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1279 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 24 Nov 2012 at 2:07 PM (5 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2012-11-24 08:16:59 PM  

Trollin4Colon: LewDux: Trollin4Colon: Its does has its uses but people take it too far and too seriously. It was something I was tired of putting up with when I got burnt out on electronic music only to realize metal fans are just as bad about it.Thou It in no way influences my like of the music

oontil I stop by a site like and reading their forums sends me in to a state of pissed off I was unaware existed and sometimes wonder

Did you call Portishead techno?

Never listened to em. I think Ive heard 1 or 2 songs by them and I dont know what the hell you would classify them as. I just remember it was a bit too out there for me.

You're missing out my friend. "Glory Box" is aural sex. Listen to it where you can get some respectable bass.
2012-11-24 08:37:12 PM  
Paradise is an awesome song.

A bunch of their other stiff is great too
2012-11-24 09:17:01 PM  
Coldplay isn't bad. Like Nickelback, it's benign, although it's far more listenable. If I am in the mood for music like that Coldplay, I'll just pop in some U2.

My mom will be disappointed by this announcement, though. She's definitely a fan.
2012-11-24 09:23:41 PM  
Not a single fark was given....
2012-11-24 09:48:47 PM  

chewy milk: Paradise is an awesome song.

Paradise is phenomenal, yes. So is Up In Flames, off the same album. If I had to make a list of my Top 10 Coldplay tracks, it would look like this:

1. In My Place
2. Violet Hill
3. Paradise
4. Up In Flames
5. The Scientist
6. Clocks
7. Fix You
8. Speed of Sound
9. Yes
10. Hurts Like Heaven

Like I said before, they're not for everyone, but on the grand scale of musicians, they're not down on the shiatty end with Justin Bieber and Britney Spears.
2012-11-24 10:15:31 PM  
Like a couple of Coldplay songs (Violet Hill, Paradise, and to a lesser extent Cemeteries of London come to mind) though their ballads just sound really dreary. Can't drum up any real frothing hatred towards them any more than other run-of-the-mill top 40 radio band.
2012-11-24 11:07:01 PM  

MrTDGoodrich: Like a couple of Coldplay songs (Violet Hill, Paradise, and to a lesser extent Cemeteries of London come to mind) though their ballads just sound really dreary. Can't drum up any real frothing hatred towards them any more than other run-of-the-mill top 40 radio band.

I can. For Talk. Direct lift of Kraftwerk's Computer Love. Don't care if they got permission or not - come up with your own f'ing songs you talentless hacks. That act alone has turned me off of Coldplay - permanently. It's just as reprehensible as Kenny G. defecating over old Louis Armstrong recordings with his meandering noodling.
2012-11-24 11:12:14 PM  
It'll give them some time to come up with a new song to add to the three they've already released.
2012-11-25 12:10:20 AM  
Not a fan of Coldplay but I wouldn't wish them death or anything. I just find their music really... vanilla and bland. Sort of the Mantovanni of British pop.
2012-11-25 12:28:08 AM  
A lead singer who can't sing can be forgiven if he's playing incredibly complex riffs and solos like say, Dave Mustaine. I see no excuse for Chris Martin, or the spectacularly unimpressive band members.
2012-11-25 12:28:46 AM  
please tell them to take maroon5, justin biever, keisha, and damn near every other top 100 pop crap band thats been on the scene for the last 40-50 years while they're going. and don't come back.
2012-11-25 02:20:51 AM  
I don't mind Coldplay. I just wish Pandora would stop trying to shove them down my throat.
2012-11-25 07:57:57 AM  
I thought they were on three year hiatus.
2012-11-25 10:34:44 AM  
terrible no. Overrated, definitely
2012-11-25 05:26:55 PM  

CarnySaur: Excellent! Now Travis can finally make their comeback!!!

Always liked Travis better anyway
2012-11-25 07:35:08 PM  
Coldplay is no esta bueno. Plys theyre easy to misspell cokplay on mobile. Losers.
2012-11-25 10:01:22 PM  
I like Coldplay songs, but when I put in a CD I'm usually done with it halfway through. Took a couple on a trip to Vegas a few years back. Was really glad I took 28 other CDs to listen to before I even got to San Bernadino (I'm in San Diego).
2012-11-26 06:58:51 AM  
I'm terribly disappointed in you people. Coldplay genuinely sucks, and three years is not long enough.
Granted, there are worse things out there, but they are quite awful.
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