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(USA Today)   Surplus gone, deficit returns   ( divider line
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2001-11-22 12:01:55 AM  
We had a surplus once? Woah!
2001-11-22 12:02:35 AM  
Nope, didn't see this coming, No sir, not at all...

2001-11-22 12:03:36 AM  
The "Tax cut" was the worst idea in the history of man. Thank you.
2001-11-22 12:08:19 AM  
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, just like you said 3horn
2001-11-22 12:12:22 AM  
"Surprise, surprise, surprise!"
2001-11-22 12:13:34 AM  
Does this mean they want their $600 bucks back??
2001-11-22 12:18:14 AM  
JOHNDX: You lucky dog. I only got $300 for the destruction of my Social Security.
2001-11-22 12:24:20 AM  
JHC people.. It is OUR money. We earned it, the Government did not. Personally, I like every tax cut I can get. Why can't the government do without once in awhile? I vote for deeper tax cuts. In fact everyone should pay the same percentage in taxes. Why penalize someone for being successful at what they do?
2001-11-22 12:25:33 AM  
News Flash! Hindsight remains 20/20!

Our government spends money, often times poorly. Simple concept. If you don't like it, and don't feel like trying to change it, don't waste your time with meaningless whining--renounce your citizenship and get the FARK out.
2001-11-22 12:29:06 AM  
Oh yeah...take the tax refund back. I wonder how 3horn and Fb will pay for their prostitutes now...
2001-11-22 12:33:12 AM  
Of course, it's not like the government actually needs any money!
2001-11-22 12:46:34 AM  
Figures, what with Dubya blowing cash right and left. I don't think those airline companies should have been bailed out like that. I mean, if they'd tightened security to begin with, before this started...!

Who saw tonight's South Park?
2001-11-22 12:53:34 AM  
Hate to break it to ya, folks, but technically we never did have a surplus. There are several government trust funds, Social Security being the most widely-known one, which Congress considers to be general revenue and are therefore calculated in to mask the actual size of the deficit. And yes, Virginia, the Social Security trust fund exists on paper only. As far as actual cash, it was burned a long time ago. What we pay into SS every two weeks is paid out the first of every month to the seniors. Social Security will collapse within twenty-five years. Count on it. I am, and I expect that I will never see one penny of the money I've paid into it(Congress' promises be da*ned).
2001-11-22 01:00:01 AM  
Guess it's time to open an IRA...those are still around, aren't they? I know my husband's like "We should be saving for retirement" and I guess I shouldn't blow him off...kinda hard to care when you're only gonna be 29 in a few months, ya know?
2001-11-22 01:05:12 AM  
Dammit! Forget this. We need to call Clinton out of retirement... Get in here and fix this crap Bill...
2001-11-22 01:09:52 AM  
LadyAlexa: Right there with you; I'll be 30 next month, and I'm thinking the same thing. Looks like those Roth IRAs are the way to go - no taxes on the principal and earnings at withdrawl time! I'm certainly willing to pay the tax man now to save money later.

Lograin: A flat tax is a great idea, but the politicians in D.C. will never pass it because it takes away too much social engineering power from them. I would still like to see it, though.
2001-11-22 01:12:20 AM  
Cause: American economy takes a dip

Effect: Canada surrenders!

The canadian dollar is so very crappy right now. Why can't all of north america have a single currency?
2001-11-22 01:12:43 AM  
Ah, once again the sweet stench of Reganomics is in the air! Makes me pine for the bygone days of S&L bail-outs.
2001-11-22 01:16:12 AM  
"I know my husband's like "We should be saving for retirement" and I guess I shouldn't blow him off.."

Yeah, in fact you should.

2001-11-22 01:20:41 AM  
You lucky dog. I only got $300 for the destruction of my Social Security.

HAW! HAW! HAW! If your depending on the 1% of gains you get from social security then your a farking moron. Even my stocks that have gone down over the past year (Not one dot bomb stock) beats social security by 10%.
2001-11-22 01:24:02 AM  
LadyAlexa: "South Park" can be much more intellectual than most people give it credit for. Tonight's was a good example.

It's too bad there isn't an Ebay auction to run America for a day, instead of FARK. Oh wait, our government already goes to the highest bidder...
2001-11-22 01:35:37 AM  
Blitzoid North America does have one currency, the US Dollar. You can use it in Canada and Mexico.
Can you use pesos or "loonies" in most of America?
Hell no
2001-11-22 01:38:29 AM  
MrBrown sez that the future is a lie and we should live for the day.
Example 101: 401 K
Lots of people (I didn't say most, but...) lost a lot of money when stocks went down so hard. Most people get the best tax reduction (less taxes at the end of the year to pay for your payroll taxes) when a percentage of their paycheck goes to buy stock in their copmany (tax free). When the company's stock goes to shiate, thats months and even years of deductions out of their paychecks that went completely away. That money is GONE!
That's how the man convices you to "support the comany and your job". Now the fat cats with big salaries, tax lawyers and massive deductible avenues are just swimming along and you jst got screwed.
I don't want to hear "we're all in it together!".
That's just another lesson in Capitalism and "You got screw...AND YOU DESERVE IT!".
2001-11-22 01:53:16 AM  
Surplus gone, deficit returns
Welcome to the club.
2001-11-22 02:00:59 AM  
That tax cut ruled, because I'll be getting more of my hard-earned bucks back next year than ever before. Those who pine for the days of President Fellatio seem to forget that mambo tax hike he rammed down our financial throats in '94, which almost singlehandedly cost his cronies Congress.

Wanna biatch at someone about the economy? Do what those farkheads did in '93...blame their predecessors (with an assist from the soon to be late Asshola bin Dover). Folks seem to forget that the economy was still flagging before '94, when a certain party took the House for the first time in 40 years and actually balanced the budget, resulting in public confidence that almost triped the stock market. Yeah, the Dems tried to take credit for it, but if the public they perceived as being so stupid had actually bought that bullcrap, Al Snore would have won easily last year.
2001-11-22 02:22:17 AM  
I don't know why this is labeled "scarry" for christs sake we have lived with a defficit since the early 60's. The last 3 years were the only few with a surplus. And for those of you who were all ecited about your tax "rebate" worrie not, that will be counted as income for this year and will be accounted for, by you. Basically it was just a way to get people spending so that te economy gets better. Whoa scarry defficit don't hurt me! ohhhhhhh nooo. Please.
2001-11-22 02:23:00 AM  
Has anyone else noticed that with those crap reganomics, unemployment jumped to 10 percent. Now after Bush's tax cut, our surplus is gone, and unemployments climbed to over 5 percent, and its still going up...

The republicans said they were "givving back", when were actually losing it all...
2001-11-22 02:26:59 AM  
Well duh. Who didn't see this coming a year ago?
2001-11-22 02:33:40 AM  
Unemployment was just below that figure in 1980 and crested the following year, when Brothuh Jimmy's budget was still in effect. They really COULD blame their predecessors!

"Democrats who opposed Bush's tax cuts have not suggested repealing them..."

Now why wouldn't they want to get rid of such a foolish thing as a tax cut? Could it be....YES, it's an election year! Make the common putzes think we love 'em, then tax their asses off in '03!!
2001-11-22 02:38:58 AM  
Income tax sucks ass.

2001-11-22 02:44:07 AM  
Good link (seen it before) and a great concept, but we'd never get enough of the DC fatasses to go for it. Too many of them are busy wrecking incentive by socking it to those who get ahead to give to nonproducers and buy their votes.

"Progressive" tax code...what a crock of shiat.
2001-11-22 02:49:25 AM  
Terrorists Win ...U.S. economy enters 30 year slump but hey ,at least gas prices are still cheap (.94 a gallon unleaded here in OH) , at least for now.

- imagining himself homeless and destitute at 90 years of age along with the rest of the boomers, thank you Republicans
2001-11-22 02:53:07 AM  
30 year slump?

Hey, Thunder puts the "butt" in "rebuttal!!
2001-11-22 03:12:14 AM  
Here in good ol' Lawrenceville, GA (it's near Atlanta), I just filled up my tank on 85 cents a gallon! Cheap gas rules!!!
2001-11-22 03:29:57 AM  
No such luck in Donkeycrat-dominated Washington (state). Lowest price in the Seattle area is still only $1.28, thanks to the kindhearted governor and state house/senate, which have given us the highest gas taxes in the country.
2001-11-22 03:41:15 AM  
wow. I am really surprised.....NOT.
Like father like son. Maybe if we send an intern to give him a hummer things will look up.
2001-11-22 03:42:57 AM  
Freddy- I'm paying $1.68 per gallon in my neighborhood in Seattle!!! You're gettin' it cheap, you lucky dog!
2001-11-22 03:50:21 AM  
Pericles, in the future, please refrain from comparing Fb- and myself, everyone knows that he's the blow-hard conservative, so I must be the suck-up liberal (yeah, sure...).

Besides, if I were to spend my money on a prostitute, it would cost sonsiderably more than $300.00, unless of course I was back in the Navy and visiting Thailand....Ahh...Good ole' Sabailand, home of the "foamy"....

2001-11-22 03:57:37 AM  
85 CENTS in Texas if anyone cares
2001-11-22 04:38:09 AM  
All proper tea is best (for any of you that have manners and a basic grounding in anarcho-political humour).
2001-11-22 05:02:02 AM  
What the government needs to do is cut back on spending on the military. There's a whole crapperload of coin to be saved there.
2001-11-22 05:27:30 AM  
Actually our politicians need to stop spending it on themselves, 300 dollar shower rods and 500 dollar shiat buckets for their "modest" homes.
2001-11-22 05:27:58 AM  
Fancy Dinners.
2001-11-22 05:40:20 AM  
Down with big government!
2001-11-22 06:08:35 AM  
Just gotta love all those stupid farks voting a bunch of farks into government, and then blaming that government for everything that happens to their sorry little asses!
2001-11-22 06:12:49 AM  
There never WAS a surplus.
2001-11-22 06:52:23 AM  
Stop whinging about petrol prices in the States for Christ's sake. Honestly, you American motorists don't know you're born...
2001-11-22 08:20:24 AM  
Great. You all are acting so much like the french.
2001-11-22 08:31:07 AM  
Asshola bin Dover

tehe....made me giggle like a school girl
2001-11-22 08:34:57 AM  
the counter says 48 then refreshed. all 48 seem to have a better than adverage grasp of the problem even allowing for the differences in opinion re solution. therefore it is our duty to follow the the rule of "tell two". if each of us would tell two who would then tell two ....... if nothing else the problem would be well out in the open and the ensuing debate would (one hopes) produce a plan of action. if nothing else shining the spotlight of public opnion on the way we spend our money, both public and private, might get more consisitent results. note i didn't say better - define better.
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