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(The Daily Dolt)   "But how will we ever fool the electorate into this?" "We'll say we're doing it to save money and fight voter fraud." "Will people really buy that?" "Dude, it's Florida"   ( thedailydolt.com) divider line
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2012-11-27 12:57:51 PM  
CSB time-
I was personally at a neighborhood RPoF (Republican Party of Florida) meeting with 20 other nerds in attendance and a talk given by a local prosecutor. The other speaker was the VP of this particular chapter of the party. He had prepared a speech titled, roughly, "What to tell your neighbors when they complain about the new voting law." This was back in February 2012. Everyone in that room was a true believer that they were preventing voter fraud. They were arguing back and forth about "Well why can't these people get ID's?" and whether that was fair, or if anyone should care if one race was more impacted than another. I simply raised my hand, and when called on, said, "This isn't about what is right or what is fair. We are in a covered county under the Voting Rights Act. If any voting change reduces minority turnout, whether intended or not, the Federal Government will intervene. It's been that way since the 60s." That at least shut people up but got me a LOT of dirty looks.
2012-11-27 02:51:39 PM  

Mixolydian Master: For the love of god, please quit quoting Randomjsa. I have him on ignore for good reasons, and I'm sure others do too. His drivel is just so painful to read

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2012-11-27 04:02:05 PM  

coeyagi: No. Let legislators legislate. Vote their monkey asses out when they derpify the law.

The whole point of federal civil rights supremacy is so that there are limits to how much the states are allowed to derpify the law. Violations of federal civil rights are still federal crimes, even when done under the color of local law.

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