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(Jerusalem Post) NewsFlash Bus explodes in central Tel Aviv, at least 10 injured   ( divider line
    More: NewsFlash, Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan  
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2012-11-22 02:17:45 AM  

Porous Horace: Zionism is the greatest thing, also responsible for creating the greatest country.

2012-11-22 01:44:41 PM  

SuperNinjaToad: MmmmBacon: You'll know shiat is about to hit the fan when Hillary Clinton and the UN Secretary-General are suddenly called back to Washington/New York respectively.

it's called Thanksgiving my friend

Why would Ban Ki-Moon celebrate US Thanksgiving?
2012-11-22 06:57:31 PM  
I wasn't being sarcastic.
2012-11-23 09:24:58 AM  

Amos Quito: Tatsuma: 20 missiles fired in Israel since the beginning of ceasefire; 11 year old Israeli girl injured

Let's see, Hamas doesn't have MISSILES, only rockets.

Israel HAS missiles, and Tats says that these were fired "in Israel".

That must mean that the "11 year old Israeli girl" was injured by "friendly fire"?

Anyway, congratulations on the failure of the ceasefire. I know you were dreading it.

Any flying projectile can be called a missile.
2012-11-23 02:43:13 PM  
how about the "missile" that was used to kill the palestinian protestor, today?

he was unarmed...and he was murdered.

a missile fired by an israeli soldier....after the cease fire.
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