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(C|Net)   How to spot fake Amazon reviews. Bonus: Author's name is Dong, methinks I should be looking for fake cnet articles instead   ( divider line
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2012-11-27 05:09:15 PM  

Kaiser442: Does nobody understand anymore that the word is "wary"? Weary means tired. Wary means cautious.

Whoops - I contacted the author and he did mean weary. Rereading the text it does make sense that way.

My bad, yo.
2012-11-27 05:11:17 PM  

treesloth: ZeroCorpse: I won't go into the personal details, but I'm among the top reviewers on Amazon...

Are you getting a kick out of the replies?

Seriously, though, I think a mirror accusation might be made of you, although I strongly doubt it's deserved. The so-called "pro" reviewer is poo-pooing the unpaid reviewer to put himself on a pedestal. The unpaid reviewer, on the other hand, invokes classism to give his reviews the appearance of down-to-earth, nothing-to-gain honesty. I point this out because your points read well without having to resort to that sort of measure.

That said, 5/5, would read again.

Your point is well-taken, and you're right. But I get a lot of this attitude from pros who think their shiat doesn't stink, and I am the first to remind them that they're the assholes who can't write a review without using the useless, filler phrase "it's a mixed bag".

Check it out next time you're on any tech or gaming site reading reviews. They use that phrase more than any other, and it's usually in a place where it means next to nothing.
2012-11-27 06:09:56 PM  
So if someone liked a product and didn't find any "downside" to it, the review is fake? Most people tend to review products that they were either really impressed with or really disappointed in. If you order something and what you get is exactly what you expected or what was advertised then there's really no point in reviewing it.
2012-11-27 06:43:14 PM  

nickerj1: The website with the most fake/plant reviews has to be, without any doubt,

If you've ever looked up potential apartments on there, you know exactly what I'm talking about. They stick out like sore thumbs because they're overly generic: "This place is great, no problem with noise, management is great". They will, without a doubt, indicate how awesome and courteous and polite the management people are. When, in fact, 90% of legit reviews say nothing about management because no one cares about management if everything is fine, only when something goes wrong. Examples: "Maintenance was slow", "Management jacked up the rent", etc. You can also tell it's legit if they talk about specific incidents. Almost every legit review does: "When I get home late, I can't find parking", or "I noticed a roach once in the kitchen", or "The neighbor's dog barked a lot" ,etc.

Yep, this. Once people started posting bad reviews of my old apartment complex there, within a few days of each a glowing review would follow it, just like clockwork. It wasn't the worst place to live by a long shot, but I can't believe anybody was as thrilled to be there as some of the sock puppets claimed they were.
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