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(Some Natural Health Guy)   Obamacare is dooming integrative medicine, EVERYBODY PAN... wait, "integrative medicine" is the new name for "homeopathy"? I mean, HOORAY   ( divider line
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2012-12-10 06:05:19 PM  

BolivarShagnasty: NewportBarGuy: So, this is how Democracy dies?

I wanted to be ripped off by some dude calling himself a doctor and selling me vitamins for $300 a pop :(

Damn you Fartbama!

Isn't that what hospitals do?

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2012-12-10 06:33:29 PM  

natawheee: I take low dose naltrexone for natawheee: Yes. That is what Naltrexone is used for. Have you ever read what it can do in low doses? There have been actual clinical trials for low dose naltrexone for IBD at Penn State and the lead doctor now works for NIH. This isn't just a bunch of hocus pocus. It works and I'm living proof. You should read the science behind what LDN can do. It's very interesting and I'm glad to have found out about it. It turned things around for me in days.

Go to pubmed and search for naltrexone and ibd.

You people that make fun of this but don't have an autoimmune condition can suck my anus. I'm better now and my immune system isn't suppressed. I have energy to lead a productive life and I don't get sick anymore.

That is really interesting.

2012-12-10 10:01:35 PM  

Seequinn: Isildur: I value PBS and the good things it does, which is why it really bugs me that the network lately gives airtime to some quack health guru types (along with other motivational speakers like that Orman) hawking their platitudes and feel-good pseudoscience to glassy-eyed audiences raptly nodding along. Ugh.

Examples Please? That sounds more like your local station selling extra air time than something approved by PBS directly.

The level varies by station, but it's no means restricted to a few scattered stations. (My local station, since you mention it, is New York's WNET 13.)

Examples: Deepak Chopra, Daniel Amen, Mark Hyman, Wayne Dyer ( link), Gary Null, etc.

Or take a look at this page:
"Each week on Body & Soul we take a close look at the very latest ideas on how the mind and body can work together for our optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Take a look inside this site and you will find opinions from leading experts on alternative therapies as well as people whose lives have been changed by a reading from a medical intuitive, a visit to a naturopath, or experiencing the ancient healing art of Reiki.

"Just click here for a list of Body & Soul programs and don't forget to watch for us Monday-Friday at 7:00pm and 8:30pm on PBS YOU. Be well!"


This is promotion of misinformation, not education, and PBS shouldn't be involved in it.
2012-12-10 10:09:35 PM  

Gunther: At least homeopathy doesn't have the potential to cause lasting harm to someone.

If someone turns to that instead of real medicine? (And many people DO.) That absolutely can cause lasting harm.
2012-12-11 10:48:43 AM  
In case anyone else cares, the elderly lady I was taking care of did die.

Of the flu.

/Anti-vaxxers suck.
2012-12-11 02:39:31 PM  

lake_huron: In case anyone else cares, the elderly lady I was taking care of did die.

Of the flu.

/Anti-vaxxers suck.

2012-12-11 03:02:56 PM  

lake_huron: In case anyone else cares, the elderly lady I was taking care of did die.

Of the flu.

/Anti-vaxxers suck.

Sorry to hear.

/got my flu shot a few weeks ago
2012-12-11 05:45:43 PM  

Raharu: DeathByGeekSquad: Raharu: Good.

It's quack medicine.

Actually, good treatments sometimes get categorized as alternative because specific associations would rather take lobby funds than promote health. Specifically, Neurofeedback has long struggled to gain acceptance (but it's gaining), because the Psychiatric community - despite many studies showing excellent results - has shunned it in favor of prescription medication.

It's really a shame, because Neurofeedback - unlike snake oil - actually does work, and has the scientific research to prove it.



Neurotherapy-also called neurofeedback and EEG neurofeedback-is a form of behavior modification that uses electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback technology to increase voluntary control over the amplitude and pattern of various brain wave frequencies. Proponents claim that modifying brain wave patterns is effective against anxiety reactions, mood disorders, substance abuse, attention deficit disorders and various other mental and emotional problems. Research shows that brain wave activity can be altered through various forms of biofeedback. However, a comprehensive review has concluded that none of these claims is supported by well-designed studies [20,21].


That list also includes EMDR, which has several supporting studies.

Perhaps you shouldn't go searching around on sites that actively push the mindset that the specific alternative treatments are 'quack'. If I went to a birther site, or a truther site, I'm sure I could find all sorts of wonderful trumped up quotes to support a specific viewpoint.
2012-12-11 07:34:19 PM  
Thanks GilRuiz1, Isildur.

This gal was, as I mentioned, elderly with cancer. Overall, she wasn't going to do well anyway.

The other lady is still struggling. They had to stick tubes directly in her aorta to keep her blood flowing.

2012-12-11 09:39:41 PM  

Isildur: Gary Null,

Here's even a lesson plan for grade school teachers that provides a link to the website of mega-supplement hawker Gary Null:
2012-12-12 03:34:51 AM  

FunkOut: Yes, homeopathy is a hoax which means massage never works and you can eat buckets of any herb you want without having any effect.

I take are missing details about homeopathy.

Sensible people understand that herbs can have pharmacological effects. Sensible people also understand that more of something will have a stronger effect.

Homeopathy got the first part, but reversed the second and added "but you have to energize the resulting dilute solution by whacking it against a special board". Go on, look it up.

Take out that last bit, and it's herbology, not homeopathy.
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