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(Buzzfeed)   Twenty-five reasons why Bill Nye was the best science teacher you never had   ( buzzfeed.com) divider line
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2012-11-28 12:24:13 AM  
4 votes:
The Science Guy before Bill Nye
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/among my childhood heroes
2012-11-28 09:17:35 AM  
3 votes:
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No love for Professor Julius 

/crappy pick I know
2012-11-27 11:08:16 PM  
2 votes:
For the record, my best science teacher was Dr. Richard P. Olenick. 

/Which probably won't mean anything at all to any other Farker, but this guy is an awesome prof.
2012-11-28 10:59:55 AM  
1 vote:
I had to stop at "might be Daniel Tosh's father." It seems the list couldn't be bothered to use facts in the first place, but that is the exact spot where it starts delving into ways that Bill Nye is NOT awesome.
2012-11-28 08:07:00 AM  
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Snarfangel: For the record, my best science teacher was Dr. Richard P. Olenick. 

/Which probably won't mean anything at all to any other Farker, but this guy is an awesome prof.

My favorite science teacher was Mr. Vant Hall. A short little dutch guy. He had all sorts of cool experiments including shooting ball bearings at stuffed monkeys.

Plus, he played the slide whistle in the school talent show!
2012-11-28 07:08:26 AM  
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Tellingthem: still my favorite...
[hometown-pasadena.com image 371x254] 

\also watched Mr. Wizard

The problem with Beakman's was that, while entertaining (to the target audience), it wasn't actually very educational. Nye's show actually structured episodes like lesson plans (no ADD jumping from bit to bit), focused on a coherent subject and its actual governing laws (instead of shotgunning random, usually useless, science trivia at the screen in the vague hope something would stick) and never let the silliness and the gadding about overwhelm the actual message of the episode. While still remaining accessible and even interesting to children (as well as interested adults, my mother would actually watch the show with me sometimes).

Basically, Nye's show was an educational show that happened to be written in a way that a ten-year-old could understand, where Beakman's World was the usual ADD "for kids" crap that happened to occasionally toss out a "totally radical factoid, dude. Tubular cowabungas all up in here, yo!"

//Slang may be overstated, but you get what I'm saying. Dialogue written by fifty-year-olds in a boardroom to mimic the slang of the '90s.
2012-11-28 05:24:21 AM  
1 vote:
still my favorite...
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\also watched Mr. Wizard
2012-11-28 02:15:46 AM  
1 vote:
This guy made me want a Member's Only jacket

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Now their only representative is a Persian douchebag 

/I got one, btw, and let me just say, the ladies love them some Horkheimer
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