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(MSNBC)   NBC has been riding high in the ratings this season, thanks in large part to Sunday Night Football. Well, it was nice while it lasted, NBC. For the tens of fans who still care, Philly vs Dallas, 8:20 PM   ( nbcsports.msnbc.com) divider line
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2012-12-02 10:03:02 PM  
2 votes:
Oh fark you Costa, "if they didn't have a gun, they would be alive today", bullshiat. If that asshat wanted to kill his gf, he didn't need a gun.
2012-12-02 10:02:58 PM  
2 votes:

witchofthedogs: Ugh. Bob. Really?

No he's right, I don't want to shoot him anymore. He's convinced me, he should be beaten to death with a hammer.
2012-12-02 07:41:40 PM  
2 votes:
imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-12-02 11:26:55 PM  
1 vote:

Di Atribe: nvmac: Di is now happy.

Damn straight I am! I almost missed it because I figured I'd go tuck in the Spawn while the Eagles had the ball. Luckily, she asked for a glass of water & I came back out front juuuuuuuuuuuust in time to see it! Good Spawn.

She was actually trying to subconsciously warn you about the aliens.

/swing away, Merrill
2012-12-02 11:00:46 PM  
1 vote:

Bunny Deville: Earguy: The Bestest: Earguy: So, they're trying to train to the test

that's.. what I took away from that as well

Yeah, sort of like practicing saying the alphabet backwards so you can do it during a sobriety test.

If they're having to retrain his eyes to track correctly, he's not playing football anymore.

He'll be enjoying the rest of his life eating tapioca pudding at the Shady Acres nursing home.

Maybe he'll need a seeing eye dog?
2012-12-02 10:37:18 PM  
1 vote:

irishman4: Earguy: NSFW Commercial, Link

y u no post picture direct in thread no more

I haven't posted pics direct in thread for years. This is a sports discussion thread after all, and the pics clog up the cue and piss off (drive away) other farkers who don't appreciate it. While it's a fun diversion during the commercials, this isn't a boobies thread.

May I suggest, if you're on Firefox, that you get the plug-in Thumbnail Zoom Plus? Hover your pointer, and the pic pops up. No new tabs or anything. Chrome has a similar add-on, I forget what it's called.
2012-12-02 10:29:40 PM  
1 vote:
For all the crap Romo takes, I hope people remember games like these. For the Cowboys to win, Romo has to carry the whole team because he gets no help from the defense.
2012-12-02 10:26:59 PM  
1 vote:

Russ Feingold's Brass Balls: you are a puppet: Russ Feingold's Brass Balls: Philly fans: "Lashawn who?"

Well even Lesean Mccoy probably says Lashawn who.

So I misspelled his name. Sorry.

On another topic, hey, Al and Cris, if the Eagles OLine is so bad, how come Bryce Brown is gashing the Cowboys the way he is?

Because, Dallas.
2012-12-02 10:25:59 PM  
1 vote:

muck4doo: mediablitz: muck4doo: He didn't hint. He said if there were no guns, this would have never happened. Hence, the comments about his derp.

How do you shoot someone with a gun, if guns don't exist?

Shaddup and go cheer for the raiders, colts, 49ers, or whoever it is you are a fan of today.

Well he's obviously not a Raiders fan or he would know how to shoot someone, even if guns didn't exist.
2012-12-02 10:13:10 PM  
1 vote:
Like breaking Aikman's TD record means anything. Romo still hasn't even made a Super Bowl.
2012-12-02 10:09:03 PM  
1 vote:
Ok douchebags, game is back on.
2012-12-02 10:06:35 PM  
1 vote:
Bob, if people didnt have cars we wouldn't have all those highway fatalities. Bob is right. Ban cars and guns. What a moron.
2012-12-02 10:06:23 PM  
1 vote:
So I guess Nicole Brown Simpson is still alive then?
2012-12-02 10:05:57 PM  
1 vote:
True story. Before guns, murder never happened.
2012-12-02 10:04:08 PM  
1 vote:

Politics Tab ----------------------->
2012-12-02 10:03:40 PM  
1 vote:
Bob lost me when he said "Jason Whitlock"
2012-12-02 10:00:05 PM  
1 vote:
Hey Packer fans! I hope we're all good after beating the Bears for you guys today....after all that replacement ref thing...

/Hawks fan
2012-12-02 09:57:25 PM  
1 vote:

GypsyJoker: ongbok: vermicious k'nid: Boy, Romo dodged a bullet dumping Jessica Simpson huh?

Dodged a bullet? That's an understatement. He is like the guy who left town on vacation the day before Nagasaki got bombed.

You heard about the guy who was bombed in both Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Unluckiest dude ever?

Nope, he lived.

Unluckiest dude ever.
2012-12-02 09:56:12 PM  
1 vote:
I wonder if you could psyche out an opposing kicker by playing a montage of missed putts on the jumbotron. "...and with the tap-in...OH! ...and with this easy three-footer for the lead...oh, my! ...looks like it's rolling right in, wait it broke to the left, he didn't see that!"
2012-12-02 09:53:45 PM  
1 vote:
How does a guy named "Henery" NOT wear #8?
2012-12-02 09:41:32 PM  
1 vote:
Two minute warning!! Link


2012-12-02 09:32:40 PM  
1 vote:

libranoelrose: What's wrong with the Cowboys?

Its December.
2012-12-02 09:24:48 PM  
1 vote:

KiwDaWabbit: Earguy:

You're the only one who is making any damn sense in this entire thread.

I am a man of science. Link
2012-12-02 09:21:16 PM  
1 vote:

Tis the season and all. Link
2012-12-02 09:15:56 PM  
1 vote:
Commercial. Again. Link

2012-12-02 09:10:47 PM  
1 vote:
Commercial. Surprise, surprise! Link

2012-12-02 09:10:31 PM  
1 vote:
Those Hyundai parents piss me off only because they're cool.
2012-12-02 09:06:32 PM  
1 vote:

7th Son of a 7th Son: Earguy: divgradcurl: Primitive Screwhead: Lt. Cheese Weasel: Marcus Aurelius: Lt. Cheese Weasel: divgradcurl: eh, anne margaret, nevermind the derp

[imageshack.us image 400x500]


I see your Anne Margaret and raise you a Jill St. Jogn.

[ultimatejamesbond.files.wordpress.com image 450x645]

I call your Jil St John and raise you again with a Liz:

[i36.photobucket.com image 300x449]

well that escalated quickly... please proceed.

[www.alleewillis.com image 550x380]


Looks more like Elizabeth Montgomery.

Oh, they did that too.

4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size

2012-12-02 09:02:29 PM  
1 vote:
Commercial. Hot Christmas pictures. Got it. Link
2012-12-02 08:48:34 PM  
1 vote:

bionicjoe: This game is gonna suck.
Let's just post hot Christmas themed photos. I'll go first.

[3.bp.blogspot.com image 469x600]

C'mon, you kidding? Link

/waiting for commercial breaks, this is a football viewing thread.
2012-12-02 08:46:17 PM  
1 vote:

Primitive Screwhead: Was that Motörhead?

Indeed. "Ace of Spades."
2012-12-02 08:45:36 PM  
1 vote:
Was that Motörhead?
2012-12-02 08:31:20 PM  
1 vote:
Wait. did I miss Faith Hill???

This is where we all enjoy Faith Hill's intro:

ritesofpatches.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

musicrow.comView Full Size

cmt.comView Full Size

img524.imageshack.usView Full Size

i49.tinypic.comView Full Size

acctop20.comView Full Size

blog.fooyoh.comView Full Size

farm6.static.flickr.comView Full Size

farm7.staticflickr.comView Full Size

mustang.orgView Full Size

sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.netView Full Size

4.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2012-12-02 08:26:20 PM  
1 vote:
So happy they used a Joan jett song for the theme, hope she gets kicked a few bucks when they use it.
2012-12-02 08:25:42 PM  
1 vote:
Why did NBC have to ruin a great thing?

Can we please get more Faith Hill in ex-girlfriend* boots and a lot less A.J. Hawk?

2012-12-02 08:23:46 PM  
1 vote:
No hooker boots? I has a sad.
2012-12-02 08:20:24 PM  
1 vote:

you are a puppet: So Brady Quinn was courageous then, Dan?

Anybody under center for the Chiefs is courageous.
2012-12-02 07:51:31 PM  
1 vote:
What purpose does Bob Costas serve in these Sunday Night broadcasts?

You've got the studio team with Dungy and whatnot. You've got the broadcast team in the booth.

...and Costas? The have to fly his preening ass to every game just to set up stupid interviews?

What a damn waste.
2012-12-02 07:48:08 PM  
1 vote:

Electriclectic: There are no sweeter tears in the NFL than Cowboys tears. While I would never wish you farkers ill, my coworkers on the other hand...

I dunno, Pats tears are pretty damn sweet.
2012-12-02 07:35:48 PM  
1 vote:

Brontes: When will they replace Romo!?

The New York Jets would take Tony Romo in a second if he ever became available.
2012-12-02 07:30:59 PM  
1 vote:
Seems odd to me that Marv is calling this Bengals/Chargers game.
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