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2012-11-28 08:13:47 PM  

Fark Rye For Many Whores: [ image 500x539]
Thirty decibels or less, you have ten seconds or less to comply.

EDs have a tendency to stomp around a lot, so I'd go with a few of these at strategic locations: 

freshinfos.comView Full Size

/I've heard the hotel serves up a great slice of cake, if you can make it to the lobby.
2012-11-28 08:53:35 PM  

cakeman: I had a affair with a married woman who booked a room for us and told her husband she was visiting her sister. It was the first time for us and I was afraid her old man was going to find us out.
We started going at it hot and heavy and the I guess we were kinda loud .Mid farking a loud banging on the door freaked me. I didn't answer it we just cowered there.It turned out that it was some group of boys on some soccer trip. They were busting balls and running around halls. It really made me paranoid and ruined my experience.

We need more details about this.
2012-11-28 09:37:14 PM  
Construct a hotel with walls that aren't paper thin.
2012-11-28 09:47:06 PM  

Jesda: Construct a hotel with walls that aren't paper thin.

I'd be very comfortable with this kind of arrangement:

img259.imageshack.usView Full Size
2012-11-28 10:06:14 PM  
I work in hotels. And yes, given that the sole purpose of hotels is to take people's money to allow them to have a place to sleep, it horrifies me at how farking loud people are at all hours of the night.

And it's always, always, always teenagers. Always. I don't even know why hotels allow them. 100% of the time the room will be damaged and need repairs, and you have constant complaints about them.

My favorite was the 15 year old's on a baseball team having a hallway party at farking 1 AM on a Tuesday, and the hotel is full. The group chaperon actually screamed at me for telling them to shut up because "WE'RE PAYING FOR THESE ROOMS, WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT." And apparently they want to sit in the hallway of a holiday inn and talk about biatches that be fine.
2012-11-28 10:46:03 PM  

Joce678: wildcardjack: When I was 16 my school did a trip to Paris, and we were getting hammered on French wine. I vomited from the Eiffel tower and it landed on an artists canvas on Monmartre. I'm told he sold it as a Jackson Pollock.

I've vomited on one of those fairground rides that whirls you around high up in the air.

No, I didn't see what it hit ... but ever since then I don't loiter anywhere near the base of one (just in case I'm on it).

grokca: About a 4km projectile vomit, you should stick to American beer.

I was promised nothing was obscure on Fark. I plagiarized a bit from Red Dwarf.
2012-11-28 11:04:20 PM  

nipner: Maud Dib: Went camping in the Davis Mountains of West Texas a few years back at the state park. Quiet time is 10 PM. I had my 3 yr. old daughter with us and had hiked up a nearby peak with her in a baby backpack, so I was frikkin' tired.
The camp next to us was filed with Jesus freaks, and they started singing loudly along with a boom box playing Amy Grant CDs.
After about 10 minutes of that bullshiat, I stuck my head out of the tent flap and cursed a blue streak at them. They kept playing....10 seconds later, the boom box had a catastrophic failure.(not due to me).
It was glorious. I said a silent prayer of thanks and hit the hay.

I hate running in to killjoys like you in a campground.. wtf.. who goes to a campground and expects everyone to put away their marshmallows and stamp out the fire at 10pm... ? I'm sure the "rowdy" crowd was probably just talking and having a good time with the radio on low. But you're probably the ass that blows everything out of proportion. If you don't like it in a public campground, then get a back country permit, and hike in a little ways to another campsite.
I especially hate when we offer the complainer a chance to join us for a beer, but they crawl back in their tent to sulk. go fark yourself!

Sure. A fellow drives probably 300 miles, at least, out into the middle of nowhere, the pristine Davis Mountains, best star viewing in the Southern US, so beautifully quiet it makes your heart ache, just for the privilege of listening to braying jackasses like yourself. And you think so highly of yourself that you see offering more of your blighted company and shiatty beer as a positive? DIA(camp)F.
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