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(Gizmag)   Reason number 3102 that graphene is awesome. If you put it in a cork like structure, it's lighter then air, electrically conductive, flexible, and can hold 50,000 times its own weight   ( gizmag.com) divider line
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2012-12-08 03:26:42 PM  
I think subby meant that first it's lighter, then it's air.
2012-12-08 03:29:42 PM  

paswa17: You're not fooling me, Subby. Something lighter than air is effectively weightless. How can it hold 50,000 times its weight? You can't divide by zero, idiot.

Hey everyone! An idiot is calling an idiot an idiot on the Internet!
2012-12-10 08:26:29 AM  

HindiDiscoMonster: Egoy3k: HindiDiscoMonster: It seems to be easily crushable, so... this doesn't look like it could be used as a structural material... beyond the novel features like electrical conductivity and thermal insulation and resistance to permanent deformation... what could it be used for?

Steel is easily deformable (relative to it's strength) too, that's why engineers like it so much. Not shattering without warning is a desirable property.

oh I get that... I just mean it seems that this substance is quickly becoming the holy grail of materials science, and I have read (probably on phys.org) that it is super strong just like carbon fiber... but even when making something out of carbon fiber they typically use fiberglass as a backing for structure... which leads me to... if it is so strong, then why can't it hold structure without some kind of backing material... seems kind of odd to me unless there is something I am just not getting about the "strength" of this material.

There are a lot of different factors that go into "strength", 2 big differences are tensile (basically pulling) and compressive (basically squeezing) stress. Some materials are very strong in compression but have essentially zero tensile strength (un-reinforced concrete, rocks), some materials are strong in both (steel has almost the same compressive and tensile strength, and both are relatively high), and some materials have a mixture (most wood is stronger in tension than compression, but unlike concrete it will resist both types of stress).

Of course there are also factors like hardness/brittleness. Generally the harder something is, the more inclined it is to shatter. Glass is an obvious example of a material that is very very hard, however it breaks very easily. Steel alloys can control hardness very precisely, which is another amazing thing about the material. Too much carbon and the steel will be very very hard (resistant to denting) but will shatter rather than flex.

So there likely won't ever be a single "super material" that has all the properties we want, because depending on the application we may desire something that is stronger in one area, at the cost of strength in another area. Carbon fibre is made by weaving fibers together, and the fibers individually have an amazingly high tensile strength, however like most fiber they tend to bend and flex because they are thin. In order to be useful (for any kind of panel at least) carbon fiber has to be made more rigid, which requires providing a backing for the fiber-weave.

And none of this even touches on shear strength, bending, deflection, conductivity (both thermal and electric), or corrosion-resistance. All of which are important material properties depending on the specific application.
2012-12-10 11:50:10 AM  
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I can has this in the slow zone?
2012-12-10 03:21:04 PM  

Mentalpatient87: Quantum Apostrophe: Oh do tell me what you think, your "thought" processes are very valuable to me!

I think this is a little too easy. One of these times I'm gonna throw you into a two-page froth with a mere punctuation mark, I swear. It's fun to watch you gnash your teeth and flail like a toddler having a tantrum, but I worry it's giving you gray hairs.

I really have to wonder (even more, now) if his schtick is one big troll (bizarre as the effort invested would seem). The alternative (given the evidence above) is that there actually exists a person who loathes the average Geek tab discussion, yet forces himself to thoroughly read through each and every Geek tab thread to catch any oblique reference to himself. It's not like you included in your post any obvious search term like his name or even just "QA".
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