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2003-12-05 11:21:57 AM  
With all due respects to the submitter, it's a shame. Personally, I thought the show was funny. Probably would have had a chance, had FOX not moved it around.
2003-12-05 11:27:34 AM  
Haven't heard from Wicked Wanda in ages.
2003-12-05 11:31:27 AM  
Agreed bigdon22. It was a pretty good show.

Except I never understood how it was she as related to the blonde lady (I missed the first few shows).

Darn you FOX. You cancel this but keep crap like TVs Naughtiest Blunders, The Next Joe Millionaire, and Stupid Behavior Caught on tape?
2003-12-05 11:35:10 AM  
Her standup is much better than the sitcom was. The sitcom was pretty pathetic, IMO. Not one laugh during the entire pilot episode.
2003-12-05 11:35:51 AM  
You guys have to be kidding - that was one of the WORST shows ever put on the air -

There is a GOD
2003-12-05 11:39:09 AM  
I didn't care for the show but I think she is funny as hell.
2003-12-05 11:40:39 AM  
Great. Now farkers will be relentlessly talking about how they want this piece of crap-o-vision brought back like they do the craptacular Family Guy.
2003-12-05 11:43:29 AM  
Great. Now farkers will be relentlessly talking about how they want this piece of crap-o-vision brought back like they do the craptacular Family Guy.

Actually, I'm still recovering from ALF being cancelled.

2003-12-05 11:51:17 AM  
Bring back Cop Rock!!
2003-12-05 12:06:53 PM  
It may have been a crappy show, but it was still better than of the sitcoms on NBC.
2003-12-05 12:20:30 PM  
You know, I still remember one commercial from that show where some black dude was facing off with a cop and he sang, "C'mon COP! Let's see what you GOT!"

Ugh, now I need a mental breathmint.
2003-12-05 12:56:14 PM  
I prefer mental perserved ginger, it cleanses the palette!

Bring back the Charmings! It died a premature death going against the Cosby Show.
2003-12-05 01:18:31 PM  
I only saw the first episode but it was pretty funny. She is very funny in standup
2003-12-05 01:18:46 PM  
I thought only I found her grating. I was beginning to think I might be racist, too.
2003-12-05 01:47:53 PM  
Never saw the show, but she was funny as sh*t on "Curb Your Enthusiasm."
2003-12-05 01:48:47 PM  
>[image from sportsnight.tktv.net too old to be available]

I'm still bitter about the cancellation of Sports Night. Back when Sorkin was still stoned and hadn't discovered politics yet... those shows are some of the best writing for TV ever.

/never saw this Wanda show at all
2003-12-05 01:55:15 PM  
I agree with recockulous about both shows.
2003-12-05 02:05:58 PM  
as long as "reality tv" and "sitcoms" rule the airwaves, there truly is no god in tv-land.

or anywhere else, for that matter.

only tried watching the wanda show once - couldn't make it through the first ten minutes.
2003-12-05 02:19:41 PM  
"There's steam coming off of it!"
[image from funnygarbage.com too old to be available]
2003-12-05 03:09:16 PM  
Wanda Sikes is a goddess. My husband thinks we were separated at birth. BUT the sitcom wasn't very good.
2003-12-05 04:00:24 PM  
Wanda Sykes is probably the funniest female comedian I've ever seen, but I've never watched a full episode of her TV show. Not that it was that much worse than everything else on TV, I just never bothered watching it.

The fact that it was on Fox and has been cancelled suggests to me one of two things:
A) It was a beyond stupid show that probably should have never made it beyond the focus group stage. (see: The Pitts)
B) It was a fantastic show that got jobbed by an asshole network. (see: Futurama)
2003-12-05 04:16:07 PM  
She'll always be Biggie Shorty to me.
2003-12-05 05:35:44 PM  
No justice for Wanda's family.
It was an East coast West coast thang.
2003-12-05 05:42:38 PM  
That's bad news. I never got a chance to see the show (don't watch TV), but a very talented friend of mine (Dale Godboldo) played her assistant. I'm sure he was good at least. Can someone who saw the show back me up on this?
2003-12-05 05:42:57 PM  
Wanda can be hysterical, but that high-pitched voice of hers annoys the hell out of me. Plus she pissed off Bill Cosby at the Emmys, which was pretty funny.

Is she still calling herself Wanda Sykes-Hall, by the way?
2003-12-05 05:42:58 PM  
the show was better than most sitcoms out today. I tivo'd (sp) it every friday....
I'll be able to live without it though.
2003-12-05 05:43:08 PM  
As though anything on any network is good... The only good series on now are on the pay cable channels like HBO.

P.S. - There is no god, just money hungry TV executive overlords
2003-12-05 05:44:06 PM  
I like her - and watched the show. I'll admit to being a stodgy old white suburban guy - and also that my acceptance into regular viewing of "black" sitcoms is slow to emerge - but I do occassionally catch episodes of Wanda and Bernie Mac. I thought it was painful to watch that 'Jackie Childs' character actor try and do any other persona (which, he can't.) Aw hell, what do they care what I think anyway - I'm outside their demographics.

I'll be fine as long as there's Monster Garage, American Chopper and John Wayne movies.
2003-12-05 05:44:49 PM  

oh wait, that show sucked.

2003-12-05 05:45:15 PM  
Wah Da Tahh PeaSouper My main Daime...

Tippie Tahh
2003-12-05 05:45:16 PM  
hahaha yeah, PeaSouper - Pootie Tang was a great movie that was horribly underrated. That farkin' flick cracks me up.

"Slap him, like a biatch!"

"Baby, I'm gonna sine your pitty on the runny kine."
2003-12-05 05:45:38 PM  
i'd hit it
2003-12-05 05:46:08 PM  
Wow, I don't think farkers ever learned the concept of "ratings". A show get low ratings, it's cancelled....no matter how much you personality loved it.
2003-12-05 05:47:01 PM  
I dunno anything about that Wanda Sykes show, and I barely saw anything of Luis, but God, did Sports Night suck.

Rob (I wasn't going to reply to this thread until I saw the impossible; someone actually liking that show)
2003-12-05 05:47:02 PM  
"And now its that time of the show where I meet with the girl's personality...er...personally!" - Krusty The Clown at the Little Miss Springfield pageant.
2003-12-05 05:47:35 PM  
Never heard of it.
2003-12-05 05:50:20 PM  
The show was no cure for cancer, but it always made me laugh. She was a little in your face, but that is just her style.

I think she is a funny gal, and will miss seeing her show.
2003-12-05 05:51:43 PM  
I'm still in a state of shock after the cancellation of "The Pitts", "Push, Nevada", and "My Big, Fat, Greek Life". Now this.

I'm going to kill myself.
2003-12-05 05:52:16 PM  
That show was great....sike!
2003-12-05 05:54:39 PM  
Darn you FOX. You cancel this but keep crap like TVs Naughtiest Blunders, The Next Joe Millionaire, and Stupid Behavior Caught on tape?

I totally read that as "Stupid Beaver Caught on Tape."
2003-12-05 05:57:17 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-12-05 05:57:26 PM  
I never saw the show, but she was funny on the Chris Rock show, it's not the same to be on HBO, that to be in a network, she had to water down her comedy.
2003-12-05 05:58:03 PM  
I think you mean "psyche..."
2003-12-05 05:59:01 PM  
Now if only the powers that be would cancel the Sharon Osbourne Show.

I can't even make it through 60 seconds of that horrible mess of self-serving tripe.
2003-12-05 05:59:34 PM  
2003-12-05 06:02:58 PM  
All do respect, Ferris Buellers Day Off The Series was the worst show ever. Wanda At Large was pretty funny. In a bitter sort of way.
2003-12-05 06:03:07 PM  
Cancel all sitcoms
2003-12-05 06:03:28 PM  
Note to Fox: If you need a replacement, PLEASE bring back Futurama!!! I understand that there are still some un-aired episodes.
2003-12-05 06:05:26 PM  


You haven't heard? Due to popular demand, a whole boatload of new episodes have been ordered. Yay!
2003-12-05 06:11:42 PM  
Her standup is decent, but the show probably sucked [i didn't watch it] why? because lots of these comics get shows and they end up sucking.
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