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(Washington Post)   Among all NJ voters, Chris Christie more popular than the all you can eat Portuguese buffet in Newark. Sorry Booker   ( divider line
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2012-11-27 11:50:15 AM  
1 vote:
Eh, don't give a flying fark about Christie, really...

But now I want some pork and littlenecks for lunch.

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Or maybe a Portuguese steak plate. Full Size

Mmmmmmm... Double starch.
2012-11-27 10:56:33 AM  
1 vote:

mahuika: Christie is one of the most popular Republicans.

My anec-data is that liberals I know from New Jersey tend to like Christie more than they like most Republicans, but conservatives from New Jersey tend to like Cory Booker more than they like most Democrats. I do hope Booker runs against Christie and I really hope neither of them gets more partisan about stuff than they have in the past. It would actually be a fun race to watch.

Christie is just another in a long line of crazy governors. We haven't had a governor who was reasonably well-liked since probably Kean. Florio was hated by Republicans almost as much as Teabaggers hate Obama, and just as unfairly. His ideas weren't unreasonable but it was his "my way or the highway" attitude that killed him. Whitman was a clueless disaster. "OMG, black kids are having a contest to see how many welfare babies they can make!" "Oh, EZ-Pass will pay for itself through tickets from everyone who won't understand how it works!" "Hey, officer--I know you didn't find anything on that black kid but do you mind if I frisk him, too? And make sure you get my good side when you take the picture!" "Oh, my campaign promise of cutting income tax by 10% caused a huge budgetary shortfall? Whatever--let's repeal Florio's extra 1% sales tax while we're at it. Maybe that'll help." OMG, it was just mind-boggling.

DiFrancesco wasn't bad but he wasn't governor--he was just filling in after Christie (mercifully) left. Then we had a string of acting governors until McGreevey. There was a glimmer of hope there until all these corruption scandals about almost all of his appointees started cropping up. Then, after he was caught having an affair, we found out that he tried to have his gay lover, who couldn't get security clearance, appointed as head of DHS.

Corzine wasn't horrible, he just seemed bad at playing NJ politics and looked at everything from a businessman's perspective. That doesn't work here--too many moving parts and too many extremes. Also, he seemed unable to deflect bad press and GOP sound bites. When he won, he was accused of "buying votes" because he'd spent so much much money on his campaign (mind you, when Bloomberg did the same damn thing 2 years later, that was perfectly okay). And, he was a Democrat looking at a budget shortfall. NJ's technically a blue state but you wouldn't know that if you lived here. Corzine wanted to put in tax increases to balance the budget and the state went batshiat insane. And then he raised the tolls on the highways, wanted to privatize them, and I can't even remember what else, it got so lost in all the noise.

Christie takes care of his wealthy donors and big business buddies. He tried to break the NJEA and, even a week after Sandy, was still rattling his saber at them (they canceled their annual convention in AC and he wanted the teachers to get back to work during those days, threatening the union if they balked. But, since so many schools were still closed from the storm--damage, no power, displaced students--it was a pointless threat). HOWEVER, you'd be hard-pressed to find one person here who will criticize him over his handling of Sandy. I've seen interviews, he's done a live call-in show on local radio, he's been hands-on...the guy's been absolutely fantastic.

We're all just waiting to see what happens a year from now when most of the state has recovered from this and he's back to day-to-day administrating.
2012-11-27 10:30:32 AM  
1 vote:
A big part of me feels as if Christie has seen the writing on the wall and decided to be one of the first to abandon the partisan nonsense in favor of working with a majority Senate and popular President.

His constituents love him for it, but that won't win him a Nominee spot in 2016. Especially if the GOP continues its Derp Civil War.
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