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(Salon)   Justice department orders Clear Channel to divest stations; Clear Channel sells stations to itself   ( salon.com) divider line
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2001-11-22 12:04:59 AM  
FishBulb looks around for anyone who is suprised.

Didn't think so
2001-11-22 12:05:58 AM  
And people wonder why radio sucks so bad....

2001-11-22 12:18:24 AM  
1200 stations? That is a rather large amount...
2001-11-22 12:26:03 AM  
Sounds like a 1-player game of Monopoly. Clear Channel is playing with itself. :)
2001-11-22 12:34:20 AM  
It's the American way... and that's why you have Thanksgiving.

Not only did it recyce the stations more than once but probably made money doing it each time. Sell for a million and buy it back for half price when you consume the competition.

I love it... Its the Bill Gate's mamagement system!

Like the BillyG DOJ case where he will pay out a billion over 5 years to disadvantaged schools. Heck he would have paid that out philanthropically anyway. It's a freebee for Bill.

Love it!

It is "The American Way"
2001-11-22 12:36:13 AM  
That is indeed an interesting story!
2001-11-22 12:46:25 AM  
Hey, Fat Bob Smith, Happy T-day!
[image from emerchandise.com too old to be available]
2001-11-22 01:13:35 AM  
Botsuraku_Hato: I call the race car! I call the race car!!!
2001-11-22 01:22:18 AM  
Damn! Ok, I get Santa's Little Helper.
2001-11-22 01:41:06 AM  
Clear Channel has themselves in a bit of a rutt. I've been waiting for this quite a while. I'm so glad I didn't get a job with them, cause now the FCC or Congress will get ahold of them.

And BTW 1200 stations is in pretty much every market into one. Which makes it 5-10 stations per market. 7 in the Detroit market alone.
2001-11-22 01:42:32 AM  
Clear Channel must be destroyed! If you have the balls, I seriously urge you to reck a transmitter of Cheap Channel. Do something to stop this company. Radio once had meaning, now it has nothing thanks to this evil buSINsess. One the other hand, it has been said the capitalism will fall upon itself.
2001-11-22 02:03:53 AM  
rawk on, Jujusteal. Go after 'em Fight Club style.

Clear Channel can yummy down on my hairy nutsack as if they hadn't had a meal in weeks.
2001-11-22 03:05:55 AM  
If you want to hear a good station, try Triple-J in Australia. It's a non-commercial station with little government interference in the content. They play proper music, with almost no censorship or corporate bullshiat. Thanks to this station, Detachable Penis by King Missle rightfully became a top ten hit Down Under.

2001-11-22 03:07:34 AM  
Clear Channel=Evil, the Anti-Christ
2001-11-22 06:03:18 AM  
Triple J is way too weird for me... even when I was young and weird...
2001-11-22 06:15:16 AM  
You'll get a 404 with that though Doctor_X

May I suggest this?
2001-11-22 07:05:52 AM  
I live in Dallas, TX. I think Clear Channel actually owns all the stations here except the "Community" station. Farking sucks monkey nuts on a cold Tuesday in Hell.
2001-11-22 07:08:10 AM  
What I'm amazed about is how thinly they've made the shadow companies. And to be stupid (brazen?) enough to consolidate them into their own buildings to save costs. I know the FCC doesn't get much money for enforcement, but certainly someone inside the FCC noticed this before someone from Ohio came around who was just curious??
2001-11-22 08:15:12 AM  
Clear Channel owns virtually ever decent radio station in my area too. I farking hate them.
2001-11-22 08:29:43 AM  
Every decent? fark that, they own ever single FM station in America now.

They are half the reason we have payola and all this bullshiat mtv garbage jammed down our throats on radio.
2001-11-22 09:16:55 AM  
They are half the reason we have payola and all this bullshiat mtv garbage jammed down our throats on radio.

I second that fb-!

I say every decent because there is one (thank god) good station here in Southern IL that they haven't assimilated yet.
2001-11-22 09:52:30 AM  
Fb-: While I think it's true that the crap on the radio has proliferated because of the extra money doled out to make a song "populat", it's actually been going on for ages. It's just worst now because there's a bigger market today, hence more $$$ is floating arounf, increasing the ability of said stations and record companies giving us craptacular music.
2001-11-22 09:53:15 AM  
Worse, not worst. Damn turkey with salmonella is affecting my brain. Time to go to the shiatter
2001-11-22 12:12:09 PM  
Fb-, Wow. I said almost the same thing about Clear Channel in another thread a day or two ago.

*watches hell freeze over*

2001-11-22 01:10:15 PM  
2001-11-22 06:01:23 PM  
I didn't realize only a few companies owned everything. I knew radio stations all sounded the same.

I know a good radio station in st. louis was bought out by clearchannel, it went from rob zombie to elevator music. That way it didn't compete with the other toned down soccer mom music playing station the Point.

I wonder who owns k-she95.
2001-11-22 09:45:17 PM  
There is a really great radio station in Houston, KLOL, at 101.1 Good rock music station.
Several years ago a drive time show, Stevens and Pruett started. THen there was more and more talk. So much so that in the 45 minute ride to work there might be a total of 2 songs. The skits were so raunchy that you couldn't even play it at work without answering some sexual harassment claim.
About 6 months or Clear Channel bought them and the "Stevens" part quit. They added some guy called Boner and it got worse.
I guess a week or so someone at Clear Channel got fed up and fired them all. Now it is almost all music and I like it.
Any company that does that has my vote.
2001-11-23 01:58:38 AM  
I hate to be in CC's favor... But the only station in the Salem, Oregon area that actually plays Dr. Dimento is KLOO, an Albany classic rock station, that's owned by Clear Channel.

I don't like what they're doing, but I'm afraid that if CC goes down the tubes and takes their stations with them, that I'll have to wait forever to find another station with the Good Doctor on Sunday nights.
2001-11-23 04:50:26 AM  
May I suggest for those of you who want to destory CC to go to rronline.com and look up the ratings. Tell all your friends to avoid the stations that are owned by CC they're ratings will plumet (YES!!!!) and then they will all burning in hades.

It's already happened here in Detroit where 101.3 WNIC has gone from the top to 6th in little under a year because they lost the best morning guy in the business. Morons. All they had to do is fork out all that extra money they've been hiding in those other companys they own.
2001-11-23 12:12:38 PM  
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2001-11-23 12:16:40 PM  
Here's a farking newsflash folks.

Monopolies are NOT the american way. And anyone who likes the homoginzed bull crap that is fed to the american people over the airwaves is braindead or so tasteless they might as well be.

Clue 1: See GB's comment, don't like what you hear? DON'T LISTEN! get a tape player or cd player and listen to stuff that doesn't suck

Clue 2: get involved, how many of you folks remember the low power radio bill that was neutered thanks to the radio monopolies lobbying. Another newsflash is that the line of hokum they're selling about having tons of 'low quality radio' coming of it is complete BS. What we ahve now is low quality radio. I'm lucky enough to live in an area where I can get two college stations, with the exception of the one non-clear Channel owned classic rock station, it's the only worthwhile thing on the airwaves.

don't just biatch, do something about it. Boycott them, not because they make a lot of money, boy cott them because they are putting out a lame, shiatty, substandard product.
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