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(CBC)   What's this world coming to when you can't rent out your garden shed to the homeless and their dogs. In other news: Extension cords are fire hazards to only the homeless   ( cbc.ca) divider line
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2012-12-08 06:36:36 PM  
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I see subby knows fark all about electricity...
2012-12-09 01:25:41 PM  
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Fleming described the small building as "a standard type of metal garden shed that you'd get at your local hardware store. It certainly doesn't look like a place for people to be living in."

To The Escape Zeppelin

They weren't homeless until the city kicked them out of their rental. It's clearly better that they wander the street than live in sub par housing.

A lady I know had an old travel trailer on her property that had been unused for years. So when a couple of guys she knew became homeless, she let them stay in it. They were doing day labor plus had construction skills, so they were able to work now and then and were trying to get on their feet. They ran a heavy duty extension cord from her house to the trailer. Knowing about electricity, they used it mainly for lighting, alternating the loads between that and a hot plate. Mostly they cooked outside with an old BBQ with they fueled with the ample dried branches of the many oak trees about.

They ran a hose from her house for water. She let them use her bathroom. They didn't pay rent, but helped her out with the power bill, did repairs for her around her old house, even ran electrical wires to power a window a/c unit someone gave her.

Her house, BTW, was an old wooden one, built some time in the early 50's. She was on Social Security Income. (Meaning darn little.) Also food stamps.

The two guys scavenged for food also, getting things like day old bagels the bagel shop was throwing out, harvesting wilted vegetables from grocery store dumpsters, using the local Poor Pantries when they could.

They shared it all with her. They also fished when they could in the local river.

It was, IMO, a workable symbiotic relationship. They protected her from the many nuts in the neighborhood and fixed things her slumlord landlord wouldn't and she gave them shelter. When winter came, she often let them inside her home, where they slept in her living room. Too risky to run an electric heater in the trailer. Plus the house's electrical system was old.

Eventually, someone from the city observed this and promptly stepped in and told her to get rid of them or provide them with adequate, safe living accommodations, plus they pointed out that it was illegal for a trailer to be lived in on her half acre lot. (Here, to live outside a mobile home park, on land you own, with an anchored mobile home up to spec's, you needed 5 acres. The local leaders decided that ages ago. Just as land values were starting to rise.)

She could face fines of a couple of hundred dollars a day. She had to get rid of the trailer also, since it was considered uninhabitable.

Apparently, it's considered fine for the homeless to be kicked out of structures not up to code and go live in cardboard boxes, abandoned, rotting houses, abandoned buildings, in tents in patches of woods or the very few, very under funded local homeless shelters where the residents will rob and steal from each other than to do as these guys were: living quietly, saving money to get an apartment and working as often as they could plus helping out their benefactor in ways the state and her landlord wouldn't.

So, they moved into the main house for a time and hauled the old trailer to the dumps. Eventually they had to find somewhere else to live because the landlord, noting the additional people INSIDE his property, started demanding higher rent.

He never cared if they lived in the old trailer.

So, when they left, the lady lost a lot of free help which she needed. Plus, with the guys gone, things started vanishing from her yard and home.

In times of economic crisis, governing bodies tend to loose all common sense and compassion. Better for the poor to live in dirt than some place not up to code.

BTW. In my town, if abandoned buildings are discovered to have a homeless group living in them, the city tears them down. Including digging up the foundation.
They also do not contribute to the homeless shelter which has been fighting for years to stay open and to make itself safer.
2012-12-08 09:56:43 PM  
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Fleming said that with winter approaching and overnight temperatures dipping below freezing, the electrical cord would be a potential fire hazard and it's been getting very cold.

You know what would be better than sleeping outside in below freezing temperatures? Sleeping in a metal shed with an electric heater in below freezing temperatures.
2012-12-08 07:09:26 PM  
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Iit really does seem like our government goes out of it's way to kick people when they're down on some fronts.
There's a point where the almighty dollar needs to step aside, and let basic human compassion lead or find a better solution to the issue at hand. Or, at least use turning a blind eye as a tool for humanity rather than corruption..
2012-12-08 06:50:27 PM  
1 vote:
They weren't homeless until the city kicked them out of their rental. It's clearly better that they wander the street than live in sub par housing.
2012-12-08 06:44:01 PM  
1 vote:
"she was charging rent of $200 per month

If they are paying rent on a place to stay, are they still homeless?
2012-12-08 06:34:44 PM  
1 vote:
What's the world coming to, when we can't get two people to spell to too well.
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