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2012-11-28 02:38:38 AM  

theflatline: capt.hollister: I don't get all the Chavez hate. Sure, he's a socialist megalomaniac who hates the West in general and the US in particular, but he's hardly one of history's bad guys.

I see you have never been to Venezuela. I was in Caracas in 2000, and in 2011, and it was even a bigger shiathole a decade later.

The country has to buy 70 percent of it's food from Colombia because they are not producing their own.

He also spent a ton of money buying old munitions from the Russians and threatened to roll into Colombia like a boss, when he realized that not only does Colombia have a standing army that is well feed, extremely patriotic, but have been combat hardened over the last 50 years with fighting farc. Plus the US is an ally and would step in.

He is a third world despot at it's finest.

You are right, I have never been to Venezuela. For what it's worth though, people keep comparing him to Castro and I have spent time in Cuba, mostly in Havana and a little bit in the countryside, based on my (admittedly superficial) observations and long discussions with locals, I'd say that life for the average Cuban is not especially bad. I am going to venture a guess that in Venezuela the rich families are not fairing as well as they used to, but that no one is actually starving.

I cannot dispute your claims about Venezuela importing food from Colombia or the patriotism of the Colombian army. By the same token I'll venture to say that, given that in 50 years they have been unable to defeat the farc, the Colombian army may not be all that good. Heck, it only took them 6 and half years to free Ingrid Betancourt... as for a US intervention in a Colombia/Venezuelan conflict, I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Fortunately, Venezuela and Colombia are now talking more and rattling sabres less.
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