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(The Sun)   Woman forced to remarry husband who blinded her in horrific acid attack: "His mother paid for his release on bail. She made me sign an affidavit to have him released. She used my sons to convince me to marry him again"   ( thesun.co.uk) divider line
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2012-11-29 01:46:33 PM  
The unholy fark is that mother-in-law thinking? Lady, your kid just blinded someone with acid, why the f**k are you taking his side here?

Given what her son did, she probably comes from a family where she's nearly brainwashed, but this is a pretty damn black-and-white thing here.
2012-11-29 04:42:56 PM  

PsiChick: The unholy fark is that mother-in-law thinking? Lady, your kid just blinded someone with acid, why the f**k are you taking his side here?

Honour (sic) killings very often involve mothers killing their daughters for inexcusable behaviour like "marrying the wrong man", "dating the wrong man", "looking at the wrong man" or "refusing to marry their elderly uncle". Hooray for the religion of peace.
2012-11-29 05:18:13 PM  
*reads headline*

I bet muslims are involved in this

*reads the article*

no mention of religion, however:

"Islam is the largest religion of Bangladesh; Muslims constitute 89.5% of the population followed by Hindus who constitute 9.6%"

2012-11-30 12:54:46 AM  

Trapper439: charmbomb: This is going to sound pandering and naively American, but can I take her in? Like, sort of adopt her? I have money and a home with extra rooms. I would like to give her or someone like her a chance at education and a life... :( I see a lot of these stories... they make my heart ache.

I suspect that if the husband and the mother-in-law got even the slightest inkling that an outsider was trying to spirit her away to a better life they'd have her killed in a heartbeat. And they'd get away with it, too.

Also, look at what this woman has already sacrificed to stay in contact with her sons*. I doubt that she'd leave them behind. They're probably the only thing keeping her from suicide at this point.

Your heart is in the right place, but sadly there's nothing that any Westerner can do about this. What are we going to do? Boycott Bangladeshi exported goods? All that the place produces is natural disasters and human misery, anyway. Cut off aid to one of the poorest countries in the entire world? That won't work either.

/* I do find myself wondering if she has daughters as well, but simply didn't mention them because even she has internalised the vile misogyny that permeates this entire sorry scenario

Hey if you ever feel like slitting your wrists, google the acid survivors fund website. Seriously the only option you have is to try and make more resources for them by giving money to the fund (which I am paranoid of...)

The shiatty thing is I grew up in abusive household, and I escaped a lot of it and came out relatively normal. I know watching battered mom(s) there is very little an outside "resource" can do for someone that doesn't have it in their head that their situation is that bad. Regardless of her sons' involvement in her "decision", her mentality is literally there is not a better option than living with the person that crippled her and abuses her daily, hey, she left and came back. Putting a resource in front of her won't change her mind in her lifetime because of the cycle of comfort and fear that's been placed in her, that has also been transposed on her sons.

Being free is all in your mind. Your whole life is a jail, that's where you are comfortable. The only way to get women out of this is to remove them from the whole clusterfark.

I'm going to go drink and try and devise a plan to save the world. BRB.
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