomy in America. Had the AL's Caldwell program been around when I started observing those objects, I'd probably be among the 200-odd group.

Here's an interesting account of one guy's quest to finish the Caldwells:

2012-12-11 01:07:18 AM  
By the way, that's not to bash Moore, who was a pretty amazing guy in many respects and did an incredible amount for amateur (and professional) astronomy.

\nor is it to gloss over his faults
2012-12-12 02:32:22 PM  

StrikitRich: Spanky_McFarksalot: who wears a monocle?

People with one bad eye?

According to his bio he was hit in the eye with a cricket ball.
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