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(CBS Sports)   NHL cancels the All-Star Game and the regular season through December 14th. Broadcast networks brace for another $300 lost in commercial revenue   ( cbssports.com) divider line
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2012-11-26 11:34:16 PM  
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I'll risk the banhammer to say that the above link is the hockey fan's savior. Remove the /ref/1891 if you object to my tiny kickback. KHL, AHL, QMJHL, OHL, WHL, games rebroadcast in whatever format they happen to be in without regard to blackouts or copyright. Being extralegal, there are occasional shiatty streams you can't get all 'merkin about, but it is mostly awesome.

I'm done with the NHL for this season. I'm locking them out, even if they start the season tomorrow. I'm a hockey fan so I don't need the NHL.
2012-11-26 01:14:52 PM  
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dletter: DasBeast: dletter: DasBeast: [www.lacrosse-information.com image 197x337]

Bye, NHL.

Just like last time though, the NLL won't do anything meaningful to take advantage though.... you think the NHL is run poorly....

Part of the problem is several teams are owned (full or partially) by their NHL counterparts in that city. (Calgary, Buffalo, etc). Convincing owners to promote the small sport at the expense of the larger sport...that's a tough sell. Here's hoping some of the better owners in the NLL, like Dawick, Urban, and Cline put some pressure on the league to step up.

True... it is a bit of a conundrum to expect the NHL owned teams to work hard to take advantage of their larger teams follies to help their smaller (NLL) team.

I guess the other thing I meant though was from the league perspective... this NHL lockout was not a surprise, and the fact that they might pull a 2004 again was not coming as a shock... the NLL should have really pushed a lot harder to get teams established in some new, needed markets again this year (NY/Brooklyn, Florida/Tampa, other larger markets they need to get into). The NLL unfortunately doesn't seem to have a real growth plan to get Indoor Lacrosse truly more popular as a nationwide sport, which is sad because honestly I think it is a sport that more fans would warm up to if they saw it, especially in person... honestly as a person who isn't a hockey nut, I tend to enjoy it in person more than most hockey games I've watched... and I think the appeal of more scores in a game would endeer it to more US sports fans than hockey & soccer currently do.

Go Maryland Arrows! (OK, I'm old, I admit it.)
2012-11-26 11:10:37 AM  
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LineNoise: S.A.S.Q.U.A.T.C.H.: Either way they have only a week or so to make things happen. But I can bet you a lot of guys aren't happy with Fehr's drag-your-feet approach. Piss on both these parties for putting us in the middle of the posturing game.

As much as I'd like to rag on betman, the owners have very valid points, and for christ sake, the players hired Fehr.

Of course the players hired Fehr. They got rolled last time, and Fehr did great things for the MLBPA (and MLB, if they would admit it).
I'm curious about the valid points the owners make. Such as?
2012-11-26 11:01:17 AM  
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*throws monitor*
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