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(Daily Mail)   New breath test diagnoses colon cancer. Your ass wants a Tic Tac   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
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2012-12-05 03:16:27 PM  
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Exxcuse me, sir. Would you have a mint? Perhaps some Binaca?
2012-12-05 07:13:18 PM  
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basemetal: Gives new meaning to your breath smells like ass.

Fun story: one time when I was a kid something happened that made my burps smell like farts. I had fun burping in friends' faces and watching their reaction. It only lasted a day or two and I got better.

Looking back it seems I might have had an impacted bowel or something.

2012-12-05 07:04:11 PM  
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They have all kinds of great tests out there. Good luck getting your doctor to order it, the lab to own it, or your insurance to pay for it. There're tons of gold out there, too; access to it is another thing altogether.
2012-12-05 06:56:41 PM  
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My Most Favorite Post In The World (and relevant to this thread):

About half an hour ago, I farted. Sitting at my computer as I do most of the time, this is something I've grown used to. But this fart really farking stank. Seriously, it was like eleven dead animals with shiat mixed in. I was sick and tired of having farts smell so terrible. But did I do what the sensible person would do, get up and wait for it to disperse, perhaps taking with me the resolution to change my diet to better influence my smells? No, I did not. I took what I consider to be the alternate route.

I stuck a mint up my ass.

I figured that since it dissolves in saliva, my ass would serve a fair job of dissolving it, thus lining my colon with a nice minty extract and making my farts the kind that girls would like to make out with. Somewhere along the line however, I did not work out how the mint would be absorbed into the walls.

Anyway, around 20 minutes passed, and I had to fart again. Being of a scientific mind, I decided this would be where to prove or disprove my hypothesis, so I let her rip.

Oh God. It wasn't a fart, it was a farking butt sneeze.

The mint had dissolved, that much was clear. But what was left was spearmint jelly mixed with shiat, and it was all over my boxers and running down my leg as I ran to the bathroom. I cleaned up my boxers as best I could, scrubbed my leg, and tossed the underwear into the wash. So overall an embarassing experience, and one I wouldn't want to relive.

However, it was worth noting:
That shiat jelly smelled farking awesome.
2012-12-05 03:05:19 PM  
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trivial use of my dark powers: The article seems to be saying it only detects bowel cancer, so it's worthless for screening and prevention, meaning it's pretty much useless for colon cancer.

Bowel cancer and colon cancer are the same thing.
The ability to detect a cancer is the same thing as screening for cancer.

But you're right, a method to detect/screen for bowel/colon/colorectal cancer does nothing to prevent it from occurring in the first place. However detecting it early (and subsequent treatment) sure does a hell of a lot to prevent it from getting worse, which is kinda the point.
2012-12-05 02:51:06 PM  
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homelessdude: lennavan: Said to be 76 per cent accurate at identifying tumours
So it's worthless. 

Yeah, and I would be that number comes from the people who invented it as well. Which makes it even less than worthless - it is a scam.

[uploads.neatorama.com image 200x120]

The number comes from actual decent science. They really did a good job and drew the correct conclusions. It's not a scam. I have no idea if you need access but here it is: Link

But there's a reason this is in a wildly specific journal hardly anyone reads rather than the top journal in the land. Let me assure you, if we could replace shoving a camera up your ass every year with a simple breath test, that would be huge in the science community.

76% is worthless because it gets you nowhere. If you take this test and it says you're fine, you wouldn't bother getting the camera shoved up your ass. Without the camera up your ass, 1/4 of people might think they're doing just fine when really they have colon cancer. That's bad.

The idea this group has is great. I would say they proved the principle that you can possibly have a cancer breathlyzer. But a better marker(s) needs to be found to get that 76% number up and a larger more relevant population needs to be tested. The authors say all of this in the paper.

It's hardly snake oil.
2012-12-05 02:36:46 PM  
1 vote:

lennavan: Said to be 76 per cent accurate at identifying tumours
So it's worthless.


Yeah, and I would be that number comes from the people who invented it as well. Which makes it even less than worthless - it is a scam.

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