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(Live5 News Charleston)   Martin Luther King Jr. tapes discovered in pristine condition in Summerville home. Rick from "Pawn Stars" will give you five bucks for them   ( live5news.com) divider line
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2012-11-20 05:18:03 PM  
3 votes:
Wonder how long till the King family sues the guy who found the discs.
2012-11-20 05:44:33 PM  
2 votes:
In Vegas-
customer: I want 50
Rick: (long ass explanation of why he wants it cheap)
Rick: I'll give you 20
customer: can I get 40
Rick: 30 is the best I can do
customer: ok 30 is good
Old man: dammit Rick, you should have offered 25

In Detroit-
customer: I want 50
Les: how about 10
customer: maybe 40
Les: 10
customer: ok 30
Les: 10 is all i can give you
customer: you cheap ass bastard, go to hell
customer: hey get off of me man, stop pushing
Les: (outside) you can't do that in my store, don't come back
customer: fark you
Les: have a nice day
2012-11-20 05:43:03 PM  
2 votes:
American Restoration was the best thing to come out of this show.
2012-11-20 05:35:08 PM  
2 votes:

bunner: Please give these to a competent audio engineer who will know how to properly process / bake the tapes, so the adhesive that binds the metal oxide to the polymer backing reactivates, so you don't turn them into a pile of dust as you press play.


Granted the better tape (the reels looked 3M) keeps well, but something like this needs a good historical preservation AND a copy over to a nice high bitrate format.

I love how they talk about the recording quality. Yes kids, 1/4 inch open reel sounds damn good vs a cassette player. Wasn't 1/4 inch used for studio recording at one time, albeit at 15ips? (the recordings looked like 3 3/4, perfectly fine for voice, even music)
2012-11-20 05:00:48 PM  
2 votes:
So wait ... if Walt and Jessie are cooking meth in people's houses, wouldn't the HUGE electricity bill give them away? I mean, wouldn't the homeowner notice a $5000 electric bill?
2012-11-20 03:23:16 PM  
2 votes:
Please give these to a competent audio engineer who will know how to properly process / bake the tapes, so the adhesive that binds the metal oxide to the polymer backing reactivates, so you don't turn them into a pile of dust as you press play.
2012-11-20 07:00:17 PM  
1 vote:
Martin Luther King, Jr was THE face of the American civil rights movement. He pioneered civil disobedience as a form of protest, and was one of the first prominent figures to publicly oppose the Vietnam War. These tapes are rare, and I'd love to have them in my shop - but only for the right price.
2012-11-20 06:23:04 PM  
1 vote:

OpCit: Out of twenty-nine comments, there were twenty-seven pawnstar jokes before two comments about MLK and the article. Fark is farked. Sadly, I think this website is done.

Account created: 2011-08-28 16:38:33

This somehow has changed radically from slightly over a year ago?

1/10 and you have to stand in the corner signing Justin Beiber.
2012-11-20 05:45:01 PM  
1 vote:
During the Chicago Riots, LBJ sent advisers to meet with MLK to help develop a course action to best diffuse the dangerous situation. MLK turned the group away because he was holed up in a hotel for hours trying to convince street gang punks not to throw rocks at the national guard for invading their turf. His Gandhi style pacifism saved many kids from possibly being machined gunned down in US city streets.
2012-11-20 05:42:05 PM  
1 vote:
A picture?
I'll give ya like 500 words for it.
2012-11-20 05:25:29 PM  
1 vote:
so... what do u want to do with them?
history.comView Full Size


how much do you want?


well X is kinda high
i'm thinking more like $X/2
2012-11-20 05:19:26 PM  
1 vote:
What's even more important, what we hear is a much different Civil Rights leader than seen in the history books.

"And so I'm not gonna give you a motto of preach philosophy burn baby burn," King could be heard saying in the recording.

MLK advocating nonviolence? That is a turn of events.
2012-11-20 05:17:45 PM  
1 vote:
I don't know why but I am hopelessly addicted to Pawn Stars. It's a stupid show and I'm sure it's mostly made up but I look forward to every episode. Help me!
2012-11-20 05:08:59 PM  
1 vote:
I love Pawn Star. The old man is such a quirk.
2012-11-20 05:01:44 PM  
1 vote:
you'd be surprised how much this type of thing pops up

rentittoday.comView Full Size

2012-11-20 05:00:43 PM  
1 vote:
I worked a few shows at a small theater and saw some interesting looking tapes stashed away in the sound booth. Moon landings, speeches, and such. It's amazing what people can find squirreled away in the dark corners of garages, attics, and closets.
2012-11-20 03:55:56 PM  
1 vote:

MaudlinMutantMollusk: I feel like I just watched an entire season of Pawn Stars

Hey, why don't you go write this up?
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