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2012-12-05 12:26:41 PM  
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Considering the news is usually full of 'baby momma's' and 'baby daddies', followed by long infomercial-like commercials where this guy begs/demands we contribute to feeding the children of some nation where they pop them out like rabbits and the assorted clips of religious folks determined to start their own armies by producing them one at a time, I would not consider this a major crisis.

Every children's welfare agency seems to be swamped nearly to the point of failure, while we get reports of child soldiers in every third rate army in nearly every third world nation.

We've been battling over various forms of birth control for decades with mixed results while Modern Science has extended the average adult lifespan considerably. It's OK for assorted terrorist groups to suicide bomb in cities and wipe out kids along with civilians -- a thing I first noticed in the IRA, but legal abortion clinics are still under fire and still in demand.

On the other hand, such a condition is not surprising, considering that within the last 300 years, a short span for the human race, we've managed to pollute the entire globe and more than tripled the population.

Since WW2, we've detonated more than 1000 nuclear bombs in 'tests' and increased the background radiation dramatically. Companies are forever developing new, lethal chemicals, which somehow always manage to escape and get into the environment, poisoning the ground, air and water basically for decades.

Then, as the technology explodes and the populations boom, we consume more and more resources in smaller and smaller areas -- essentially turning our 'nests' into garbage dumps. Also a breeding ground for new and interesting variants of diseases which have become resistant to medications.

It did surprise me the first time I heard of people biatching that residents in a housing complex insisted on peeing in the elevators. Others commented on the scent of human waste that seemed to permeate assorted major cities and I started understanding why some folks removed their outside shoes in a 'mud' room before entering their homes in general.

As a previous FARK-er said, the reproductive system is actually most delicate in humans. There's a whole mass of things which can affect it -- especially the build up of assorted chemicals in the body absorbed from the environment.

For over 3 decades, folks have been raising heck over the environment and making changes to protect it -- while other folks are finding ways to use and destroy it. Stop the wide spread use of Mercury here, and then that little war over there uses depleted uranium shells, blows the heck out of everything, drops millions of gallons of military fuels, lubricants and explosive compounds all over the place and cuts back on the gains made elsewhere.

Globally, we loose on the average one major ship a week -- or day. Most ships carry hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel and oils, not to mention assorted toxic cargos. That all winds up under the sea.

Then folks start wondering why some fish populations are diminishing or so full of chemicals that they basically glow in the dark.

Currently, I know of no spot on the globe that has not been touched by pollution.

So, a report about lowering sperm counts doesn't surprise me. I'm just surprised that reports about increased birth defects and born morons haven't gone up.

Turning the place where you live into a toxic dump is never a bright idea. Sooner or later, nasty things are going to happen to the local population.
2012-12-05 12:01:26 PM  
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Red_Fox: Marcintosh: the reproductive is the most delicate and of the reproductive system, you guess it, sperm is the most delicate of all.

That's not true, the ovum is FAR more difficult. They can make sperm in a lab already. Eggs, not a damn chance.

I heard on a recent Science Weekly podcast that it's possible---not easy, but theoretically possible---to make sperm from a woman's skin cells (+ some stuff effectively returns those skin cells into stem cells).

Skin cells --> stem cells --> sperm.

The same podcast mentioned that the reason humans can't asexually reproduce is that the sperm encodes the information to create the placenta. No placenta, no fetus.
2012-12-05 10:51:07 AM  
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News Flash: sperm counts dropping worldwide; not influenced by brie consumption.
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