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(MSN)   Bon Temps authorities find proof that Bill was behind the destruction of the Tru:Blood plants   ( divider line
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2012-12-03 02:49:24 PM  
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Freakman: It's artillery propellant, so it's not the stuff that makes the artillery round explode. It's the stuff that explodes inside the artillery tube to push the artillery round downrange. It burns fast and hot but doesn't create an explosion in the traditional sense. If this stuff went off, it would cause a huge, bright fire but not much else. Great for arson, not so great for blowing up Tru:Blood plants.

/artillery officer

What the hell kind of farking idiot "artillery officer" are you? It's motherfarking NITROCELLULOSE you dolt; it's not rocket fuel, it's a detonating propellant! The shiat is more powerful than blackpowder, and is the same stuff used as primer in centerfire casings, which is what I suspect this stuff was: the former shell centerpin firing fuses, the detonators that make the rounds launch. It's not a 'constant' fuel, it's a spontaneous detonator, and a rather shock-sensitive one at that! This isn't TNT we're talking about here-- you can whack that with a hammer and it won't go off. No, this is what they used to use in the caps in old-school cap guns.

Will Nitrocellulose burn without necessarily detonating? Sure. But you set it off with a spark and they'll never find your parts.
They evac'd the town for damned good reason.
2012-12-03 12:05:41 PM  
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Rich Cream: So purchasing wasn't informed that inventory had already been filled? Were they producing it but there was no place to send it? To keep the contract and employees going? It's a former ammunition plant being leased, so the explosives are left over from previous company? If the new company produces explosives also why wasn't that mentioned?

If'n its anything like the plant that 'sploded near my hometown, they are not manufacturing artillery shells, but "demilitarizing" them. We have a crapton of arty munitions laying around from ww2 and korea that has outlived its shelf life. So they find a dumb enough contractor and pay them, say, $1.00 a boxcar load to disassemble the ammo and dispose of the components. Most of the time the components are reloaded into new shells and sold to the civilian market, at least with small arms stuff. Other stuff is recycled for component materials (copper and brass) and explosives are safely disposed of or sold to mining operations and such.

What got these guys in trouble is taking gubmint money without a proper disposal site for the munitions components. Dangerous stuff backed up faster than they could get rid of it. And don't even ask how much of that nitrocellulose walked off the property and into someone's basement 'in case of emergency".
2012-12-03 10:55:38 AM  
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I have no idea what any of this headline means and am too tired to find Jackie Chan.
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