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(Philly Burbs)   You can't biatch that you were fired from your job while you were off helping with Hurricane Sandy as a Volunteer Firefighter when your boss doesn't know you're a Volunteer Firefighter and instead of telling him you just go AWOL   ( phillyburbs.com) divider line
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2012-11-26 03:15:36 PM  
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styckx: Child like behavior level: Full retard

He is defending himself in the comments section.. *FACEPALM*

Since this is about me. let me explain a few things. Im sorry you both feel that way. let me just say a few things that may shed a little light.. As the story said.. The copies of the text messages were sent by Mr Cini.. Not me So, the WHOLE truth was not exposed. Nor the timeline nor the messages in between, of Course if I were defending I would only portray the things that were beneficial to my defense. If I were able to sit down and answer the rebuttal I would have a solid and justifiable reply for all of this.@ Justreadit.. I thank you for raising such committed people.. But I will tell you this. I followed the protocall by the company and there are facts here that were not shed in this story. I also commend you for enforcing the responsibilities of First responders to Adhere to the full demands of the law.. if they do they will be protected. If not they will be left to dry. Im sorry I can no longer throw all the details out, and Im sorry that you feel I have disrespected the fire service,but I assure you that this was not as accurate as I hoped it to be and that there were untruthful statements made. As I stated what is important to me is that the Law that protects first responders is brought to the forefront and that if someone falls within the scope of this law that they do EVERYTHING the law requires !! Since you are reading this article I want to assure everyone that the work I did in Burlington County and Ocean County was not Bull S@%# and I would do it again right now if it were for the good of the public. Thank you for your opinions..

Holy christ.

Just. Just...WOW.

Dude. You need to get off the internet now. Just back away, push the keyboard under the desk, and go do something. Go read a book. Go enjoy the sights of your local town. Go take a hot shower and relax.

Just. Just something. Anything. Stop commenting on the article. Stop digging yourself a deeper hole.

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/on the other hand...the troll pond looks like good fishing.
2012-11-26 02:23:44 PM  
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He said the tone of Cini's texts were offensive, so he responded that he would collect unemployment.
Photographs of text messages Cini sent to the Burlington County Times show some of the communications between the two men:

Cini: "Rob, if you don't call me by 4 o'clock, I'm going to have to let you go. Everybody is working. You're the only one not answering your phone. Ridiculous, dude."

Campolongo: "Hey, you wanna fire me, fine. ... Look on the news and CNN, and you'll see why I couldn't call you. ... I'm ridiculous??? Well, it's after 4!!! ... I ACCEPT YOUR FIRING MY ASS!!!"

Cini: "Hey, Rob, just for your information, I was a cop for 15 years. ... My business surrounds emergency services. Out of the employees, you're the only (one) that didn't answer your phone. So yes, ridiculous it is. ... So yes, I take it very personally when you say you're going to work. And just so you know, we're in New York City, where real people are working and where there's real issues. Not some stupid (expletive) in Burlington County."

Campolongo: "OK ... I will collect."

What's Rob Campolongo's Fark handle?
2012-11-26 02:19:19 PM  
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i'm super, thanks for asking. -big gay sandy. {think south park}}


I have had plenty of bosses in the past that sent a meeting invite 3 minutes before the meeting is supposed to start. And they can't read e-mails or listen to voice messages. The guy probably shouldn't have lost his head and taunted the guy though. That is poor form on his part.
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