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(Georgia Institute of Technology)   Georgia Tech researchers use squirrels to teach robots how to lie. In other news, squirrels are notorious liars   ( gatech.edu) divider line
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2012-12-08 12:14:56 PM  
We have our own Fark pic? Huh.
2012-12-08 02:31:18 PM  
Deceptive robots, you say?

media.comicvine.comView Full Size

Yeah. that'll end well.
2012-12-08 02:48:41 PM  
One of the consultants:

fc00.deviantart.netView Full Size
2012-12-08 03:38:09 PM  
A squirrel once conned me out of my life savings.
2012-12-08 04:10:13 PM  
Squirrels are also suicidal, at least in my neighborhood.
2012-12-08 05:50:54 PM  
Squirrels do not like big butts.
2012-12-08 05:55:04 PM  
i4.ytimg.comView Full Size
2012-12-08 05:55:29 PM  

Mister Peejay: Squirrels do not like big butts.

....which means that they can lie. Astounding!
2012-12-08 06:08:25 PM  
hardcoregaming101.netView Full Size


2012-12-08 06:26:27 PM  
I briefly read that as something about robot squirrels.

We used to joke about the TI plant having robot squirrels for security. Sounds like a poor joke but they had a Patriot battery during the first gulf war.
2012-12-08 06:48:00 PM  
I read that as "teach robots how to die" and was ready for a dusty room full of stories of robots and squirrels peacefully wuzzling off.
2012-12-08 07:54:31 PM  
Don't believe anything a squirrel tells you about his nuts.

They're not nearly as big as that.
2012-12-08 08:54:49 PM  
I sense a relevant application in the time-share industry.

/ hard to resist a cute little robot squirrel
2012-12-08 09:01:32 PM  
They have the balls to lie.
2012-12-08 11:32:39 PM  

Last Man on Earth: [hardcoregaming101.net image 300x300]


Came for this, but thought there was a good chance I'd be disappointed.
2012-12-09 01:06:07 AM  
This is a BAD idea. Doesn't anybody remember why Asimov's 3 laws of robotics existed? To prevent SkyNet.
2012-12-09 06:55:07 AM  
Turns out they were actually weasels. They lied on the application.
2012-12-09 08:28:10 AM  

acohn: This is a BAD idea. Doesn't anybody remember why Asimov's 3 laws of robotics existed? To prevent SkyNet.

Remember that the 3 Laws were built into the positronic circuitry, it had nothing to do with programming. In order to get to that point, you have to know how robots can be deceptive and then build the circuitry incapable of perfomring those functions.
2012-12-09 02:28:25 PM  
Circuitry/hardware *has* to be programmed to do anything with input signals. That's the role of embedded controllers, ROM, etc.
2012-12-10 08:50:34 AM  
They will have robots wondering if they left the gas on
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