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2012-12-01 10:07:52 AM  
Goodnight, Gummy Clan.
2012-12-01 10:22:58 AM  
Say it ain't so, Joe.
2012-12-01 10:28:59 AM  
Dad: You got beat by a mere girl?
Bazooka Joe: But dad, girls aren't as mere as they used to be.

Not so much funny, but I remember that comic opening up a new world of language for me. Back then, grammar wasn't abused like that in kids' literature.
2012-12-01 10:48:11 AM  
and digital codes that can be used to unlock online content

fark whoever came up with that. IN THE ASS.
2012-12-01 11:09:10 AM  
First Twinkies, now this? Woe is me.
2012-12-01 11:18:52 AM  
Old news is exciting! Submitted this days ago and it was redlit.
2012-12-01 11:27:49 AM  

UNAUTHORIZED FINGER: cretinbob: [paradiseleased.files.wordpress.com image 240x290] 
RIP Bazooka Joe

Nice reference! My nephew is a trombone player in high school, so we made him a bazooka out of PVC pipe. Great tone, limited range.

I still kick myself for not buying one I saw in an antique store years ago

flamesofwar.comView Full Size
2012-12-01 11:29:26 AM  
Every year around Passover, the supermarket carries Bazooka gum from Israel, because its made with cane sugar instead of HFCS. Naturally, the comics are in Hebrew, and just as humorous as they are in English.
2012-12-01 11:29:27 AM  
So when culture has purged all the little cheesy things in favor of hip, edgy things, will little cheesy things be cool again?
2012-12-01 11:49:24 AM  
Instead, the new design will feature "saturated hues like fuchsia and yellow."

Because nothing says "bazooka" like the color fuchsia.
2012-12-01 12:59:24 PM  
I still miss Seven-Up candy bars, even after all these years.

/still refuses to drink 7up
//because of them buying up and then killing the candy bar
2012-12-01 01:02:59 PM  

CipollinaFan: What's the point of buying Bazooka Joe now?

Perhaps you have some molars that need to be chipped?
2012-12-01 01:24:50 PM  
I came here to make a joke about the gum being made of stone, but I see it's been covered. For those who didn't enjoy the sensation of chewing through solid granite:

aerojockey.comView Full Size
2012-12-01 01:34:54 PM  

cretinbob: Makh: Were they ever funny or interesting?

When you are an 8 year old, yes.

I'm not sure I thought they were funny even when I was eight. But then, that was sort of the appeal--the gum was hard as a rock and the comic wasn't funny, but there was a certain cynical comfort in knowing Bazooka gum was always consistently and reliably bad.
2012-12-01 02:01:17 PM  
Even as a child of the sixties, I never thought they were funny, just lame.
2012-12-01 02:06:41 PM  
Yeah, the stuff was hard as a rock, but it was cheap. I can't remember if the Bazooka Joes were a penny or a nickel a crack though. I remember there was a Corner Store (that was it's actual name) a little ways from the school where they had bags of candy and gum for 50 cents some for 1 that would have the appropriate amount of penny or nickel candy in them. There was Bazooka Joe, Fortune Gum, individual sticks of gum that had a silly fortune in them and the wrapper had an Asian motif. There was Laffy Taffy (that shiat was hard as a rock), the various flavored chews that were basically flavored Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, cigarette gum, jawbreakers, and those ridiculously huge jawbreakers that would take you a week to finish.

/if you kept the gum and laffy taffy in your pocket they eventually softened up enough to chew easily if it didn't leak out of the wrapper and stick to your pocket.
2012-12-01 02:29:00 PM  
2012-12-01 02:39:49 PM  
Mort is dead.
2012-12-01 02:43:59 PM  

aerojockey: I came here to make a joke about the gum being made of stone, but I see it's been covered. For those who didn't enjoy the sensation of chewing through solid granite:

[www.aerojockey.com image 560x396]

The grape flavored one tasted oh-so-delicious though
2012-12-01 02:59:40 PM  
Toshiro Mifune's Letter Opener: Between this and the end of Nintendo Power magazine, I'm getting hit hard in the nostalgia.
===================================================================== = ===

Nintendo Power is ending?!?! NOO!

Oh... and bazooka Joe was still around?! I didn't even know that. Last memories I ever had of Bazooka Joe gum was eating some in peewee baseball 20 years ago.
2012-12-01 03:05:50 PM  
The comic strip was only 60 years old, but the jokes were typical of popular humour in the period from 1750 to 1940.

And I have read a Hell of a lot of cartoons. I'm serious. They remind me of very early PUNCH magazine filler (1840s onwards) and jestbooks from before the Civil War in the US and UK. Heavy on puns and dumb literalism (seen above).

They were ancient groaners when I learned to read. Any person old enough to chew gum found Bazooka Joe jokes lamer than your Aunt Tilly's dog.

Does your Mother know you are out?
2012-12-01 03:27:47 PM  

xanadian: And Hostess going the way of the dodo.


Oh lawdy, the times are a-changin'...

jake3988: Nintendo Power is ending?!?! NOO!

Sadly, yes.

There's a greenlit Fark thread about it.

The article link will take you to a pic of the last Nintendo Power magazine cover, which brings the whole thing to a nice full-circle kinda deal.
(pops, not The Final Countdown)
2012-12-01 11:13:17 PM  

Brontes: RIP Bazooka Bill

They're replacing him with a 21st-century guy, AK-47 Aidan.
2012-12-02 01:58:47 AM  
Stupid idea keep Bazooka Joe! I see s marketing rep getting fired over this soon.
2012-12-02 04:00:26 AM  

bryen: I miss candy cigarettes more. Real ones too. Why'd I quit?

You can still get candy cigarettes:

http://www.amazon.com/World-Candy-Confections-Cigarettes/dp/B001BU0J EK

They're called something lame like "Candy sticks" though...
2012-12-02 01:33:14 PM  
Make the gum better. Keep the cheesy cartoons.
2012-12-02 07:00:44 PM  
And another bit of my childhood is violated, dismembered, and left in several Dumpsters. :. (
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