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(Keloland)   Huron, South Dakota to motorists: Get out of the car and step away from the breakfast sandwich   ( keloland.com) divider line
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2012-12-06 01:48:40 PM  
2 votes:
According to the law, you can get a ticket for any distraction if it causes you to swerve, run a stop sign or drive in some other unsafe manner.

I am 100% okay with this.

So if you get pulled over for swerving, running a stop sign or otherwise driving in an unsafe manner, and the cop observes that you were eating in the car which might have caused you to do said swerving or driving unsafely, you get the additional ticket. GOOD! This will ensure the nutjob who almost hit me because she was eating soup in her car (I kid you not) will get that extra ticket.

If you can't eat an Egg McMuffin without swerving all over the road, there's something wrong with you.
2012-12-06 08:30:46 PM  
1 vote:

Nem Wan: Keeve: I hope the law is better written than the article. So eating pizza is ok as long as it DOESN'T affect your driving, and burgers, breakfast cereal, lobster thermidor, etc. are always ok? Check

If it doesn't affect your driving, it's not a problem. Some people multitask better than others. Some people check visibility and traffic before deciding to do something. Some people are organized and can find everything with one hand without taking their eyes off the road. Other people idiots who shouldn't be driving even if they give it their full attention.

Tell that to the court when you get arrested after a few beers
2012-12-06 02:01:14 PM  
1 vote:
One of the worst ones I saw, I was driving in stop-and-go traffic, and I looked over, and there was a woman in an Expedition (I'm driving a Corolla, so its nothing more than a speed bump to her) and eating a plate of pancakes. She had the plate balanced on top of the steering wheel with her right hand, a fork in her left (who's driving this car???), and she was hunched over the wheel to keep from getting syrup on her outfit.

That said, I don't have a problem with eating "portable" food, e,g, a cookie, apple, etc. while driving, but when you are having a catered 7-course meal delivered to your steering wheel, someone needs to stop you.
2012-12-06 01:56:55 PM  
1 vote:
Can we start ticketing people who made an obvious boo-boo? Like the ultra-mega-super-turbo-moran this morning trying to get off the GW Pkwy (southbound, for those of you in the Arlington/Alexandria areas) onto 395-N from the CENTER lane. For those of you unfamiliar - this is one of those "on-ramp from 395-S to GWP-S is the off-ramp from GWP-S to 395-N, so she was not only blocking people attempting to continue south on the GWP, she was preventing people like me from getting from 395 to the parkway. And this during the morning commute.

It should be legal for me to put a sparkler in her gas tank.
2012-12-06 01:39:17 PM  
1 vote:

hobnail: I was following some dumbfark this weekend, on a four lane divided surface street (Highway 55 in Golden Valley for Twin Cities Farkers). I noticed 4 geese moseying across the road ahead of us, blocking the entire left lane, and started slowing down, assuming that the car in front of me would slow down-- nobody wants to hit a big Canada goose, let alone 4, they will destroy your radiator among other things.

The guy never even touched his brakes. I can only think that he was looking at his phone (we had just left a stop light so there weren't any cars in front of us). 3 of the geese got out of the way in time but the 4th was not so lucky. I'm sure it died eventually but it was dragging itself around in a circle and suffering horribly.

Then, of course, the dumbfark panicked and hit his brakes, probably thinking WTF did I just hit, and not knowing what to do . Eventually he pulled off into a turn lane to figure out what had happened.

Moral of the story? Keep your eyes on the damn road! And if you do hit something, don't stop in the middle of the road, pull over to where it's safe.

/not so CSB
//yes, I am mad

My bad.... I dropped my McRib when I hit the goose and smeared the sauce on my screen. Kinda freaked me out. Do you KNOW how much LifeProofTM cost?

///didn't smear my screen
2012-12-06 12:44:24 PM  
1 vote:
Good, hope it goes through and every other state follows suit
2012-12-06 12:44:11 PM  
1 vote:
What happened to you South Dakota, you used to be cool.
2012-12-06 12:37:40 PM  
1 vote:
And tens of people were affected.
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