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2012-11-26 02:33:12 PM  
Reading this brought back far too many bad memories.

When I was a young teenager, my grandfather was suffering through a multitude of cancers, and had already been given just a few months. It was my March break from school, and I went out to visit my grandparents. In the middle of the night I was woken up by a lot of banging, rushed out of my bedroom to see my grandfather lurching down the hallway in a panic gushing blood from his mouth, much like the guy in the article and trying to speak.

It was and still is the most horrifying thing I've ever seen, more blood than I thought was possible, and the image always sticks with me. He died that night on the floor of the washroom, and I remember most of us going in the car behind the ambulance, even though at that point it was pretty much over. My uncle stayed behind to clean so my grandmother wouldn't have to deal with it. I have no idea how he managed to do that.

I really pity the family, especially those who had to see it happen (though he really should have been taken to a doctor when the swelling appeared). Nobody should have to watch a family member or friend die like that.
2012-11-26 02:37:39 PM  

BronyMedic: mcwehrle: I'm not sure why you are so intent on making this an issue. Oncologists(not classified as a surgical position) or other "Medics" actually can and do perform surgery. Just because your verbal spanking of a UK paper using a UK term properly was just a bit off mark, it's ok. No one is perfect.

Have a lovely day.

My point was that, in common modern vernacular, it's rare to non-existant (especially in the United States) to hear a doctor called a "medic". It's more commonly used as slang for 68Ws/Corpsmen (what's the UK Equivilent?) or EMTs.

Enjoy your tea and crumpets, mate. God Save the Queen.

It is not a United States newspaper. So your 'point' makes no sense. Get it? Along the lines of "American Football" and "Football for the rest of the known world".

Ah, nevermind. I'm being played, and I don't feel like that on a monday. Because I've seen you post, and I know you're not that dense.

Happy derping, and if you don't mind, I'm having coffee and deer jerky. Fark that tea and crumpets business.
2012-11-26 02:41:49 PM  
I thought this story was going to be about a nurse who ended up looking like a scene from game of thrones except with a laser instead of a sword.

/seriously awful for all involved
2012-11-26 02:46:05 PM  

mcwehrle: It is not a United States newspaper. So your 'point' makes no sense. Get it? Along the lines of "American Football" and "Football for the rest of the known world".

We can agree to disagree, then. I'll go back to being annoyed at people who think they're talking in middle english because they add thou to every other word.

mcwehrle: I'm having coffee and deer jerky.

Remember to flush twice. Once for the bulk, and twice for the remainder. And for the love of God, be nice and use air freshener.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2012-11-26 02:48:48 PM  
I knew a dog whose last weeks were like Scarrio's story. Cancer in the throat area with eruptions of blood.
2012-11-26 02:54:57 PM  

I promise to be nice. (motion activated and extra air fresheners)

And I promise never, ever to use "thou".

2012-11-26 02:58:48 PM  

BronyMedic: DownDaRiver: I was just trying to allow you another opportunity to show everyone that big brain of yours

So threadshiatting, threadjacking, and personal insults are your idea of intelligent conversation. Nice to know.

Intelligent conversation?
Who said I wanted to have an intelligent conversation?
If I wanted that, I'd go on the Opra show
I come here for the Fark of it

As for the rest of what you said
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/first chance i've had to use that
//i so happy
2012-11-26 04:01:31 PM  

Not a good way to go. It was bad enough when my angiogram incision re-opened about 4hr after the procedure as I carefully swung my legs down off the bed, but at least I could staunch it, and help came within seconds. It was simultaneously messy, scary and bizarrely impressive.
2012-11-26 06:01:21 PM  

Aortic Arch Dissections are rarely survivable unless they're distal to the arch. You literally lose your entire blood volume into your mediastinal, pleural, and pericardial areas in a matter of seconds, and you lose coronary perfusion if it's close to the aortic semi-lunar valve.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms are more survivable, but still very deadly. The best place to have one is close to the renal artery branch, because the retroperitoneal cavity can tamponade off the artery for a short while.

Dissection is an "OH CHRIST, OR NOW" moment. Aneurysms, especially if small, can be treated medically.

Sounds like it's just like popping a balloon. We're all just one pressurized system aren't we?
2012-11-26 07:00:05 PM  
modern "medicine"

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